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Top papers of 2023

Nonrelativistic Spin-Momentum Coupling in Antiferromagnetic Twisted Bilayers.
Ran He, Dan Wang, Nannan Luo, Jiang Zeng, Liming Tang 
25 Jan 2023 - Physical Review Letters
In this article , the authors theoretically predict nonrelativistic spin-momentum coupling in two-dimensional materials, and demonstrate that momentum-dependent spin splitting exists extensively in antiferromagnetic twisted bilayers.
Hyperinsulinism/hyperammonemia syndrome caused by biallelic SLC25A36 mutation
25 Jan 2023 - Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease
In this article , the authors showed that biallelic mutations in SLC25A36 (NM_018155.3) c.284 c.3A + 3A/3A/T homozygous splice site mutation can cause hyperinsulinism, hyperammonemia, borderline low birth weight, tonic-clonic seizures and developmental delay.
An explicitly correlated six-dimensional potential energy surface for the SiCSi + H2 complex.
25 Jan 2023 - Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
In this paper , the first six-dimensional potential energy surface (PES) for the SiCSi + H2 complex is presented, derived from a large number of ab initio energies computed at the explicitly correlated coupled-cluster level of theory together with the augmented correlationconsistent polarized valence triple zeta basis set (CCSD(T)-F12/aug-cc-pVTZ).
Cardiovascular health metrics and risk of heart failure in a Finnish population: a prospective cohort study
25 Jan 2023 - Esc Heart Failure
In this paper , the association between cardiovascular health (CVH) metrics and the risk of heart failure (HF) in a Finnish population was examined, and the association was shown to be positively associated with heart failure risk.
Accelerated cognitive decline after the COVID‐19 pandemic in a community population of older persons with cognitive impairment: A 4‐year time series analysis in the Tokyo Metropolis area
25 Jan 2023 - Geriatrics & Gerontology International
In this article , the overall effect of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic on the cognitive trajectory of a cohort of patients with cognitive impairment was investigated, and the results indicated that the pandemic might be associated with long-term changes in cognitive function.
Spring‐Like Ammonium Salt Assisting Stress Release for Low‐Temperature Deposited FAPbI3 Films Toward Flexible Photovoltaic Application
25 Jan 2023 - Advanced Functional Materials
In this paper , an annealing process of 120 °C for 30 minutes is determined to balance the substrate supporting capacity and the crystalline quality of narrow band gap α-phase formamidinium lead iodide (α•FAPbI3), and a recorded 1.4% extended stretch rate of the flexible film is attained.
A multi-omic analysis reveals the esophageal dysbiosis as the predominant trait of eosinophilic esophagitis
25 Jan 2023 - Journal of Translational Medicine
The Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is a chronic immune-mediated rare disease, characterized by esophageal dysfunctions as discussed by the authors , which is likely to be primarily activated by food antigens and is classified as a chronic disease for most patients.
Nutrient density and cost of commonly consumed foods: a South African perspective
25 Jan 2023 - Journal of Nutritional Science
In this article , food-based dietary guidelines promote consumption of a variety of nutritious foods for optimal health and prevention of chronic disease. However, adherence to these guidelines is challenging because of high food costs.
Symmetry breaking of a closed flexible filament behind a rigid plate at low Reynolds numbers
25 Jan 2023 - Physics of fluids
In this article , the motion modes transition and dynamic performance of the flow past a rigid-flexible coupling system were investigated at low Reynolds numbers, where the coupling system consisted of a rigid plate and a trailing closed flexible filament and was simulated numerically using the immersed boundary method.
Sensory and motor cortical excitability changes induced by rTMS and sensory stimulation in stroke: A randomized clinical trial
25 Jan 2023 - Frontiers in neuroscience
In this paper , a randomized clinical trial was conducted to identify the presence of interhemispheric asymmetry (ASY) of S1 cortical excitability and investigate whether S1 repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) combined with sensory stimulation (SS) changes excitability in S1 and M1, as well as S1 ASY, in individuals with subacute stroke.
Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis disrupts diurnal liver transcriptome rhythms in mice
25 Jan 2023 - bioRxiv
In this article , the impact of NASH on the diurnal regulation of the liver transcriptome in mice was evaluated, and stringent consideration of circadian rhythmicity affects the outcomes of NASI transcriptome analyses.
