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Top papers of 2023

Concealing Stuttering at School: “When You Can't Fix It…the Only Alternative Is to Hide It”
17 Jan 2023
This paper explored experiences with concealing stuttering in children and young people who stutter based on recollections from adults, and explored how school-based speech therapists can be helpful or unhelpful to children who are concealing their stuttering from the perspective of adults who are stutter.
Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics and Corporate Reputation on the Retention of Users of Third-Sector Institutions
17 Jan 2023 - Sustainability
In this paper , the authors study the relationship between corporate social responsibility, business ethics, and corporate reputation, and their connections with user retention, using structural equation analysis (SEM) and non-probabilistic sampling.
Tumorigenic activation around HPV integrated sites in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
17 Jan 2023 - International Journal of Cancer
In this paper , the authors performed integrated analyses of the epigenome, transcriptome and interactome using ChIP-seq, RNA-seq and Hi-C and 4C-seq for HPV(+) HNSCCs.
Spatial normalization discrepancies between native and MNI152 brain template scans in gamma ventral capsulotomy patients
17 Jan 2023 - Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging
In this paper , lesion size and location in patients who underwent capsulotomy for intractable OCD, comparing deviations in the native scans to those in standard space, were found to increase the size of many subcortical structures in a significant and proportional way for both females and males.
Implementing Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies
17 Jan 2023 - Saudi journal of business and management studies
In this article , the authors investigate how, in this age of innovation and technology, institutions, classrooms, mentors, and teachers may work together to spark a revolution in the classroom.
When to germinate: the talk between abscisic acid and circadian clock
Kaikai Zhu, Yajin Ye 
17 Jan 2023 - Plant Physiology
In this article , an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (, which permits unrestricted reuse, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
Pre-operative administration of butorphanol mitigates emergence agitation in patients undergoing functional endoscopic sinus surgery: A randomized controlled clinical trial
17 Jan 2023 - Frontiers in Psychiatry
In this paper , the authors explored the effectiveness of pre-operative intravenous injection of butorphanol in the alleviation of emergence agitation in patients undergoing functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS).
Metabolism and pharmacokinetic study of deuterated osimertinib
17 Jan 2023 - Biopharmaceutics & Drug Disposition
In this article , the metabolism profiles of osimertinib and its deuterated compound were compared in liver microsomes and human recombinant cytochrome P450 isoenzymes and the pharmacokinetics in rats and humans were compared.
Preclinical IBD: One more piece of the puzzle
Manasi Agrawal, Joana Torres 
17 Jan 2023 - United European gastroenterology journal
Rodrigues-Lago et al. as discussed by the authors explored healthcare and medication utilization in the years preceding IBD diagnosis; 124 individuals with incidental IBD diagnosed during their screening colonoscopy were age and gender matched in a 1:3 ratio to 372 healthy controls (HC).
Laryngeal mask airway facilitates a safe and smooth emergence from anesthesia in patients undergoing craniotomy: a prospective randomized controlled study
Cheng-Fong Wei, Yung-Tai Chung 
17 Jan 2023 - BMC Anesthesiology
In this article , a prospective randomized controlled study was conducted on patients undergoing elective craniotomy for brain tumors, where the endotracheal tube was replaced by a laryngeal mask airway.
From Fear to Creativity
17 Jan 2023
In this article , the authors focus on the ways in which Melanie Klein interpreted literary works to re-define central psychoanalytic concepts such as identity, split, and integration.
17 Jan 2023
In this paper , the authors discuss the CTP within a larger historical framework of curriculum work undertaken over the past 60 years in order to examine the practices which have sustained this type of curricular vitality.
Interaction between giant atoms in a one-dimensional structured environment
17 Jan 2023 - Physical Review A
In this article , the interaction between two giant atoms mediated by a structured waveguide was studied and it was shown that they can interact more strongly and over longer distances than small atoms for some parameters, for instance, when restricting the maximum coupling strength achievable per coupling point.
