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Top papers of 2023

Optical Trapping of a Polyatomic Molecule in an <mml:math xmlns:mml="" display="inline"><mml:mo>ℓ</mml:mo></mml:math> -Type Parity Doublet State
14 Apr 2023 - Physical Review Letters
In this article , the authors reported optical trapping of a polyatomic molecule, calcium monohydroxide (CaOH), in a magneto-optical trap and achieved an in-trap number of 3(1)×10^{9} cm^{-3} at a temperature of 57(8) μK.
Quantifying the Impact of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Moisture Recycling With Convection‐Permitting WRF‐Tagging Modeling in the Agro‐Pastoral Ecotone of Northern China
Chansheng He1, Baoqing Zhang1 
14 Apr 2023 - Journal Of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
In this paper , the authors used the Weather Research and Forecasting model embedded with evapotranspiration (ET)-tagging (WRF-tagging) to investigate the atmospheric pathways of ET as well as where and to what extent ET returns as precipitation in the agropastoral ecotone of northern China (APENC).
Cardiovascular Calcification Heterogeneity in Chronic Kidney Disease
14 Apr 2023 - Circulation Research
In this article , the heterogeneity in calcification patterning, including mineral type and location and potential implications on clinical outcomes, is discussed, and the potential outcomes and considerations for therapeutic strategies that seek to disrupt the nucleation and growth of mineral.
Innovative Strategy for Profitable Automobile Industries
14 Apr 2023 - Advances in finance, accounting, and economics book series
In this article , the various working capital and processing methods used to run profitable automobile industry-related businesses are discussed, and general principles for capital management have been demonstrated, including structures, classifications, affecting factors, benefits, and scarce resources for working capital.
Digital technology for early identification of exacerbations in people with cystic fibrosis
14 Apr 2023 - The Cochrane library
In this article , the authors used standard, extensive Cochrane search methods to evaluate whether digital technology can effectively predict pulmonary exacerbations to allow earlier intervention and improved health outcomes without increasing the burden of treatment in people with CF.
She Wept
14 Apr 2023 - Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Grewing has disclosed that she does not have any potential conflicts of interest as discussed by the authors , and has also stated that she is not a potential conflict-of-interest holder in this paper.
Hedgehog Signaling Regulates Treg to Th17 Conversion Through Metabolic Rewiring in Breast Cancer
14 Apr 2023 - Cancer immunology research
In this paper , a functional role for Hedgehog (Hh) signaling in promoting Treg differentiation and immunosuppressive activity was discovered, and when Hh activity was inhibited, Tregs adopted a Th17-like phenotype complemented by an enhanced inflammatory profile.
Shape of You: Precise 3D shape estimations for diverse body types
14 Apr 2023 -
Wang et al. as mentioned in this paper proposed two loss functions that can be readily integrated into parametric 3D human reconstruction pipelines, and proposed a test-time optimization routine that further improves quality.
Who breaks early, looses: goal oriented training of deep neural networks based on port Hamiltonian dynamics
Julian Burghoff, Hanno Gottschalk 
14 Apr 2023 -
In this paper , an event-based control mechanism for switching from exploration to exploitation based on reaching a predefined reduction of the loss function is proposed, where the momentum method is given a port Hamiltonian interpretation and trigger breaking occurs when achieving certain goals.
Multi-User IR-HARQ Latency and Resource Optimization for URLLC
14 Apr 2023
In this paper , a group-based preallocation method combined with IR-HARQ is proposed to reduce the latency and control signaling overhead in URLLC communications, where a pool of preallocated resources is assigned to a group of users, which then cooperatively use IR-ARQ feedback signals to distribute the resources among them without collisions.
Growth will slow in the Middle East and North Africa
14 Apr 2023
In this article , growth will slow in 2023 in the Middle East/North Africa region, according to the authors, and growth will be slower in the North Africa region as well.
Challenges for Norway’s premier will persist
14 Apr 2023
Despite large public protests, the government is likely to continue abiding by EU energy regulations as mentioned in this paper , despite the controversy around onshore wind farms and the need to stop burning gas will drive Oslo to expand offshore wind power significantly.
Ukraine’s economy may show some signs of recovery
14 Apr 2023
In this paper , the UKRAINE economy may show some signs of recovery and the economy may be stabilizing in the Middle-east region, including Syria, Iran, and Iraq.
Afghan opposition faces protracted crisis
14 Apr 2023
Tajikistan may decide to resolve its differences with the Taliban, thereby depriving Afghan opposition groups of key support as discussed by the authors , which will likely make it easier for the Taliban to concentrate their forces against Islamic State-Khorasan.
Front Matter
14 Apr 2023
The prelims comprise: Half-Title Page Title Page Copyright Page Table of Contents Preface List of Contributors as mentioned in this paper Table of Content Preface list of contributors and Contributors.
