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Top papers of 2023

Supplementary Figure S3 from Hyperphosphorylation of CDH1 in Glioblastoma Cancer Stem Cells Attenuates APC/C<sup>CDH1</sup> Activity and Pharmacologic Inhibition of APC/C<sup>CDH1/CDC20</sup> Compromises Viability
03 Apr 2023
In this article , the authors presented the dose response curves for proTAME and apcin in CSCs and NSTCs and showed that the response curve for apcin is linear in the mean response curve.
Supplemental Methods, Figure Legends from Genome-Wide Profiling of TRACK Kidneys Shows Similarity to the Human ccRCC Transcriptome
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , the authors used a genome-wide profiling of TRACK Kidneys to show similarity to the Human ccRCC Transcriptome, which is similar to ours.
Perspective from Effects of Tobacco Smoke on Gene Expression and Cellular Pathways in a Cellular Model of Oral Leukoplakia
03 Apr 2023
In this article , the effects of tobacco smoke on gene expression and cellular pathways in a cellular model of oral leukoplakia were investigated in the context of the development of oral cancer.
Supplementary Figure S2 from A Phase I Study of LY3009120, a Pan-RAF Inhibitor, in Patients with Advanced or Metastatic Cancer
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , IHC at Clarient for p-ERK, p27 and Ki-67 were assessed for PD effect using monoclonal rabbit phospho-p44/42 MAPK (ERK1/2), 20G11 Clone; monoclotal mouse anti-Ki67, MIB-1 clone; and monoclanal mouse ant-p27, SX53G8 clone.
Supplementary Table 1 from RhoC Is an Unexpected Target of RhoGDI2 in Prevention of Lung Colonization of Bladder Cancer
03 Apr 2023
In this article , Mass spectrometry results of proteins co-immunoprecipatating with RhoGDI2 were presented. But they were not discussed in detail.
Supplementary Table S2 from A Qualitative Transcriptional Signature for Predicting Prognosis and Response to Bevacizumab in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
03 Apr 2023
Cox univariate and multivariate analysis of all patients in GSE72970 and TCGA was performed by as mentioned in this paper , and the results showed that all patients were diagnosed with mild depression.
Supplementary Figures S1-S4 from A Functional Screen Identifies miR-34a as a Candidate Neuroblastoma Tumor Suppressor Gene
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , a functional screen identifies miR-34a as a candidate Neuroblastoma Tumor Suppressor Gene (NTSG) for the task of tumor suppression.
Supplementary Figures 1-7 from ASTX029, a Novel Dual-mechanism ERK Inhibitor, Modulates Both the Phosphorylation and Catalytic Activity of ERK
03 Apr 2023
In this article , the effects of ASTX-029 on ERK signalling in RAS-mutant cell lines and tumour xenograft tissue were investigated, showing that the effect of the drug on the ERK signaling in a cell line panel showed MAPK mutation status.
Supplementary Figures 1 - 3 from Licochalcone E Present in Licorice Suppresses Lung Metastasis in the 4T1 Mammary Orthotopic Cancer Model
03 Apr 2023
Licochalcone E decreases the secretion of urokinase type plasminogen activator (uPA), VEGF-A, and MMP-9 in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells as mentioned in this paper .
Perspective on This Article from An MLH1 Mutation Links BACH1/FANCJ to Colon Cancer, Signaling, and Insight toward Directed Therapy
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , an MLH1 Mutation Links BACH1/FANCJ to Colon Cancer, Signaling and Insight toward Directed Therapy is presented, with a focus on directed therapy.
Supplementary Materials 2 from Identification of Modulated Genes by Three Classes of Chemopreventive Agents at Preneoplastic Stages in a p53-Null Mouse Mammary Tumor Model
03 Apr 2023
In this article , the identification of modulated genes by three classes of Chemopreventive Agents at preneoplastic stages in a p53-null mouse Mammary Tumor Model is described.
Supplementary Table from External Validation of Association of Baseline Circulating Tumor Cell Counts with Survival Outcomes in Men with Metastatic Castration-Sensitive Prostate Cancer
03 Apr 2023
In this article , external validation of Association of Baseline Circulating Tumor Cell Counts with Survival Outcomes in Men with Metastatic Castration-Sensitive Prostate Cancer is presented.