Fate of the Islands
17 Jan 2023
The most damaging invasive species were feral cats that had been introduced by earlier visitors as discussed by the authors , and the eradication attempts were in the end successful, but in both cases took several years.
Minor embedding with Stuart-Landau oscillator networks
17 Jan 2023 - Physical review research
In this paper , the authors theoretically implement a strategy from quantum computation architectures to simulate Stuart-Landau oscillator dynamics in all-to-all connected networks, referred to as complete graphs.
Aleukemic Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia: How Concomitant HIV, Hepatitis C, and Chronic Alcohol Use Disorder May Have Hidden an Underlying Malignancy
17 Jan 2023 - American Journal of Case Reports
In this article , a 67-year-old man with a past medical history of hypertension and substance use disorder was found to have progressive exertional dyspnea and was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia with pancytopenia.
Testing Firm Conduct
17 Jan 2023
In this article , the authors present advantages of Rivers and Vuong (2002) (RV) model selection under misspecification and provide a diagnostic for weak instruments by extending the framework of Stock and Yogo (2005) to model selection.
A geometric approach to the Yang-Mills mass gap
17 Jan 2023
In this article , it was shown that a trace operation on the infinite-dimensional geometry naturally introduces a length scale that has to be fixed by measuring the energy of the lowest glueball state.
HeRoSwarm: Fully-Capable Miniature Swarm Robot Hardware Design With Open-Source ROS Support
17 Jan 2023
The HeRoSwarm as discussed by the authors , a fully-capable swarm robot platform with open-source hardware and software support, is a low-cost design with commercial off-the-shelf components that uniquely integrates multiple sensing, communication and computing modalities with various power management capabilities into a tiny footprint.
Knowledge Acquisition and Completion for Long-Term Human-Robot Interactions using Knowledge Graph Embedding
17 Jan 2023
In this article , the authors adopt knowledge graph embedding techniques to generalize the acquired information with the goal of incrementally extending the robot's inner representation of the environment and evaluate the performance of overall continual learning architecture by measuring the capabilities of the robot of learning entities and relations coming from unknown contexts through a series of incremental learning sessions.
\"Offentliche Daten auf die n\"achste Stufe heben -- Vom RESTful Webservice f\"ur Pflanzenschutzmittelregistrierungsdaten zur anwendungsunabh\"angigen Ontologie (erweiterte Version)
17 Jan 2023
In this article , the PAM-prozess is conducted: the pesticide registration data provided via REST-API is crawled, then the data is mapped into an ontology using rmlmapper and made availabe in a machine readable and application-independent form via a SPARQL-Endpoint.
Decreasing ultrafast x-ray pulse durations with saturable absorption and resonant transitions
17 Jan 2023 - Physical Review E
In this paper , the authors employ nonlocal thermodynamic equilibrium plasma simulations to study the interaction of femtosecond x rays and copper and find that a K-M resonant transition occurring at highly charged states turns copper opaque again.
Lampreys underwent radical changes in ecology and morphology during the Jurassic era
17 Jan 2023
Recently, this paper showed that lampreys evolved a three-phase life cycle in the Southern Hemisphere of the Late Cretaceous, followed by an early Cenozoic anti-tropical disjunction in distribution, thus challenging the conventional wisdom of their biogeographical pattern arising from a recent origin in the Northern Hemisphere or the tectonic fragmentation of Pangean supercontinent as far back as 200 million years ago.
Performing The Revenge in Sydney
17 Jan 2023
In a penal colony where slavery was impossible, convict-citizens worked themselves to the bone for their superiors' pleasure, and “Sydney people,” as Aboriginal peoples of the Sydney region will be known, devoted themselves to revenging British encroachments on their land, persons, and food supply as mentioned in this paper .
Selective Organic Synthesis Using Electrogenerated Bases
17 Jan 2023
In this paper , the trityl anion was examined in reactions with alkyl halides, and it was found that this anion behaved as a deprotonating reagent in the reaction with phenacyl bromide.