Revealing ultrastructural changes that determine the development of a CNS synapse
14 Apr 2023
In this article , the ultrastructural consequences of these functional changes by using high-pressure freezing and freeze substitution prior to electron tomography of freshly sliced cochlear nucleus (CN) were addressed.
Coming Up…
14 Apr 2023 - Mental Health Weekly
The New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies (Njamhaa) will hold its Spring Conference 2023: Transcending Today, Transforming Tomorrow! in Edison, N.J. as discussed by the authors .
14 Apr 2023 - Dean and Provost
In this article , the dean and provost of the University of Michigan resigns amid safety concerns and students drugged by ride-share driver are reported to have been drugged.
An Assessment of Clinical Mentorship for Quality Improvement: The African Health Professions Regional Collaborative for Nurses and Midwives
14 Apr 2023 - Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care
The African Regional Collaborative for nurses and midwives funded quality improvement projects in five countries to enhance clinical mentorship programs supporting HIV service delivery for women, infants, and children as mentioned in this paper .
Flipped Classroom Case Learning vs Traditional Lecture-Based Learning in Medical School Ophthalmology Education: A Randomized Trial
14 Apr 2023 - Academic Medicine
In this paper , a flipped classroom case learning (FCCL) module was designed and implemented in a compulsory 5-day ophthalmology rotation for undergraduate medical students, and the outcomes of subjective assessments (student-rated anonymous Likert scale questionnaire and course and teaching evaluation, scale 1 to 6) and objective assessments (end-of-rotation and post-MBChB multiple-choice questions, scale 0 to 60) were compared between the two groups.
14 Apr 2023 - The Review of English Studies
In this article , Matthew Hunter develops a nuanced and sophisticated set of arguments, most importantly by reversing some of the standard approaches to the topic of style, and makes a compelling case for considering "styles" as forms of action, ways of "making things happen without saying so".
Recent Development of Sn <sup>II</sup> , Sb <sup>III</sup> ‐based Birefringent Material: Crystal Chemistry and Investigation of Birefringence
14 Apr 2023 - Angewandte Chemie
The combination of SnII or SbIII with π, non-π-conjugated units has produced birefringent crystals with bire-ringence ranging from 0.005 to [email protected] nm as mentioned in this paper .
Reply on RC2
14 Apr 2023
In this paper , the probability density functions of various gaseous species in the polar vortex using one such model, the Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model (WACCM), and compare these with measurements by the Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding onboard the Environmental Satellite (MIPAS/Envisat) and two ozonesonde stations for a range of years and in both hemispheres.
Synchronous modeling technology for satellite manufacturing systems driven by real-time perception information
14 Apr 2023
In this paper , the authors designed a synchronous modeling scheme for the satellite manufacturing system driven by real-time perception information, based on the optimal layout of the workshop's Internet of Things (IoT) system.
Suppl video 1 from Neutrophil Conversion to a Tumor-Killing Phenotype Underpins Effective Microbial Therapy
14 Apr 2023
Neutrophil migration before and after microbial bioparticle treatment as discussed by the authors showed that neutrophils migrated after microbial bio-particle treatment, but not after bacterial bioparticles were applied.
On modules over the mod 2 Steenrod algebra and hit problems
14 Apr 2023
In this article , it was shown that Singer's algebraic transfer is a trivial isomorphism in bidegree $(m, m+12)$ for any degree n = 6.
Survival of Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria In Ice Cream During Storage: A Systematic Review
14 Apr 2023
In this article , a systematic review aimed to synthesize the results of studies that investigated the survival of probiotic lactic acid bacteria (LAB) in ice cream, in order to determine the factors that enhance survival during storage.
A Nomogram for Individualized Preoperative Prediction of Microvascular Invasion Risk in Large Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Different Clinical Stages
14 Apr 2023
In this article , the authors developed and validated a nomogram to predict the risk of microvascular invasion (MVI) in patients with large hepatocellular carcinoma (LHCC) in different clinical stages.
Data from Brief Report: Combination of Osimertinib and Dacomitinib to Mitigate Primary and Acquired Resistance in &lt;i&gt;EGFR&lt;/i&gt;-Mutant Lung Adenocarcinomas
14 Apr 2023
In this paper , the authors conducted two prospective, phase I/II trials assessing combination osimertinib and dacomitinib to address on-target resistance in the primary and acquired resistance settings.
Aerosol Optical Properties Calculated from Size Distribution Measurements: an Uncertainty Study
14 Apr 2023 - Aerosol Science and Technology
In this article , Monte Carlo uncertainty propagation is used to estimate the uncertainty of aerosol scattering coefficients, σs, that have been derived from measured particle size distributions using a combination of a scanning mobility particle sizer (SMPS) and an aerodynamic particle Sizer (APS).