Supplementary Table 2 from SPANX Control of Lamin A/C Modulates Nuclear Architecture and Promotes Melanoma Growth
03 Apr 2023
The list of SPANX-interacting proteins identified by LC-MS/MS is given in Table S2 in this article , along with a list of proteins identified using LCMS and MS.
Table S3 from Oncogenic Gene-Expression Programs in Leiomyosarcoma and Characterization of Conventional, Inflammatory, and Uterogenic Subtypes
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , the LMS genes within recurrently amplified regions were found to have LMS-like properties, and they were identified using LMS gene locus locus clustering.
Figure S5 from p53 Is Not Required for High CIN to Induce Tumor Suppression
03 Apr 2023
In this article , the authors show that high CIN causes cell death due to excessive chromosome loss, and they also show that CIN can cause cancer cell death as well as chromosome loss.
Figure S4 from p53 Is Not Required for High CIN to Induce Tumor Suppression
03 Apr 2023
In this article , the detection of LOH in tumors from p53+/- animals was shown using a histopathology-based approach. But the results were limited to p53 +/- animals.
Figure S6 from mDKN-01, a Novel Anti-DKK1 mAb, Enhances Innate Immune Responses in the Tumor Microenvironment
03 Apr 2023
In this article , the effect of anti-NK1.1 antibody depletion on various Circulating and Splenic Immune Cells was investigated and the results showed that anti-nk1.
FigureS3 from Adipokine Apelin/APJ Pathway Promotes Peritoneal Dissemination of Ovarian Cancer Cells by Regulating Lipid Metabolism
03 Apr 2023
CD36 expression regulation in APJ cells was studied in this article , showing that CD36 expression regulates the expression of APJ-cells in both APJ and CRF cells.
Table S2 from Phase II Drug-Metabolizing Polymorphisms and Smoking Predict Recurrence of Non–Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer: A Gene–Smoking Interaction
03 Apr 2023
In this article , the authors investigated the relationship between smoking and UGT1A1 genetic status in Cox multivariate model and the risk of bladder cancer recurrence and found that smoking and genetic status were associated with increased risk of recurrence.
Supplementary Data from Chk1 Inhibition Potently Blocks STAT3 Tyrosine705 Phosphorylation, DNA-Binding Activity, and Activation of Downstream Targets in Human Multiple Myeloma Cells
03 Apr 2023
In this article , Chk1 Inhibition Potently Blocks STAT3 Tyrosine705 Phosphorylation, DNA-Binding Activity, and Activation of Downstream Targets in Human Multiple Myeloma Cells.
Supplementary Methods, Figures S1 - S9 from Access to Follicular Dendritic Cells Is a Pivotal Step in Murine Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia B-cell Activation and Proliferation
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , a gating strategy was used to characterize and quantitate CD19+CD5+ leukemia Emu-Tcl1 cell frequencies and homeostatic chemokine receptor expression.
Figure S2 from The Elongin BC Complex Negatively Regulates AXL and Marks a Differentiated Phenotype in Melanoma
03 Apr 2023
In this article , extended data on Figure 2: Elongin BC complex members serve as keyAXL regulators, showing that they serve as the key regulators of the ELBC complex.
Supplementary Movie from The Transcription Factor ZNF217 Is a Prognostic Biomarker and Therapeutic Target during Breast Cancer Progression
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , a movie of SCp2 cells infected with vector (left movie) or Znf217 (right movie) following a scratch with a pipette tip.
Supplementary Figure 4 from Discovery of a Mutant-Selective Covalent Inhibitor of EGFR that Overcomes T790M-Mediated Resistance in NSCLC
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , the authors performed pharmacokinetic analysis of CO-1686 in mice and found that CO1686 showed promising performance in terms of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.
Supplementary Figure S3 from An <i>In Vivo</i> Functional Screen Identifies ST6GalNAc2 Sialyltransferase as a Breast Cancer Metastasis Suppressor
03 Apr 2023
In this article , characterisation of the MDA-MB-231 cells stably expressing vector or mouse ST6GalNAc2 was carried out on a mouse and a human.
Supplementary Figure S2 from An <i>In Vivo</i> Functional Screen Identifies ST6GalNAc2 Sialyltransferase as a Breast Cancer Metastasis Suppressor
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , additional validation of ST6GalNAc2 as a metastasis suppressor including in a spontaneous metastasis assay using the parental 4T1 cells was reported.