Dual-Arm Construction Robot for Automatic Fixation of Structural Parts to Concrete Surfaces in Narrow Environments
17 Jan 2023
In this paper , a construction robot system that enables the complete installation of structural parts to concrete and can be easily introduced to unstructured and narrow construction environments is proposed, including two arms that simultaneously position and fix the structural parts, and custom tools that reduce the reaction force applied to the robots so that smaller robots can be used with lower payloads.
Reflectance Estimation for Pre-grasping Distance Measurement using RGB and Proximity Sensing
17 Jan 2023
In this paper , the authors used neural network regression to estimate the reflectance of objects based on RGB images so that the pre-grasping distance error is reduced, assuming that reflectance statistically depends on object category regarding daily objects found in the service robot environments.
Tri-bimaximal-Cabibbo Mixing: Flavour violations in the charged lepton sector
17 Jan 2023
In this paper , it was shown that the resurrection of the theoretically well motivated tri-bimaximal mixing scenario comes naturally within the Minimal Flavour Violation hypothesis in the lepton sector.
On the Statistical Consistency of a Generalized Cepstral Estimator
17 Jan 2023
In this article , the generalized cepstral coefficients of a stationary stochastic process or a stationary multidimensional random field were estimated using a naive version of the periodogram-based estimator.
ActSafe: Predicting Violations of Medical Temporal Constraints for Medication Adherence
17 Jan 2023
In this article , the authors developed a proof-of-concept solution, ActSafe, to predict violations of medical temporal constraints (MTCs) well ahead of time by extracting and mapping MTCs from patient education materials.
Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Reinforcement Learning
17 Jan 2023
In this paper , the role of heterogeneity in multi-robot policies is crystallized and a paradigm for training heterogeneous MARL policies that leverages a Graph Neural Network for differentiable inter-agent communication is introduced.
Closed-Form Formulae for Inflation Correlators
17 Jan 2023
In this paper , exact and closed-form expressions for a large class of two-point and three-point inflation correlators with the tree-level exchange of a single massive particle are derived.
Turkish Inflation, Private Debt & how to overcome it
17 Jan 2023
The thing about inflation is that it ravages your income if you don not keep up with it and you do not know when it will stop as mentioned in this paper , and that is why it is important to be prepared for it.
Mortality Prediction with Adaptive Feature Importance Recalibration for Peritoneal Dialysis Patients: a deep-learning-based study on a real-world longitudinal follow-up dataset
17 Jan 2023
In this paper , the authors developed a deep learning model for a real-time, individualized, and interpretable mortality prediction model -AICare, which consists of a multi-channel feature extraction module and adaptive feature importance recalibration module.
Statistics of tidal and deformation eigenvalue fields in the primordial Gaussian matter distribution: the two-dimensional case
17 Jan 2023
In this paper , the statistical properties of the eigenvalues of the primordial tidal and deformation tensor for random Gaussian cosmic density fields are studied. And the two-and three-point correlation functions of eigenvalue fields are evaluated.
Update on cardiogenic shock: from detection to team management
17 Jan 2023 - Current Opinion in Cardiology
A broad overview of contemporary scientific consensus statements as well as data derived from randomized controlled clinical trials and observational registry working groups focused on cardiogenic shock management is provided in this article .
Conclusion: The rise and growth of the gig economy. Challenges and opportunities for social dialogue and decent work
17 Jan 2023
In this article , the authors synthesize the main findings of the book regarding the opportunities and obstacles faced by social dialogue and collective organization in the gig economy, and emphasize that despite an overall consensus about the precarious working conditions prevailing in the Gig economy, responses by social partners, policy-makers and gig workers themselves significantly vary along national contexts and models of industrial relations, sectoral conditions, and workers' profiles.
The role of waqf in sustainable economic development
17 Jan 2023
In this paper , the relationship between SDGs and waqf is discussed in achievement and development forms, and the role of the third sector as a third sector economy is also discussed, where the primary objective is to defend and safeguard the welfare of society.
Airspace, sovereignty and ocean governance
17 Jan 2023
The notion of the freedom of the high seas was introduced in both air and maritime law as discussed by the authors , which is the cornerstone of air law and international civil aviation, and is the basis for the current paper.