Data from TONSL Is an Immortalizing Oncogene and a Therapeutic Target in Breast Cancer
14 Apr 2023
In this paper , the authors identify TONSL as a regulator of epithelial cell immortalization to facilitate cancer initiation and as a target for breast cancer therapy and identify transcriptomic changes associated with immortalization.
Supplementary Table S1 from Biomarker Data from the Phase III KATHERINE Study of Adjuvant T-DM1 versus Trastuzumab for Residual Invasive Disease after Neoadjuvant Therapy for HER2-Positive Breast Cancer
14 Apr 2023
In this article , the authors compared baseline patient and disease characteristics assessed at eligibility in the ITT population versus in those with mRNA data derived from pre-NAT or post-NAT surgical samples (RNA-evaluable population).
¿Dónde está Miguel?
14 Apr 2023
The presente investigación se propone analizar el proceso y los modos de organización colectiva y estudiantil que llevó adelante la Comisión de Amigos y Familiares de Miguel Bru (CAFMB) a partir de la desaparición del joven estudiente de periodismo de la ciudad de La Plata in agosto de 1993 as mentioned in this paper .
Convex Hull of Ellipsoids: A New Tool for Constrained Control of Uncertain Time-Varying Linear Discrete-Time Systems
14 Apr 2023
In this article , the authors proposed to replace the convex hull of vertices by the convolutional hull of ellipsoids, which is not required to be robustly invariant.
Periodization, Cinema, and the Decade
14 Apr 2023
In this paper , a series of theoretical concerns, dealing specifically with periodization as a process, the significance of the decade as a historically specific measure of time, and the cinema as a phenomenological vector embroiled in the machinations of the first two, are examined.
14 Apr 2023
In this paper , the authors discuss the succession of Dioscorus as patriarch of Alexandria and their exile in Paphlagonia/Turkey where he died in 454.
14 Apr 2023
In this article , the authors present a collection of Moral Philosophy Collection: Oxford Scholarship Online (
The Explosion Phenomenon
14 Apr 2023
An explosive atmosphere (ATEX) is the mixture with air, in some proportions, of a combustible or flammable product, which may be: a gas; a vapor emitted from a liquid; and so on as discussed by the authors .
Explosion of a Chloroduct
14 Apr 2023
In this paper , the authors investigated the mechanism of the explosion of a chloroduct (3.6 km length, 219 mm diameter), which was electrically heated on its outer surface and had several expansion lyres.
Measurement-Induced Continuous Time Crystals
14 Apr 2023 - Physical Review Letters
In this article , the central spin of a spin star is subject to a strong continuous measurement, and qualitatively different behaviour due to the competition between strong measurements and the thermodynamic limit, inducing a time-translation symmetry breaking phase transition resulting in a continuous time crystal.
Resonant critical coupling of surface lattice resonances with fluorescent absorptive thin film
14 Apr 2023
In this paper , a modified coupled-mode theory was proposed to optimize the in-coupling efficiency to the fluorescent molecules by finding the conditions to maximize the absorption, also known as the critical coupling condition.
Author response: The dark kinase STK32A regulates hair cell planar polarity opposite of EMX2 in the developing mouse inner ear
14 Apr 2023
In this article , the authors identify the serine threonine kinase STK32A as a downstream effector negatively regulated by EMX2, and demonstrate that Stk32a reinforces LPR formation by regulating the apical localization of GPR156.
What You Say Matters: The Influence of Alibi Content on Memory and Forensically Relevant Judgments
14 Apr 2023
This article explored the role of moral desirability of alibi activities on judgments about an alibi, the strength of the evidence against a suspect, and the probability of the suspect's guilt as well as on recall performance.
14 Apr 2023 - Default Digital Object Group
In this article , a microfluidic chip consisting of a T junction and a Y junction was designed and constructed for the controlled preparation of ultra-thin S/W/O conformal droplets by generating splitting integration.
Study on Pricing of High Dimensional Financial Derivatives Based on Deep Learning
14 Apr 2023
Wang et al. as mentioned in this paper applied the deep learning algorithm to solve a class of high-dimensional nonlinear partial differential equations with jump terms and their corresponding backward stochastic differential equations (BSDE) with skip terms.
Continuous time recurrent neural networks: overview and application to forecasting blood glucose in the intensive care unit
14 Apr 2023
In this paper , a deep learning model that accounts for irregular observations through incorporating continuous evolution of the hidden states between observations is proposed, which is achieved using a neural ordinary differential equation (ODE) or neural flow layer.
14 Apr 2023 - The Journal of Physiology
Lim et al. as discussed by the authors corrected the following: Electrophysiological significance of the interatrial conduction including cavo-tricuspid isthmus during atrial fibrillation.
Development and Application of University Financial Personnel Work Platform Based on Data Fusion and Blockchain
14 Apr 2023
In this paper , the authors formulated the construction implementation plan of the "Internet plus+financial management" system to establish a unified service system based on big data analysis and industry integration.