Table S6 from Integrative Molecular Characterization of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma
03 Apr 2023
The results from the analysis of DNA methylation in SETD2 mutated and BAP1 inactivated samples were reported in this paper and Table S6 contains the results of the analysis.
Supplementary Figures from First-in-Humans Trial of an RNA Interference Therapeutic Targeting VEGF and KSP in Cancer Patients with Liver Involvement
03 Apr 2023
In this article , sequence information on KSP and VEGF siRNAs, murine Hep3B tumor model data with ALN-VSP, ALNVSP Phase I study design, KSP, VEGFs, and normal liver mRNA levels in tumor cell lines.
Supplementary Data from Urgent Need for Novel Investigations of Treatments to Quit E-cigarettes: Findings from a Systematic Review
03 Apr 2023
In this article , the urgent need for novel investigations of treatments to quit E-cigarettes was highlighted, based on data from Urgent Need for Novel Investigations of Treatments to Quit E-cigarette: Findings from a Systematic Review
Figure S2 from Black Raspberry Inhibits Oral Tumors in Mice Treated with the Tobacco Smoke Constituent Dibenzo(def,p)chrysene Via Genetic and Epigenetic Alterations
03 Apr 2023
A representative H&E staining showing the histological features identified in the oral tissues of mice is presented in this paper , showing epithelial hyperplasia with atypia.
Data from The 1,2-Diaminocyclohexane Carrier Ligand in Oxaliplatin Induces p53-Dependent Transcriptional Repression of Factors Involved in Thymidylate Biosynthesis
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , the 1,2-diaminocyclohexane (DACH) carrier ligand in oxaliplatin and dachplatin was used to suppress the expression of the nuclear isoform of DUTPase (DUT-N) in colorectal cancer cells.
Supplementary Legends from RNA Interference Using <i>c-Myc</i>–Conjugated Nanoparticles Suppresses Breast and Colorectal Cancer Models
03 Apr 2023
In this article , the authors present a collection of supplementary tables and legends for supplementary figures, including the following tables: Table S1 & Table S2 and legends of supplementary figures.
Supplementary Figure 3 from Preclinical Pharmacology of AZD5363, an Inhibitor of AKT: Pharmacodynamics, Antitumor Activity, and Correlation of Monotherapy Activity with Genetic Background
03 Apr 2023
In this article , the correlation of AZD5363 activity in cell lines from different tumor types with RAS, PIK3CA and PTEN status was investigated in a clinical trial.
Data from Ponatinib (AP24534), a Multitargeted Pan-FGFR Inhibitor with Activity in Multiple FGFR-Amplified or Mutated Cancer Models
03 Apr 2023
Ponatinib (AP24534) is an oral multitargeted tyrosine kinase inhibitor being explored in a pivotal phase II trial in patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia due to its potent activity against BCR-ABL as discussed by the authors .
Supplementary Figure 1 from Enhanced Antitumor Effects by Chemical Modified IGb3 Analogues
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , enhanced antitumor effects by Chemical Modified IGb3 Analogues were investigated. But the authors focused on the effects of chemical modified IGb 3 analogues.
Data from PP2A Inhibition Is a Common Event in Colorectal Cancer and Its Restoration Using FTY720 Shows Promising Therapeutic Potential
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , the authors show that PP2A is frequently inactivated in patients with colorectal cancer, indicating that the potential therapeutic target for this disease represents a potential target.
Supplementary Figure 3 from Evading Pgp Activity in Drug-Resistant Cancer Cells: A Structural and Functional Study of Antitubulin Furan Metotica Compounds
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , growth inhibition profiles of NCI60 tumor cell lines by S-A8 were presented and compared with the NCI40 tumor cell line. And they showed that S-8 is effective in detecting tumor growth.
Supplementary Figure 2 from MicroRNA Regulation of Oncolytic Adenovirus 6 for Selective Treatment of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , low dose of cyclophosphamide increased antitumor efficacy of Ad6miR, which is a low dose anti-malignancy drug that was used in the Ad 6miR trial.
Supplementary Figure 1 from Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 2 IIIc as a Therapeutic Target for Colorectal Cancer Cells
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , immunohistochemical analyses of FGFR2IIIc in normal colorectal tissues and hyperplastic polyps were performed in the presence of colostrich cancer.