The potential of facultative predatory Actinomycetota spp. and prospects in agricultural sustainability
25 Jan 2023 - Frontiers in Microbiology
In this paper , a diversity of strategies employed by predatory bacteria to attack and subsequently induce the cell lysing of their prey are assessed and the pros and cons of the distinctive predation mechanisms and explored their potential for the development of new biocontrol agents.
Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
25 Jan 2023 - Applied Sciences
In this article , the authors present a survey of smart manufacturing processes and systems and best practices in the Industry 4 Industry 4 Intelligent Manufacturing Environment (I4IME) and Industry 5.
Curriculum for bariatric endoscopy and endoscopic treatment of the complications of bariatric surgery: European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) Position Statement
25 Jan 2023 - Endoscopy
The European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) has recognized the need to formalize and enhance training in bariatric endoscopy and the endoscopic treatment of bariatric surgical adverse events as mentioned in this paper .
Associations of dietary patterns with obesity and weight change for adults aged 18–65 years: Evidence from the China Health and Nutrition Survey (CHNS)
25 Jan 2023 - PLOS ONE
Zhang et al. as discussed by the authors examined dietary patterns in relation to the risk of obesity (body mass index (BMI) ≥ 25 kg/m2) and weight change (average weight change per five years) within a Chinese cohort.
Standardising policy and technology responses in the immediate aftermath of a pandemic: a comparative and conceptual framework
25 Jan 2023 - Health Research Policy and Systems
In this paper , a conceptual framework that provides a qualitative taxonomy of government policy directives implemented in the immediate aftermath of a pandemic announcement and before vaccines are implementable has been proposed to examine the effect government interventions and technological responses have on epidemiological and economic outcomes.
[A study of the frequency of cachexia and its associated factors in elderly patients with diabetes mellitus].
25 Jan 2023
In this article , the frequency of cachexia and its associated factors in elderly diabetic patients was investigated, and a logistic regression analysis was used to identify factors associated with cachexia.
Early childhood learning analytics: A case study of Learning Jungle
25 Jan 2023 - Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics
In this article , the authors focus on whether ECE can improve learning speed in five domains: social, emotional, communication, cognition, and physical development, and find that children in the ECE program learned faster with a p-value no > 0.0078.
An analysis of political homophobia, elitism and social exclusion in the colonial origins of anti-gay laws in Nigeria
25 Jan 2023 - African Human Rights Law Journal
In this paper , the authors employ theories of political homophobia, elite power and social exclusion to analyse the social and political context surrounding the evolution of criminalising laws during the colonial phase of Nigeria's history.
Norberto Bobbio et la crise du positivisme juridique dans l’Italie d’après-guerre
25 Jan 2023 - Droit et société
In this paper , the authors propose de revenir sur cette crise traversée par le positivisme juridique, tout en discutant l’insertion de cette doctrine dans un « destin historique&# 160;& #187; plus large.
Baclofen‐Responsive Task‐Specific Dystonia: Video Case Report
25 Jan 2023 - Movement Disorders Clinical Practice
The most common FTSD symptom is writer's cramp, which has typical symptoms of focal task-speci c dystonia (FTSD) as mentioned in this paper , which is marked by continuous or intermittent muscle contractions that result in abnormal postures or movements.
Level of self-care practices and associated factors among hypertensive patients in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
25 Jan 2023 - BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
In this paper , the authors assessed the level of self-care practice and its predictors among hypertensive patients in the health centers of Bole Sub-city, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
The Good Faith of the Parties in Buying and Selling Goods Online with Cash on Delivery (COD) Payment: A Critical Analysis
Zainuddin Zainuddin, Andi Risma 
25 Jan 2023
In this paper , the authors explored the good faith of the parties through the Cash on Delivery (COD) payment method, which is a payment system method done at the destination place.
Comparison of the Effect of the Person-Centered and Family-Centered Training via Telenursing on the Quality of Life in COVID-19 Patients
25 Jan 2023 - International Journal of Preventive Medicine
In this article , the effect of person and family-centered training via telenursing on the quality of life in patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) was investigated.