Top papers of 2022

Mine tailings-based geopolymers: A comprehensive review
01 May 2022 - Ceramics International
In this paper , the authors present recent advances in the production of mine tailings-based geopolymer composites from industrial waste as a potential sustainable building material, and provide in-depth studies on the behaviors and characteristics of mine-tailings composites utilized in geopolymers, such as physical properties, mechanical properties, durability properties, microstructural properties, thermal properties, leaching behavior, and potential applications.
Damage Detection for Conveyor Belt Surface Based on Conditional Cycle Generative Adversarial Network
01 May 2022 - Sensors
Experimental results show that the proposed deep learning network can generate realistic belt surface images with defects and efficiently classify different damaged images of the conveyor belt surface.
Computational investigation of benzalacetophenone derivatives against SARS-CoV-2 as potential multi-target bioactive compounds
01 May 2022 - Computers in Biology and Medicine
In this paper , the authors evaluated benzalacetophenone derivative(s) and evaluated their activity against 3C-like protease (3CLpro), papain-like protein (PLpro), and spike protein of SARS-Cov-2 to elucidate their possible role as antiviral agents.
Numerical simulation of heat transfer and flow of Al2O3-water nanofluid in microchannel heat sink with cantor fractal structure based on genetic algorithm.
He Bin Wang, Xueye Chen 
01 May 2022 - Analytica Chimica Acta
In this article , the thermal resistance of Al2O3 nanofluid with a volume fraction of 5% is investigated. And the effect of different nanoflide volume fractions and geometric parameters on the inlet and outlet pressure drop, flow resistance coefficient, substrate temperature, Nusselt number (Nu), and system thermal resistance in the fractal microchannel was investigated.
Phytochemicals: A potential next generation agent for radioprotection.
01 May 2022 - Phytomedicine
In this paper , the potential role of plant derived novel chemical compound with prospective radioprotective potential was elucidated and summarized, which can be used as a molecular tool to eliminate the widespread damage caused by space exploration, ionizing radiation, nuclear war and radiotherapy has been significantly appreciated.
Enzymatic Hydrolysis Modifies Emulsifying Properties of Okra Pectin
01 May 2022 - Foods
In this paper , three glycoside hydrolases, polygalacturonase (PG), galactanase (GL), and their combinations, were used to modify the backbone and side-chains of OKP, and the relationships between the pectin structure and emulsion characteristics were examined by multivariate analysis.
Rheological, microstructure and mixing behaviors of frozen dough reconstituted by wheat starch and gluten.
01 May 2022 - International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
In this paper , the effects of starch and gluten on the physicochemical properties of frozen dough were studied using reconstituted flour using Mixolab, rheometer, scanning electron microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR).
Alpha-tomatine and the two sides of the same coin: An anti-nutritional glycoalkaloid with potential in human health.
01 May 2022 - Food Chemistry
In this article , a review of α-tomatine from green tomatoes is presented, namely from its dual action point of view: as an anti-nutrient and as a health promoter.
Dynamic Changes in Ascorbic Acid Content during Fruit Development and Ripening of Actinidia latifolia (an Ascorbate-Rich Fruit Crop) and the Associated Molecular Mechanisms
01 May 2022 - International Journal of Molecular Sciences
A. latifolia is one of the very few kiwifruit genotypes with extremely high ascorbic acid (AsA) content and a transcriptome atlas of this species is lacking as mentioned in this paper .
PDMS-OH and Nano-SiO2 Modified KH570-TEOS Silica-sol Coating and Protective Effect on Concrete
01 May 2022 - Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
In this paper , the authors used sol-gel method to compound organic and inorganic materials with γ-methacryloyloxypropyltrimethoxysilane (KH570) using TEOS as the inorganic precursor, and combine the advantages of both to prepare a highly waterproof concrete surface coating.
Inferring land use from spatialtemporal taxi ride data
01 May 2022 - Applied Geography
Wang et al. as mentioned in this paper explored the relationship between urban movements and land use patterns of a whole city using taxi ridership data in Seoul, South Korea and verified the connection between land use and travel patterns using a statistical method.
Fantastic Lifestyle Questionnaire applied to undergraduate medical students during the COVID-19 pandemic: a factor analysis.
01 May 2022 - Revista Da Associacao Medica Brasileira
The model composed of three factors observed in this group of students represented the construct quality of life, evaluated by the Fantastic Lifestyle Questionnaire, and may provide substrate to actions that aim to improve quality oflife and well-being in medical students from this university.
Halofuginone micelle nanoparticles eradicate Nrf2-activated lung adenocarcinoma without systemic toxicity.
01 May 2022 - Free Radical Biology and Medicine
In this paper , a preclinical characterization of Halofuginone (HF) was conducted and it was found that while HF markedly reduced the viability of cancer cells, it also caused severe hematopoietic and immune cell suppression in a dose-dependent manner.