Supplementary Figure 6 from Single-Chain Antibody-Based Immunotoxins Targeting Her2/neu: Design Optimization and Impact of Affinity on Antitumor Efficacy and Off-Target Toxicity
03 Apr 2023
In this article , the enzymatic activities of AST and LDH in the serum of mice with or without tumors, treated with rGel, MH3-B1/rGel or B1D3/RGel.
Supplementary Figure 1 from Targeting the Glyoxalase Pathway Enhances TRAIL Efficacy in Cancer Cells by Downregulating the Expression of Antiapoptotic Molecules
03 Apr 2023
In this article , the expression of TRAIL receptors when treated with methylglyoxal was found to be increased when the TRAIL receptor was treated with a methyl glyoxal.
Supplementary Figure 2 from Antitumor Activity of Src Inhibitor Saracatinib (AZD-0530) in Preclinical Models of Biliary Tract Carcinomas
03 Apr 2023
In this article , Basal activated Src expression in BTC cell lines was investigated. But the results showed that the activation of Src was not beneficial to the performance of the cell lines.
Supplementary Figure 6 from ATP Citrate Lyase Knockdown Induces Growth Arrest and Apoptosis through Different Cell- and Environment-Dependent Mechanisms
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , growth curves for PC3M cells supplemented with Farnesyl pyrophosphate (FPP), Geranylgeranyl pyrophophosphate(GGPP), oleic acid or cholesterol are presented.
Supplementary Figure 3 from Spongian Diterpenoids Inhibit Androgen Receptor Activity
03 Apr 2023
In this article , a 72K, Reporter gene assay and growth assay of LNCaP95 cells are presented. But they do not specify the type of cells. And they do so in detail.
Data from MK-2206, a Novel Allosteric Inhibitor of Akt, Synergizes with Gefitinib against Malignant Glioma via Modulating Both Autophagy and Apoptosis
03 Apr 2023
In this article , the authors showed that the combination of gefitinib and MK-2206 increased the cytotoxicity of the growth factor receptor inhibitor in the glioma cells.
Supplementary Figure 2 from Targeting CXCR2 Enhances Chemotherapeutic Response, Inhibits Mammary Tumor Growth, Angiogenesis, and Lung Metastasis
03 Apr 2023
In this article , expression of CXCL8 in SKBR3 control and CXCR2 over-expressing cells after doxorubicin and paclitaxel treatment was determined using ELISA.
Data from Growth Inhibition of Ovarian Tumor–Initiating Cells by Niclosamide
03 Apr 2023
In this article , the antihelmintic niclosamide selectively targets ovarian tumor-initiating cells (OTICs) to disrupt multiple metabolic pathways affecting biogenetics, biogenesis, and redox regulation.
Data from Functional Analysis of the p53 Pathway in Neuroblastoma Cells Using the Small-Molecule MDM2 Antagonist Nutlin-3
03 Apr 2023
In this paper , a direct p53-activating compound, nutlin-3, together with mutation analysis was used to characterize p53 pathway defects in a set of 34 human neuroblastoma cell lines.

Top papers of 2022

Evidence, causes, and consequences of declining nitrogen availability in terrestrial ecosystems
15 Apr 2022 - Science
In this article , the authors outline the current state of knowledge about declining N availability and propose actions aimed at characterizing and responding to this emerging challenge. But, a comprehensive synthesis of N availability metrics, outside of experimental settings and capable of revealing large-scale trends, has not yet been carried out.
A metaheuristic approach for interval type-2 fuzzy fractional order fault-tolerant controller for a class of uncertain nonlinear system*
Himanshukumar R. Patel, Vipul A. Shah 
15 Apr 2022 - Automatika
A new optimum interval type-2 fuzzy fractional-order controller for a class of nonlinear systems with incipient actuator and system component faults is introduced and its effectiveness is demonstrated when compared to IT2FPID and existing passive fault tolerant controllers in recent literature.
The Preparation of g-C3N4/CoAl-LDH Nanocomposites and Their Depollution Performances in Cement Mortars under UV-Visible Light
15 Apr 2022 - Catalysts
In this paper , new organic-inorganic g-C3N4/CoAl-LDH nanocomposites were prepared and introduced to fabricate photocatalytic cement mortars by internal mixing, coating, and spraying.