Public: totality, authority, and openness
17 Jan 2023
The notion of public, it is argued, is not a pre-existing and permanent essence, but continually made of differentiated and unequal fragments, always with blurred edges and contingent linkages as discussed by the authors .
Two sides of a currency crisis in emerging economies: economic and behavioural side of currency risk derivatives
17 Jan 2023
In this paper , the authors present the risks of currency derivatives as a cause of the financial crisis in emerging economies, as illustrated by currency options strategies issued in Poland in the second half of 2008.
Self-Constructive vs. Self-Destructive Mechanisms in the Writings of Anorexics 1
17 Jan 2023
In this paper , a discussion of whether anorexic writings contribute to self-construction or self-destruction is presented. But, it does not explain how the author constructs her identity.
The Design of College Student Achievement Management System based on GA-BP Network
17 Jan 2023
Zhang et al. as mentioned in this paper integrated a GA-BP network hybrid algorithm to improve the connection weights and thresholds of the BP network using the genetic algorithms global search capability so that the network can search from a better initial value and complete the global optimization more quickly.
Central limit theorems for martingales-I : continuous limits
17 Jan 2023
When the limiting compensator of a sequence of martingales is continuous, the authors obtained a weak convergence theorem for the martingale; the limiting process can be written as a Brownian motion evaluated at the compensator and find sufficient conditions for both processes to be independent.
Insulin signaling is critical for sinoatrial node maintenance and function
17 Jan 2023
In this paper , the spatiotemporal function of insulin/IGF-1 receptors in the sinoatrial node (SAN) was investigated in the absence of an insulin receptor in the SAN cells of CSIRKO and CSDIRKO mice.
Hypersurface Curvatures of Geological Features
17 Jan 2023
In this article , the shape of complex reflecting surfaces (e.g., brittle/rough/tilted synclines/anticlines, ridges/troughs, and saddles) is characterized by extending the assumption of local surfaces (2D surfaces in 3D space) into hypersurfaces, with their corresponding principal and effective curvature parameters.
On $G$-birational rigidity of del Pezzo surfaces
17 Jan 2023
In this article , it was shown that if a smooth del Pezzo surface over an algebraically closed field is $H$-birationally rigid then it is also $G$ -birably rigid, answering a geometric version of Koll\'{a}r's question in dimension 2 by positive.
Asta-Ja Framework: A Peaceful Approach to Food, Water, Climate, and Environmental Security Coupled with Sustainable Economic Development and Social Inclusion in Nepal
17 Jan 2023
In this article , the authors presented Nepal Vision 2040, which is developed considering challenges that Nepal is currently facing and its available Asta-Ja resources, envisioning that Nepal’s economic development reaching at the par of developed nations by 2040.
Estimation of Road Surface Shape and Object Height Focusing on the Division Scale in Disparity Image Using Fisheye Stereo Camera
17 Jan 2023
In this article , the authors used a fisheyeye stereo camera to estimate road surface shape and object height using a disparity image to detect an object, and showed that measurement accuracy of obstacle height and distance to obstacles strongly depends on the 3D measurement accuracy.
Toys Market of USA and China: A Comparative Overview
17 Jan 2023
Toys Market of USA and China: A Comparative Overview as mentioned in this paper is a comparative overview of the two countries' toy market, based on the toy market of the United States and China.

Top papers of 2022

Connecting aging biology and inflammation in the omics era
15 Jul 2022 - Journal of Clinical Investigation
The threads connecting cellular senescence and mitochondrial dysfunction to impaired mitophagy and DNA damage are discussed, which may act as a hub for inflammaging and identify molecular signatures and novel targets for interventions aimed at counteracting excessive inflammation and its deleterious consequences while preserving the physiological immune response.
Registration based Few-Shot Anomaly Detection
15 Jul 2022
This is the first FSAD method that trains a single generalizable model and requires no re-training or parameter fine-tuning for new categories, and outperforms the state-of-the-art FSAD methods by 3%-8% in AUC on the MVTec and MPDD benchmarks.