Reduction and Elimination of Humic Acid Fouling in Air Sparged Membrane Distillation Using Nanocarbon Immobilized Membrane
01 May 2022 - Molecules
In this paper , the authors presented the treatment of humic acid solution via carbon nanotube immobilized membrane (CNIM) distillation assisted by air sparging (AS).
Influences of Long-Term Exercise and High-Fat Diet on Age-Related Telomere Shortening in Rats
01 May 2022 - Cells
In conclusion, regular exercise or HFD cannot systematically modify RTL by regulating the expression of telomerase and shelterins.
Favorable Outcomes with Early Component Separation, Primary Closure of Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections of the Genitalia (Fournier's Gangrene) Debridement Wound Defects.
01 May 2022 - Urology
Early, same-admission primary wound closure of stable NSTIG wounds is safe and decreases wound convalescence time by over 60% as discussed by the authors , and the wound size was predicted by wound size.
Acid bioleaching of select sphalerite samples of variable Zn- and Fe-contents
01 May 2022 - Hydrometallurgy
In this paper , the mesophilic and moderate thermophiles were used in bio-leaching experiments with five select sphalerite samples, which varied in the Zn and Fe-content.
In Vitro and In Silico Evaluation of Cholinesterase Inhibition by Alkaloids Obtained from Branches of Abuta panurensis Eichler
01 May 2022 - Molecules
In this study, cholinesterase inhibitors were obtained from branches of Abuta panurensis Eichler, an endemic species from the Amazonian rainforest, and their structure was elucidated by a combination of 1D and 2D 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy, HPLC-MS, and high-resolution MS.
Self-compassion training to improve well-being for surgical residents.
01 May 2022 - Explore-the Journal of Science and Healing
In this paper , a self-compassion program adapted from a larger course to fit the needs of surgical residents was presented. But the results showed that residents need a safe and distraction-free space to practice selfcompassion and program engagement improved following modifications.
Accurately tailoring yolk-shell spheres to balance cycling stability and volumetric capacity of lithium storage
01 May 2022 - Journal of Alloys and Compounds
In this article , the authors proposed a strategy of in-situ shell-to-core evolution to accurately control the void space and core size in yolk-shelled spheres.
TiO2/AgO composites by one step photo reduction technique as electron transport layers (ETL) for dye-sensitized solar cells.
01 May 2022 - Chemosphere
In this paper , the surface plasmon resonance (SPR) effect was used to enhance the light absorption of a dye-sensitized solar cell's electron transport layer, which can drive dye molecules to excited state more effectively than far-field light.
Assessing the Existence of a Function in a Dataset with the g3 Indicator
01 May 2022
This paper proposes different exact and approximate solutions for the computation of g3 for both types of FDs and presents a detailed computation pipeline with various computation optimizations, including approximation algorithms and adaptations of recent developments in sublinear algorithms for NP-Hard problems.
Engineering Joint Spectral Densities with Orbital Angular Momentum States in Optical Fibers
01 May 2022
In this paper , the shape of photon-pair jointspectral densities generated by spontaneous four-wave mixing is controlled using ring-core fibers supporting orbital angular momentum modes to demonstrate a versatile means to control the shape.
Armature Control of a DC Motor Based on Programmable Logic Controller
01 May 2022 - Przegląd Elektrotechniczny
Wydawnictwo SIGMA-NOT wydaje czasopisma fachowe informujące swoich czytelników o najnowszych osiągnięciach naukowych i nowoczesnych rozwiązaniach technicznych w Polsce i na świecie, popularyzuje problemy techniczne oraz poszerza wiedzę i kulturę techniczną as discussed by the authors .
Saudi Experts Consensus on Diagnosis and Management of Pediatric Functional Constipation
01 May 2022 - Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition
Nine pediatric consultants attended two advisory board meetings to discuss and address current challenges, provide solutions, and reach a Saudi national consensus for the management of pediatric constipation to be adopted by pediatricians and primary care physicians across Saudi Arabia.
A Weighted Evidence Combination Method for Multisensor Data Fusion
Yin Liu Yin Liu, Yang Zhang Yin Liu 
01 May 2022 - Journal of Internet Technology
A multi-sensor data weighted evidence combination fusion method based on inter-evidence difference measure that can efficiently treat highly conflicting evidence and has good convergence performance is proposed.
Metabolic effect of orchidectomy on C57BL6/J mice exposed to intermittent hypoxia
01 May 2022 - The FASEB Journal
The hypothesis that testosterone modulates the metabolic alterations induced by IH in male mice is tested and it is found that testosterone levels are positively corelated with insulin sensitivity in human and low testosterone levels can be associated with inflammation, oxidative stress and insulin resistance.