In-silico Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Elimination and Toxicity profile of 9,12,15-Octadecatrienoic acid (ODA) from Moringa oleifera
15 Apr 2022 - Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics
In short, ODA is potentially used to treat many diseases, but in-depth ADMET studies are required to firmly re-establish its clinical efficacy and market potential.
Expert Critics, Rankings, and Review Aggregators: The Changing Nature of Intermediation and the Rise of Markets with Multiple Intermediaries
15 Apr 2022 - The Academy of Management Annals
Gokhan Pantelis Pipergias Analytis and Güler et al. as mentioned in this paper present a review of information intermediaries and compare and contrast three ideal types of intermediaries.
Socioeconomic inequalities in physiological risk biomarkers and the role of lifestyles among Russians aged 35-69 years
15 Apr 2022 - International Journal for Equity in Health
In this paper , the authors explored the role of lifestyle factors in explaining socio-economic inequalities in physiological CVD risk biomarkers, and found that high education was negatively associated with a raised risk of blood pressure and C-reactive protein for both men and women.
Periodontal Stem Cells Synthesize Maresin Conjugate in Tissue Regeneration 3
15 Apr 2022 - Journal of Dental Research
PDLSC biology of the Yorkshire pig is described and it is suggested that enhancing resolution of inflammation pathways and mediators may be a possible key early event in predictable periodontal regeneration.
The Role of Acupuncture in the Management of Insomnia as a Major or Residual Symptom Among Patients With Active or Previous Depression: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
15 Apr 2022 - Frontiers in Psychiatry
There is a low to moderate level of evidence supporting acupuncture as a safe and effective remedy alternative to or adjuvant to conventional pharmacotherapy (antidepressant and/or hypnotic) in improving insomnia and other depression symptoms among patients with active depression.
Stochastic fixed‐time formation for nonlinear multi‐agent systems under a discontinuous protocol
15 Apr 2022 - International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control
In this paper , the authors studied the time-varying fixed-time formation (FTF) tracking control problem for stochastically disturbed nonlinear multi-agent systems on detail balanced graphs.
Bridging the Research-Policy Divide to Advance Science and Policy: The 2022 Bruce Smith, Sr. Award Address to the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
15 Apr 2022 - Justice evaluation journal
This article put research at center stage in criminal justice policy, and found that a lack of awareness among policymakers and administrators about what research is, what it can be, and what is required to generate credible research-based evidence leads to poorly designed and implemented policies, little accountability, and limited effectiveness and cost efficiency.
Un/civil demonstrators: Race and civility politics in the 1917 Silent Protest Parade
15 Apr 2022 - Communication and democracy
This paper used the 1917 Silent Protest Parade to demonstrate how Black activists used a strategy of in/civility to contest the spatial-rhetorical norms of white supremacy, claim a citizen identity, and at once expand their rhetorical possibilities and constrain those of white supremacists.
“The Future is Latina”: Feminist Borderlands and Latina Legislators
15 Apr 2022 - Frontiers
In this paper , the authors posit the importance of feminist borderlands theory in policy-making scholarship and posit that Chicana and Latina state legislators faced political battles, resisted, and succeeded in policymaking.
Jump-starting the conversation about harm reduction: making sense of drug effects
M A Adley, Guy R. Jones, Fiona Measham 
15 Apr 2022
In this paper , the authors describe the history of the development of taxonomies of psychoactive drug use and discuss the conceptualization of three recent taxonomic models: comparing their features, and considering their application in education, treatment, and harm reduction settings.
Synergistic Combination: Promising Nanoplatform W‐POM NCs@ HKUST‐1 for Photothermal and Chemodynamic Reinforced Anti‐tumor Therapy
15 Apr 2022 - Applied Organometallic Chemistry
Wang et al. as mentioned in this paper designed a W-POM NCs@HKUST-1 nanoplatform that combines photothermal therapy and chemicalodynamic therapy and has better targeting properties.
Bayesvl: an R package for user-friendly Bayesian regression modelling
Quan-Hoang Vuong, Minh Nguyen, Manh-Toan Ho 
15 Apr 2022 - Tạp chí Khoa học và Công nghệ Việt Nam
This paper introduces a new open software for implementing Bayesian network modelling and analysis: the bayesvl R package, aimed at providing an intuitive gateway for beginners of Bayesian statistics to construct and analyse mathematical models in social sciences.