Fixed-Parameter Tractability of Maximum Colored Path and Beyond
15 Jul 2022
The first fixed-parameter algorithm for finding a path of length at least k in undirected graphs was given in this paper , where the length of the path could be unbounded in the parameter.
Practical Tools for Patient-specific Characterization and Dosimetry of Radiopharmaceutical Extravasation
15 Jul 2022 - Health Physics
Improved upon existing methods by creating new tools for characterization and dosimetry of radiopharmaceutical extravasation that will enable standardized routine clinical analysis and benefit patient care, clinical follow-up, documentation, and event reporting.
KRAS mutations as essential promoters of lymphangiogenesis via extracellular vesicles in pancreatic cancer
Radu Pirlog, George A. Calin 
15 Jul 2022 - Journal of Clinical Investigation
In this issue of the JCI, Luo, Li, et al. explored the relationship between the presence of the KRASG12D mutation and lymphangiogenesis in PDAC and used in vitro and in vivo models and an elegant mechanistic approach to describe an alternative pathway for lymphang iogenesis promotion.
The bifunctional role played by thiocyanate anions on the active dissolution and the passive film of titanium in hydrochloric acid
15 Jul 2022 - Corrosion Engineering Science and Technology
In this paper , the electrochemical behavior of titanium dissolution and passivation in HCl was examined with and without the SCN− anions using potentiodynamic polarisation, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, and current transients techniques.
Blockchain Industry 5.0: Next Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform
15 Jul 2022
An Industry 5.0 based blockchain application to deal with implementing the concept of Smart Contracts which allow the users to create distributed apps (Dapps) over Ethereum, which is useful for storing all the details about the smart contracts.
Three new tribes in Myrtaceae and reassessment of Kanieae
15 Jul 2022 - Australian Systematic Botany
The phylogenetic position of the genera Cloezia and Xanthomyrtus was poorly supported, and the original sequence for Kania, the type genus of the tribe Kanieae, was rather poor as discussed by the authors .
A ferroptosis-associated lncRNAs signature predicts the prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma
15 Jul 2022 - Medicine
A multi-lncRNA prognostic signature comprising ferroptosis-related lncRNAs in HCC demonstrated that a high-risk score was significantly associated with a high tumor grade, high infiltration of macrophages and fibroblasts in the tumor, and high expression of m6A methylation regulatory factors.
WNK1 in the kidney
15 Jul 2022 - Current Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension
Investigation of experimental data with the knowledge of isoform abundance in renal cell types is necessary in future studies about WNK1 function in the kidney to support functional evidence on the lack of L-WNK1 activity in this segment.
Cardiovascular Adjustments Following Acute Heat Exposure.
15 Jul 2022 - Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews
In this article , the authors highlight recent studies from their group and others that have characterized the cardiovascular adjustments that occur following acute heat exposure and postulate that these acute cardiovascular adjustments may predict the long-term adaptive response to chronic heat therapy.
Cervical Sagittal Alignment in Patients With Basilar Invagination
15 Jul 2022 - Spine
This study analyzed cervical spine lateral radiographs of 87 BI patients and 98 asymptomatic subjects to present a morphological map of cervical sagittal alignment in basilar invagination (BI), a congenital anomaly of the craniovertebral junction, and contribute to a comprehensive understanding of cervical Sagittal alignments in congenital cervical deformities.
A DNA Methylation-based Epigenetic Signature for the Identification of Lymph Node Metastasis in T1 Colorectal Cancer
Sunny Grennto, Robert Palmer1 
15 Jul 2022 - Annals of Surgery
In this article , the lymph node metastasis (LNM)-related methylated DNA (mDNA) landscape was unraveled and a mDNA signature was developed to identify LNM in patients with T1 colorectal cancers (T1 CRC).
Application of Intelligent Robot Inspection System in Power Transmission Project
15 Jul 2022
In this article , a systematic review and analysis of the intelligent inspection work of transmission lines is presented, where the use of image recognition to promote the development of power transmission inspection business has become a major issue in the power grid industry in recent years.