Numerical simulation process parameter optimization in metal additive manufacturing for getting better quality of products
01 May 2022 - Materials Today: Proceedings
In this paper , numerical simulation is done in software to find the better quality of product and also processed it in real time to match the optimum values, the input parameters considered are velocity, laser power and the Colling time and better quality is found out by varying these values in the range found out using maximum and minimum tolerable limits.
FC025: Physiological Role of KV Channel in Ureter Smooth Muscle Cell Investigated Quantitatively by Electrophysiological Modeling
Chitaranjan Mahapatra, AM Pradhan 
01 May 2022 - Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation
The in-silico model reveals that fast activation and inactivation properties are the essential feature of IKv for the USM cell, and the agonist and antagonist of the IKV might be useful partially as new pharmacological targets for theUSM abnormal contraction.
PDE4D inhibitor: a novel weapon against mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease?
01 May 2022 - The FASEB Journal
A causal relationship between PDE4D signaling and the progress of AD is revealed and the clinical potential of BPN14770 is demonstrated in the treatment of AD.
The latest trends in Asian rhinoplasty
Haibo Xiang, W. Dang, Yang An, Yonghuan Zhen, Dong Li 
01 May 2022 - Chinese journal of plastic and reconstructive surgery
A comprehensive review of the latest trends in rhinoplasty for Asians by classifying it into three parts: methods, materials, and three-dimensional techniques is provided in this article .
Impact of tumor size and location on endoscopic ultrasound-guided sampling of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors: A recursive partitioning analysis.
01 May 2022 - Pancreatology
In this article , the authors used a recursive partitioning of the tree-aided stratification model to stratify the probability of successful EUS-guided biopsy of pNET lesions according to their size and location.
NUT Carcinoma: Investigating Drug Synergy and the Production of Drug Resistance
01 May 2022 - The FASEB Journal
Different drug combinations are investigated to investigate different drug combinations that could be of use clinically, as well as to create cell resistance in NC cell lines which will then be used to determine if resistant cells obtain collateral sensitivity or resistance to other chemotherapy drugs.
Tako-Tsubo cardiomyopathy in an older woman with hyperkinetic delirium
01 May 2022 - Journal of gerontology and geriatrics
In this paper , the case of an 80-year-old woman who developed Tako-Tsubo syndrome during an episode of hyperkinetic delirium was reported.
A Novel Method of Endotoxins Removal from Chitosan Hydrogel as a Potential Bioink Component Obtained by CO2 Saturation
01 May 2022 - International Journal of Molecular Sciences
The proposed purification method 1 (M1) allows for the removal of significant amounts of endotoxins: 87.9–97.6% in relation to their initial concentration in the CS hydrogel without affecting the solution viscosity.
Rapid Hypoxia‐Induced Upregulation of Glutathione‐Related Genes May Protect Elephant Seal Endothelial Cells Against Oxidative Stress
01 May 2022 - The FASEB Journal
A proliferative arterial endothelial cell culture system from expelled placentae from elephant seals and humans is developed to assess the molecular and biochemical response to oxidative stress and it is suggested that the seal glutathione system is “primed” for rapid response to protect against oxidative injury during the repeated hypoxia/reoxygenation cycles associated with diving.
Perceived quality of life and meanings attributed to the experience of extreme maternal morbidity: a qualitative study
01 May 2022
A qualitative study from the perspective of symbolic interactionism that included an analysis based on elements of grounded theory by conducting semi-structured interviews with women from a Colombian city is presented in this article .
Influence of rotational speed on performance of low specific speed hydraulic turbine in turbine mode
01 May 2022 - Advances in Mechanical Engineering
In this article , the influence of rotational speed on the performance of hydraulic turbine in turbine mode (T-type turbine) was predicted through theoretical analysis, based on the Navier-Stokes equation and standard k-ε turbulence model.
Insect zoos and butterfly houses for public education: issues related to shipping and international trade of non-native insects.
01 May 2022 - Revue Scientifique Et Technique De L Office International Des Epizooties
The purpose of this paper is to summarise the process of shipping exotic arthropods for exhibits and the regulations that apply, and to discuss issues that affect international shipment for this type of activity.
Primary interventions to assist workers at risk of ocd to saw or rtw: a systematic review
01 May 2022 - Internal Medicine Journal
This literature review demonstrates that heat acclimatization protocols should be revised and improved based on advancing medical knowledge, leading to a reduction in risk of heat related casualties and improved troop performance in hot climates.
Communicating COVID-19 risk changes: Signalling with words, phrases, and messages
01 May 2022 - International journal of disaster risk reduction
In this article , the authors examined messages issued across two stages established by the World Health Organization (WHO): (a) pre-pandemic early intervention stage and (b) within pandemic escalation stage.
Data is about Detail - An Empirical Investigation for Software Systems with NLP at Core
01 May 2022
The findings reveal that a focus on details pertaining to data is required early into the project lifecycle, which include aspects such as how the authors may select, process, and annotate data, which can ensure that the AI component is effective in meeting business goals of software systems.