Psychometric Properties of the Academic Procrastination Scale (APS) in Brazil
15 Apr 2022 - Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment
In this paper , the authors adapt and assess evidence of validity and reliability of the scores of the Academic Procrastination Scale (APS) for a Brazilian sample (N = 1241).
Sensitivity of Sparse Codes to Image Distortions
Kyle Luther, H. Sebastian Seung 
15 Apr 2022 - Neural Computation
It is shown empirically with the MNIST data set that sparse codes can be very sensitive to image distortions, a behavior that may hinder invariant object recognition.
Analysis of Magnetic Field Characteristics of a Giant Magnetostrictive Actuator with a Semi-Closed Magnetic Circuit
15 Apr 2022 - Actuators
In this article , the magnetic field intensity of a giant magnetostrictive cylinder was analyzed using COMSOL multiphysics software, and the influence of the magnetic permeability of the displacement conversion mechanism (shell) and the size of the air gap inside the device was analyzed.
Evidence for near-unity radiative quantum efficiency of bright excitons in carbon nanotubes from the Purcell effect
15 Apr 2022 - Physical review research
In this paper , the authors estimate the radiative quantum efficiency of bright excitons in carbon nanotubes by modifying the exciton dynamics through cavity quantum electrodynamical effects.
The Functional Expansion Approach for Solving NPDEs as a Generalization of the Kudryashov and G′/G Methods
15 Apr 2022 - Symmetry
The functional expansion approach as discussed by the authors is a generalized method for finding traveling wave solutions of various nonlinear partial differential equations, which can be seen as a combination of the Kudryashov and G′/G solving methods.
The Tortoise and the Hare: Industry Clockspeed and Resilience of Production and Knowledge Networks in Montréal’s Aerospace Industry
15 Apr 2022 - ZFW - advances in economic geography
In this paper , the authors examine the Montréal aerospace industry to explore cluster resilience and find that a low speed of aircraft development and production stabilizes local production and knowledge networks through five mechanisms: long-term contracting, R&D cost sharing, production planning, social networking, and technology solidifying.
Effect of Adhesive Layer Thickness and Slant Angle on Piezoelectric Bonded Joints
Somnath Somadder, Md. Shahidul Islam 
15 Apr 2022 - Journal of Mechanical Engineering
In this paper , a numerical analysis of piezoelectric dissimilar material joints is carried out by using Abaqus FEA software, and it is observed that stress, displacement, electric potential, electric displacement field evolve with the increment of adhesive layer thickness and slant angle.
Assessment of Radiative Heating for Hypersonic Earth Reentry Using Nongray Step Models
Xinglian Yang, Jingying Wang, Yue Zhou, Ke Sun 
15 Apr 2022 - Aerospace
In this article , the authors used the PHAROS Navier-Stokes code to solve the thermochemical nonequilibrium flow and integrated the nongray radiation by tangent slab approximation, respectively, combined with the two-, five-, and eight-step models.
Ciliated muconodular papillary tumor of the lung: a case report and literature review
15 Apr 2022 - The Egyptian Journal of Bronchology
In this article , a 6-mm diameter solid nodule with slight lobulation, short spines, and subpleural indentation was found in the left lung of a patient with Ciliated Muconodular Papillary Tumor.
Écritures confinées : raconter la marche au temps du confinement. Les pratiques langagières au prisme de l’expérientiel et du psychédélique
15 Apr 2022 - Itinéraires. Littérature, textes, cultures
In this article , a corpus composed of images, textes, and textes récoltés dans deux espaces numériques, in italien and in français, is used to investigate the dimension expérientielle and psychédélique of the textes.
Роль активації транскрипційного фактора ар-1 у змінах продукції та утилізації оксиду азоту у слизовій оболонці шлунка щурів за умов хронічної фторидної інтоксикації
15 Apr 2022 - Problemi ekologìï ta medicini
In this article , the effect of AP-1 activation on changes in the activity of inducible NO synthase and constitutive isoforms, concentrations of peroxynitrites of alkali and alkaline earth metals, and concentrations of nitrites and nitrosothiols in the gastric mucosa of rats under conditions of chronic fluoride intoxication was examined.