Human-in-the-loop dynamic modeling and control of an upper-limb exoskeleton
15 Jul 2022
In this article , a human upper limb in contact with a robot having two-degree-of-freedom (2-DoF) was used to model and monitor the flexion and the extension movements of the shoulder and the elbow.
Exploring Exoplanets using kNN, Logistic Regression and Decision Trees
15 Jul 2022
In this paper , the authors compared the efficiency of various machine learning algorithms with respect to detecting an exoplanet and found that none of them can accurately predict whether a given astrophysical body is an Exoplanet or not.
Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Retinal Fundus Picture and Image Enhancement Using Fuzzy Clustering
15 Jul 2022
Exudates and haemorrhages in retinal fundus images can now be easily and affordably detected, and diabetic retinopathy can be appropriately classified.
From Single Aircraft to Communities: A Neutral Interpretation of Air Traffic Complexity Dynamics
15 Jul 2022 - Aerospace
Air traffic complexity is envisioned to be the framework through which a common understanding among stakeholders is enhanced and a methodology extending this concept to define complex communities, which are groups of interdependent aircraft that contribute the majority of the complexity in a certain airspace.
Jammer-Assisted Secure Precoding and Feedback Design for MIMO IoT Networks
15 Jul 2022 - IEEE Internet of Things Journal
Low-complexity secure transceiver and feedback design with the assistance of a jammer for physical-layer security in multiantenna IoT systems and derives an approximate lower bound on the ergodic secrecy rate (ESR) of each device without assuming any asymptotes for system parameters.
Parental Support Policies and Benefits: A Surgical Training Program Report Card of Transparency
15 Jul 2022 - Annals of Surgery
There are significant deficits in publicly available information related to parental benefits for many surgical training programs, which may impact applicants' decision-making.
3PO: Programmed Far-Memory Prefetching for Oblivious Applications
15 Jul 2022 -
The design and implementation of 3PO is described, a system that provides memory-intensive, oblivious applications whose memory access patterns are independent of their inputs, such as matrix multiplication, and it is demonstrated that 3PO can perfectly prefetch pages without relying on heuristics.
Yet another stability condition for switched nonlinear systems
15 Jul 2022
In this paper , the authors identify a class of switching signals that obeys these restrictions and preserves stability of a continuous-time switched nonlinear system and show that these signals preserve IOSS.
A Biometric Authentication Technique Using Smartphone Fingertip Photoplethysmography Signals
15 Jul 2022 - IEEE Sensors Journal
A BA classifier method for smart devices is developed, which first reduces motion and noise artifacts (MNAs) in raw PPG signals, and then identifies subjects using the MNA-reduced P PG signals.
Dysbiosis: an indicator of COVID-19 severity in critically ill patients
15 Jul 2022
In this article , the dynamics of the gut and respiratory microbiomes in severe COVID-19 cases in need of mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit (ICU) were examined.
Case report: apatinib plus selexipag as a novel therapy for pulmonary tumor thrombotic microangiopathy accompanied by pulmonary hypertension associated with gastric carcinoma.
Guo Feng Ma, Dan Wang, Xiaoling Xu, Li Liang, Li Xu 
15 Jul 2022 - Medicine
The resolution of interlobular septal thickening and ground-glass opacity on CT constituted the clinical benefits from treatment of PTTM, and patient will benefit from the combination strategy of apatinib, a VEGF-receptor antagonist, and selexipag, an oral prostacyclin receptor agonist.
Digital scientific and educational environment as a basis of human resources for the industry
15 Jul 2022
In this article , a conceptual model of a digital university that reflects the interaction of student training levels with the requirements of modern industry is presented. And the processes of digital transformation of the university in the field of training specialists for the digital industry are discussed.
Demonstration of a side-pumped cross-seeded thin-slab pre-amplifier for high-power Ti:Sa laser systems.