PM2.5 Exposure and Health Risk Assessment Using Remote Sensing Data and GIS
Dan Xu, Wen Huang Lin, Yue Jiang, Lubing Li, Fei Gao 
01 May 2022 - International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
In this article , a seasonal spatial-temporal method of modeling PM2.5 distribution characteristics at a 1-km grid level based on remote sensing data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) was introduced.
Thoughts of Beauty Relying on Intentionality
01 May 2022 - Kimiya-ye-Honar
In this paper , the authors explored the specific passages of the subject and the object and found that intentionality is an important existential possibility in the way of thinking about an inventive subject.
Towards Seamless Interaction Between Information and Somatics
In this article , the authors describe a scenario in which they describe as "情報学の観点から理解する".
D-45 | Closure of Large Atrial Septal Defects in Children and Adults using the Gore Cardioform ASD Occluder
Noa Mecica, Jessica A. Raviv, Barry A. Love 
01 May 2022
A single center retrospective review of all large atrial septal defects (balloon stop-flow diameter ≥ 18mm) closed with the GASD since FDA approval 3/2019 is presented in this paper .
COVID-19 breakthrough infections in rheumatic diseases patients after vaccination
01 May 2022 - Journal of Infection and Public Health
In this paper , a case series of 19 fully vaccinated patients with rheumatic diseases were followed to determine post vaccine SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody titers and to monitor the development of breakthrough infections up to eight months post vaccine at a tertiary care center in Jeddah from 1st April until 30th November 2021.
Transfer Learning of Model-Based Neural Network for Transfer Function Inversion and Load Monitoring of Wind Turbines
01 May 2022 - Journal of Physics: Conference Series
An application to the prediction of damage equivalent load with a generic model is showed: the results of applying the inverted transfer function is compared to real DEL measurements and to the transfer function trained from LIDAR data.
Bladder & Urothelial Upper Tract Oncology (V09)
01 May 2022 - The Journal of Urology
The journal of Urology published in May 2022 by American Urological Association Education and Research, Inc. as mentioned in this paper is a journal dedicated to the study of urothelial upper tract cancer.

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What is comparative analysis scientific method?
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What are the key parameters of a dynamic model for wind turbine type 4 in PSPe software?
4 answers
What are the commonly used guidelines for sediment quality assessment in coastal areas?
5 answers
What is plectin protein?
5 answers
How does the integration of human-centered design principles impact the development and implementation of artificial intelligence systems?
4 answers
Can argon plasma be used as an effective tool for surface cleaning and modification in various industries?
5 answers
What is the upper body part that needs the most rehabilitation after an accident?
5 answers
What are the key differences between distribute and centralized resource reservation systems?
5 answers
How has the attitudes towards the educated bourgeoisie changed over time?
5 answers
What is the neurophysiolgy of pain in true constipation?
4 answers
What role does journalism play within the fashion industry?
5 answers
What's a typical hydraulic loading rate in wetlands?
5 answers
What are the proxies for Organisational Learning?
5 answers
What is the appropriate window size to maintain the stationary of EEG signals for SSVEP classification?
5 answers
What is the role of Hsp90 in cancer?
5 answers
How does the type of fiber affect the strength of natural fiber composites?
5 answers
How does vehicle-side reservation for edge computing differ from traditional cloud-based computing architectures?
5 answers
What are the benefits of low-income workers attaining higher skilled employment?
5 answers
What is the role of reflexive thematic analysis in narrative interview research?
5 answers
What is blockchaintechnology?
4 answers
How has identity theory studied romantic partnerships?
4 answers
Are fiscal deficits inflationary? Hsin-Yi Lin*, Hao-Pang Chu?
5 answers
Who wrote about diaries as Asian resistance to oppression?
4 answers
What are the most effective assessment tools for suspected dementia in individuals with low education levels?
4 answers
What is graphRAG?
5 answers
What's the existing state of public financial management system in China?
5 answers
What are the challenges faced by the out-of-field teachers in senior high schools?
5 answers
Does IRIBs reduce the inertia of the system?
4 answers
Pharmacokinetic of etanercept?
5 answers
What is the theoretical framework behind the parents' guide on students' academic performance?
5 answers
What are the current standards for qualification and competency of senior government officials in the identified areas?
5 answers
What specific technological advancements have revolutionized the investigation and treatment of breast cancer, leading to increased survival rates?
5 answers
What are the environmental impacts of improper waste management practices?
5 answers
How does quality of education and school environment impact juvenile delinquency?
5 answers
Is EMDR more effective for adults or children?
4 answers
How can gluten be substituted in bread baking?
4 answers
What are the positive impact of Advanced avionics and cockpit technologies in terms of Increased Efficiency for Airlines?
4 answers
What are the emerging technologies being utilized in customs clearance processes?