What Did Pre-service Secondary Teachers Learn from Teacher's Education Lecture?: Through the Analysis of Journal Writing
15 Apr 2022 - Korean Association For Learner-Centered Curriculum And Instruction
In this paper , the authors proposed a method to solve the problem of the lack of resources in the South Korean market through the use of the Internet and provided a method based on the concept of virtual reality.
Le gaz en Méditerranée orientale, un déterminant dans la géopolitique régionale
15 Apr 2022 - Confluences en Méditerranée
A rapprochement entre la Grèce, la République de Chypre, Israël et l’ÉEgypte face à une Turquie isol&# 233;e dans le jeu mßditerranãen as discussed by the authors .
Les effets pervers de l’exportation du droit dans des guerres civiles. L’intervention militaire en Afghanistan (2001-2014)
15 Apr 2022 - Droit et société
The article as discussed by the authors rend compte des effets de l’intervention militaire dans le domaine juridique entre 2001 and 2014.
Hypersonic weapons and nuclear deterrence
Stephen J. Cimbala, Adam Lowther 
15 Apr 2022 - Comparative Strategy
In this paper , the authors explored the relationship between hypersonic weapons and nuclear deterrence and concluded that, in the case of the United States and Russia, going forward, strategic nuclear deterrents with currently projected modernization plans should suffice to maintain deterrence and first strike stability, barring unforeseen developments in breakthrough technologies.
„Cóż można by więcej wyszperać?” Józef Pilch jako użytkownik, twórca i krytyk archiwum
15 Apr 2022 - Śląskie Studia Polonistyczne
Pilch poddawał krytycznemu namysłowi archiwum rozumiane jako instrument władzy, czego dowodzą choćby jego publikacje dotyczące PPS-WRN i dziejów ustrońskich Żydów as discussed by the authors .
Por uma práxis da produção e da gestão cultural
15 Apr 2022 - Revista Latino Americana de Estudos em Cultura e Sociedade
The presente artigo pretende discutir a possibilidade de uma práxis, no sentido moderno de atividade consciente objetiva, da produção and da gestão cultural, na elaboração e gestão de projetos, programas e políticas culturais as mentioned in this paper .
Children and Adolescents’ Ingroup Biases and Developmental Differences in Evaluations of Peers Who Misinform
15 Apr 2022 - Frontiers in Psychology
This article explored whether children and adolescents respond differently to a misinformer spreading false claims about a peer breaking COVID-19 rules, depending on (a) the group membership of the mis-informer and their target and (b) whether the ingroup had a critical norm that values questioning information before believing it.
Visual Outcome Improvement of Phacoemulsification in Eyes with Senile Cataract at Ramata Eye Hospital, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
15 Apr 2022 - European journal of medical and health sciences
There are significant improvement of VA resulting in the decrease of blind patients to 0.0% and increase in the number of patients with good vision (normal to mild visual impairment) to 85.2% after phacoemulsification procedure.
Cultura popular e modernidade em Josefina Plá
15 Apr 2022 - Revista Latino Americana de Estudos em Cultura e Sociedade
In this paper , a trama artística de Josefina Plá is investigated, focusing on an obra ficcional, ensaístico, and plástica mescla motivos e expressões of a cultura popular com formas e técnicas da cultura erudita.
Dysfunkcje w pracy zdalnej - obszary i przykłady
Joanna Cewińska, Anna Michałkiewicz 
15 Apr 2022 - Zarządzanie Zasobami Ludzkimi
In this article , a rezultaty analizy literatury is used for opis metodyki badań oraz ich wyniki.
Response of Ozone Treatment on Dissolved Oxygen Levels, Growth and Yield of Cucumber Crop Grown in Hydroponics in Cooled Green House. Season: Winter (December-March)
15 Apr 2022 - Journal of agricultural sciences
In this article , ozone treatment was tested for the efficacy against plant pathogen (Pythium), dissolved oxygen levels, growth and yield of cucumber crop in hydroponic closed system during December-March 2020/21.
[Application of ultrasound-guided endoscopic retrograde appendicitis therapy in children with appendix-related chronic abdominal pain].
15 Apr 2022 - Chinese journal of contemporary pediatrics
Ulasound-guided endoscopic retrograde appendicitis therapy is effective in children with chronic abdominal pain caused by feces or fecalith in the appendix cavity, and abdominal pain completely disappeared in 27 children.