15 Jul 2022 - Optics Letters
In this article , a room-temperature Ti:Sapphire (Ti:Sa) amplifier that uses a cross pump-seed geometry (cross-thin-slab) to generate 30mJ output pulses at 0.5-kHz repetition rate, and 25mJ at 1 kHz when pumped by 100mJ, 515-nm pulses from a diode-pumped Yb:YAG laser was demonstrated.
Air xylophone Using OpenCV
S. S., D Vijila, M. Shastika 
15 Jul 2022
This project is about creating a virtual xylophone instrument using openCV, which may allow the user to virtually play thexylophone within the air without touching any of the keys or the screen and internet.
Extensions of I-reversible rings
15 Jul 2022 - Journal of Algebra and Its Applications
In this paper , it was shown that the ring of all upper triangular matrices over R is not I-reversible for n ≥ 3, unless R is a Trivial, Dorroh and Nagata extension.
Learning Search Region Update for Roubst Tracking
Kaijun Guo, Lu Gao, Tianxiao Shen, Yang Zhou 
15 Jul 2022
Zhang et al. as mentioned in this paper proposed a long-term tracking method based on the time series trajectory prediction model, which uses the trajectory to infer the position of the tracking target.
Outcomes of Vitreoretinal Complications Requiring Operation after Abusive Head Trauma.
Yasmin Islam, Syed Khurshid 
15 Jul 2022 - Journal of The American College of Surgeons
It is found that vitreoretinal surgery after AHT has excellent anatomical success rates, but there is a trend towards improved VA outcomes when surgery is performed within four weeks of diagnosis.
A new method of constructing medical Chinese readability corpus based on big data
Lining Liu, Yongquan Li 
15 Jul 2022
Wang et al. as discussed by the authors established Medical Chinese Textbook Corpus (MCTC) and divided it into six categories with the help of repeated binary clustering (RBC).
Fall Detection and Activity Recognition using Hybrid Convolution Neural Network and Extreme Gradient Boosting classifier
15 Jul 2022
This study provides a fall detection and activity identification system that not only takes into account the many activities involved in day-to-day life but also takes into Account the detection of falls while taking into consideration the intensity and the direction in which the fall occurred.
Reinforcement Learning for Mobile Robot Navigation: An overview
Nahla Khraief, Safya Belghith 
15 Jul 2022
An overview of research on autonomous mobile robot navigation can be found in this article , where the authors present an overview of various features of navigation and discuss some path planning techniques and future directions are also suggested.
Optimizing Data Collection in Deep Reinforcement Learning
15 Jul 2022 -
This work explores two optimizations that increase RL data collection efficiency by increasing GPU utilization: GPU vectorization: parallelizing simulation on the GPU for increased hardware parallelism, and simulator kernel fusion: fusing multiple simulation steps to run in a single GPU kernel launch to reduce global memory bandwidth requirements.
اتجاهات المربين نحو العقاب التربوي لدى طلبة المرحلة المتوسطة
15 Jul 2022 - مجلة واسط للعلوم الانسانية
In this paper , the authors proposed a method to solve the problem of how to find the minimum number of users for a given task in order to achieve the minimum cost of the task.
A Pseudoinversion-Free Method for Weight Updating in Broad Learning System.
15 Jul 2022 - IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems
In this article , the authors apply an ingenious method of pseudoinversion to the weight updating process in BLS and employ it as an alternative strategy for the dynamic update algorithms in the original BLS.
Detecting Traumatic Brain Injury-Induced Coagulopathy: What We Are Testing and What We Are Not.
Jing-fei Dong, Fang Zhang, Jian-ning Zhang 
15 Jul 2022 - The journal of trauma and acute care surgery
In this article , the authors present a detailed review of the literature about EVIDENCE published reports, e.g., "Levelofevidence" and "Levenshtein".
A Telemedicine Alternative to the 6-Minute Walk Test Using Personal Activity Trackers in Liver Transplant Candidates
15 Jul 2022 - Transplantation direct
A method to estimate the step length of LT candidates, which would permit remotely obtaining the 6-min walk test (6MWT) distance with a personal activity tracker (PAT) with a robust correlation between observed 6MWT and PAT-6 MWT and with/without LFI.