4 answers
How does the Transmitter and Dispersion Eye Closure Quaternary (TDECQ) measure the quality of PAM4 waveforms?
5 answers
What are the current research studies being conducted on Nipa palm tree?
5 answers
Will trumps legal challenges lead to disqualifications in elections?
5 answers
What are the positive impact of Advanced avionics and cockpit technologies in terms of Improved Communication for Airlines?
5 answers
How genAI affect user activities in technology online communities?
5 answers
What are the positive impact of Advanced avionics and cockpit technologies in terms of Enhanced Passenger Experience for Airlines?
4 answers
How are these strategies different from those used in unpaved roads?
5 answers
Under what conditions there is a decrease in the synaptophysin hippocampal expression in human?
5 answers
Can lung regenerate after lobectomy in humans?
4 answers
What is the self discrepancy theory of self esteem?
5 answers
What are the negative impact of Advanced avionics and cockpit technologies in terms of Cost for Airlines?
4 answers
What are the best optimisation based multi-agent path planning methods for quadrotor UAVs?
5 answers
How does the growth rate of a methanol plant vary during the first year of operation?
5 answers
How is machine learning being used to optimize transportation systems?
5 answers
What are the current most studied guest on supramolecular recognition?
5 answers
What are the best machine learning based multi-agent path planning methods for quadrotor UAVs?
5 answers
What are the negative impact of Advanced avionics and cockpit technologies in terms of Integration Issues for Airlines?
4 answers
How to apply TPM or TQM in avocado industry o similar?
5 answers
What educational philosophy does the philippines math curriculum follow?
5 answers
Theoretical framework for parental involvement on students academic performance?
5 answers
What are the negative impact of Advanced avionics and cockpit technologies in terms of Regulatory Compliance for Airlines?
4 answers
What is the current state of the art in dynamic load balancing techniques for fog computing?
5 answers
What is the Box Plot method used for in NIDS?
5 answers
How does urbanization impact the construction of transportation infrastructure in urban areas?
5 answers
What are the positive impact of Advanced avionics and cockpit technologies in terms of Enhanced Safety for Aircraft manufacturers?
5 answers
What is the difference in spring and winter cereal varieties responses to daylength?
5 answers
What is the Sociometer theory of self esteem?
5 answers
What are the positive impact of Advanced avionics and cockpit technologies in terms of Increased Efficiency for Aircraft manufacturers?
4 answers
What are the effects of impurities in lithium extraction from spodumene?
5 answers
Are cell phones good in school?
4 answers
What is the duration required by ISO 9001:2015 for review?
5 answers
How social determinents affect the people in newham in term of STI?
5 answers
What is the impact of nurse-pharmacist collaboration on medication adherence among patients with rheumatoid arthritis?
5 answers
What role do otaku play in driving the merchandise industry?
5 answers
What are the current most studied guest using cryptophanes?
4 answers
Is elevated evening cortisol a sensitive marker of dysregulation of the circadian HPA rhythm.?
5 answers
What are the positive impact of Advanced avionics and cockpit technologies in terms of Competitive Advantage for Aircraft manufacturers?
5 answers
What is Parkinson's disease pathophysiology?
5 answers
What are the most common research objectives in using camera traps to study wildlife behavior?
4 answers
What is the association between Distal Upper Extremity Nerve Injuries and the quality of life?
5 answers
What is a controlled experiment?
4 answers
What are the negative impact of Advanced avionics and cockpit technologies in terms of Compatibility Issues for Aircraft manufacturers?
4 answers
How does socioeconomic status effect children's sleep?
5 answers
What are the negative impact of Advanced avionics and cockpit technologies in terms of Regulatory Compliance for Aircraft manufacturers?
4 answers
Where should accountants work from?
4 answers
What metabolites are best markers of acitivity of glycolysis and PPP pathway?
4 answers
What are the methods of drilling wood?
5 answers
What is a thematic literature review in AI ethics in Human Resources?
5 answers
What are the current limitations in VR platforms that affects scalability?
4 answers
What are the latest advancements on HIV vaccines?
5 answers
Have Gradient Boosted trees been verified for outcome prediction in healthcare?
5 answers
How does the consumption of beef sausages affect cardiovascular health?
5 answers
Is anaerobic training damaging to the metabolism?
5 answers
What is the Contingencies of Self-Worth Model of self esteem?
5 answers
What are the current advancements in field testing methodologies for augmented reality applications?
5 answers
Active learning methodologies are usefull for knowlledge translation?
5 answers
How do AI algorithms generate realistic human motion in videos?
4 answers
How effective is collaborative learning in improving reading comprehension among students?
4 answers
How has the accessibility of toilets evolved over the past decade in different countries?
5 answers
Where did covid emerge?
5 answers
How do deontological ethics influence the healthcare provider's decision-making process in terms of patient autonomy and well-being?
4 answers
Is the use of automated decision making threatening the principle of legality?
5 answers

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