Transtornos de personalidade na literatura
15 Apr 2022
The X ª Jornada de Saúde Mental e Cidadania de Quixadá, realizada nos dias 5 e 6 de dezembro de 2002 as discussed by the authors
Literatura surda: um olhar para as narrativas em libras, o direito às diferenças
15 Apr 2022 - Recima21
A metodologia de pesquisa aplicada is de revisão bibliográfica, de natureza narrativa, descritiva e exploratória that revelam o comportamento da sociedade dominada por ouvintes com os surdos that anseiam interagir explorando dentro dos aspectos da literatura surda as discussed by the authors .
Developing a Project-Based Learning Model for Slow Learners in Higher Education
15 Apr 2022 - Jurnal pendidikan Islam Indonesia
In this article , a learning model for slow learner students in higher education was developed. And the results of the study showed that project-based learning due to the activity level had increased compared to before using the PBL model.
Perancangan Sistem Informasi Penjualan Sepatu pada Toko M Sport Berbasis Java Netbeans
15 Apr 2022 - Jurnal Riset dan Aplikasi Mahasiswa Informatika
Tujuan Penelitian in this paper adalah merancang sistem informasi penjualan sepatu pada Toko M Sport agar mempermudah dalam mengelola toko.
The combined effect of low-level laser therapy and dietary supplements at the microcirculation system in athletes
15 Apr 2022 - Lazernaâ medicina
Under the combined effect, the intensity of microcirculation increases, oxygen output of erythrocytes by hemoglobin improves as well as its active diffusion from blood into tissues and participation in the ATP synthesis at the level of cell mitochondrial.
Samsun İli Yağış Ve Sıcaklık Verilerinin Şen Yenilikçi Trend Yöntemi İle Trend Analizi
Eray Bayraktar, Bahtiyar Efe 
15 Apr 2022 - International journal of advances in engineering and pure sciences
Incelen et al. as discussed by the authors proposed a trend-based artan trend analysis method for the first time, which is based on the idea of monotonik artan trends.
Takibe İtiraz Edilmesi Hâlinde Haciz Talep Etme Süresi
15 Apr 2022 - İstanbul hukuk mecmuası
In this article , ancaklarına ilişkin bir icra takibi ile borçlunun malvarlığı değerleri haczedilip satılarak elde edilen paradan alacaklının alacağı nın karşılanması amaçlanır. Ancak, Kanun’da ifade edildiği şekliyle itiraz veya dava ifadelerinden tam olarak hangi anın anlaşılması gerektiği.
Pengangkatan Menteri dalam Sistem Presidensial di Indonesia Perspektif Imam Al-Mawardi
Panggih F. Paramadina, M. Y. Al Arif 
15 Apr 2022 - The Journal Of Constitutional Law
In this paper , the authors used the perspective of Al-Mawardi in the appointment of waz ir (assistant caliphs) who are in harmony with the appointments of ministers in Indonesia.
Income Inequality, Health Care Expenditure and Economic Performance in Nigeria
15 Apr 2022 - Global journal of arts, humanities and social sciences
In this article , the authors examined the impact of income inequality and healthcare expenditure on economic performance in Nigeria over the period 1990-2020 using the Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) estimation technique.
Поговорки башкирского языка (проблема разграничения, анализ структуры)
15 Apr 2022 - Oriental studies
In this article , the authors identify key criteria for distinguishing between proverbs and sayings within Bashkir discourse, including syntactically incomplete or complete sentences, semantic replenishment from speech contexts, generalization at the level of each specific situation, literal plan, a possibility (optional) of didacticism.
Prediction of risk of frailty among Institutionalized Older Adults in India.
Nisha Kulal, G. N, V. K 
15 Apr 2022 - Current Aging Science
A model has been developed to predict the risk and early identification of frailty among institutionalized older adults and low education status, low income, poor functional mobility, and presence of more than 3 comorbidities were found to have a significant association with the risk of frailt.
The need of ergonomics workplace for aging workforce
15 Apr 2022 - International Journal of Health Sciences (IJHS)
In this article , the authors explored how the workplace ergonomics affect job performance among aging workforce and proposed a conceptual framework of the factors of ergonomic workplace for aging workforce, which aims on how to increase or maintain older workers' job performance.

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