Resolution-Enhanced Dynamic Waveform Spectral Analysis Based on the Inverse Temporal Talbot Effect
Bo Yang, Feibao Wu, Shuna Yang, Yanrong Zhai, Jun Ou 
15 Jul 2022 - IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
In this paper , the authors proposed and experimentally demonstrated a resolutionenhanced dynamic waveform spectral analysis scheme based on the inverse temporal Talbot effect (ITTE), where a sampling and dispersion structure is adopted, and the spectral information of the RF signal is mapped to the time domain, consecutively within each of the sampling-period slots.
Chromosome 2q12.3-q13 copy number variants in patients with neurodevelopmental disorders: genotype-phenotype correlation and new hotspots
15 Jul 2022 - Psychiatric Genetics
This study provides evidence for pathogenic CNV hotspots within the chromosome 2q12.3-q13 region and suggests CNV classification based on the affected interval and the involvement of potential dosage-sensitive genes in patients with neurodevelopmental disorders.
Extended Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis Following Colorectal Cancer Resection
Christopher R. Panetta, Tom Curran 
15 Jul 2022 - Diseases of The Colon & Rectum
A 70-year-old man with obesity and diabetes mellitus is discharged on postoperative day 3 after undergoing total neoadjuvant therapy and robotic low anterior resection with diverting loop ileostomy for a locally advanced distal rectal cancer.
Association Between Probable Awake Bruxism and School Bullying in Children and Adolescents: A Case-Control Study.
15 Jul 2022 - Pediatric Dentistry
It was observed that probable awake bruxism is associated with involvement in episodes of school bullying and sleep problems, and children and adolescents who reported sleep problems were significantly associated with PAB.
Toward a Robust Segmentation Module Based on Deep Learning Approaches Resolving Historical Cursive Fonts Challenges
15 Jul 2022
In this paper , a segmentation approach for text/non-text blocks and columns segmentation is proposed, which is based on deep learning segmentation approaches and a novel segmentation method for cursive fonts is proposed.
A phase transition driven by subtle distortion without broken symmetry on spin, charge and lattice in Layered LnCu4-{\delta}P2(Ln=Eu, Sr)
15 Jul 2022
In this paper , the authors report a rare phase transition at T p ~120 K or 140 K in layered materials Ln Cu 4-δ P 2 (Ln =Eu, Sr) driven by a subtle structural distortion without any broken symmetry on charge, spin and lattice.
SS-HORSE Extension of the No-Core Shell Model: Application to Resonances in $^7{\mathrm He}$
15 Jul 2022
Theoretical ab initio studies of resonances in the unbound 7 He nucleus are presented in this paper , where no-core shell model calculations with NN interactions Daejeon16 and JISP16 are performed.
Forty-Eight Week Outcomes of a Site-Randomized Trial of Combined Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Medication Management Algorithm for Treatment of Depression Among Youth With HIV in the United States
15 Jul 2022 - Journal of acquired immune deficiency syndromes
A study among youth with HIV, aged 12–24 years at US clinical research sites in the International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials Network, found a significant reduction in depressive symptoms among YWH who received a manualized, measurement-guided treatment.
Harmonic Distortion reduction in Power System to improve Reliability and power quality
15 Jul 2022
In this paper , the authors provide a detailed performance study of SHIFT active power filters under dual current management techniques, synchronous frame comparison theory and immediate current and voltage theory (p-q) (d-q).
PodcastMix: A dataset for separating music and speech in podcasts
15 Jul 2022
This work introduces PodcastMix, a dataset formalizing the task of separating background music and foreground speech in podcasts, a benchmark suitable for training and eval-uating (deep learning) source separation models and releases an evaluation set based on real podcasts.
Outlier detection of vital sign trajectories from COVID-19 patients
15 Jul 2022 -
A novel outlier detection algorithm to identify abnormal vital sign trends and shows that outlier epochs correspond well with patients who were subsequently readmitted to hospital, and how epochs transition from normal to abnormal for one such patient is shown.

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