Spatial Metallomics Reveals Preferable Accumulation of Methylated Selenium in a Single Seed of the Hyperaccumulator Cardamine violifolia†.
25 Jan 2023 - Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
In this article , spatial metallomics was applied to visualize the distribution and speciation of Se in a single seed of C. violifolia, and the main Se species were SeCys and SeMet in bulk seeds.
Distinct COPD subtypes in former smokers revealed by gene network perturbation analysis
25 Jan 2023 - Respiratory Research
In this paper , a network perturbation analysis method was used to identify four distinct gene network subtypes with significant differences in symptoms, exercise capacity and mortality, which are consistent across cohorts and could be used for new patient stratification and disease prognosis.
Predictors of Citations for Original Research in Ophthalmology
25 Jan 2023 - Seminars in Ophthalmology
In this paper , the authors investigated predictors of citations for original ophthalmologic research articles based on author, study, and journal characteristics and found that author research productivity, journal impact factor, study funding, and location in high-income countries were predictors for increased citation in ophthalmology.
The Effects of Work-family Conflict, Emotional Exhaustion, Job Performance on Job Satisfaction and (Emotional) Affective Commitment among Small Business in China
Wen-Ping Zhao, Chompu Nuangjamnong 
25 Jan 2023 - The International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Invention
Wang et al. as discussed by the authors analyzed the effects of work-family conflict, emotional exhaustion, and job performance on job satisfaction and affective commitment, and found that emotional exhaustion and work family conflict were associated.
The adhesive energies between P3HT and PVP for organic electronic devices: Hybrid‐exchange density‐functional‐theory studies
Xiaoyu Du, Wei Wu, Kwang-Leong Choy 
25 Jan 2023 - Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry
In this paper , the authors applied the hybrid exchange density functional theory to study the adhesive energies and optimal geometries when integrating poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) and povidone (PVP) are common molecules chosen for the semiconducting and dielectric layers of organic electronic devices.
Pertanggungjawaban Pidana Terhadap Keterlibatan Dokter dan Perawat dalam Tindak Pidana Aborsi di Klinik Ditinjau dari Undang-Undang No. 36 Tahun 2009 Tentang Kesehatan dan KUHP
Indah Ani Sintia, Dey Ravena 
25 Jan 2023 - Bandung Conference Series Law Studies
In this article , the authors investigated the criminal liability of a doctor and nurse in an Abortion Crime in a Clinic from the point of view of Law no. 36 of 2009 concerning Health and the KUHP and knowing about the legal considerations that were decided against Decision No. 406/Pid.
Cytomorphometric Changes of Buccal Exfoliated Pap Stained Smears among COVID-19 Recovered Patients; Sudan 2022
25 Jan 2023 - International Journal of Current Science Research and Review
In this article , the cytomorphometric change of oral mucosa exfoliated Pap-stained smears for COVID-19 recovered patients at Khartoum state 2022 was determined.
Application of Geant4-DNA for simulating water radiolysis induced by Auger electron-emitting radionuclides
25 Jan 2023 - Journal of Radiation Research
In this paper , the authors used the Geant4-DNA package to simulate the radiolytic yields induced by some Auger electron-emitting (AE) radionuclides including; I-131, I-125 and Pd-103, In-111, Ru-97 and Rh-103 m in water model.
25 Jan 2023 - Materiali in Tehnologije
In this paper , the abrasive-waterjet-machining (AWJM) parameters in the machining of fabricated composites were evaluated to eliminate the thermal distortion and damage to the work material.
Analysis of thiocyanate content in selected cruciferous vegetables (Cruciferae)
25 Jan 2023 - Bromatologia i Chemia Toksykologiczna
The Cruciferae (Warzywa krzyżowych) is a grupa roślin bądąca popularnym elementem w diecie Polaków as mentioned in this paper .
The Helmholtz‐Kohlrausch effect on display‐based light colors and simulated substrate colors
Gregory High, Phil Green, Peter Nussbaum 
25 Jan 2023 - Color Research and Application
In this paper , the Helmholtz-Kohlrausch (H-K) effect is investigated in relation to light colors of every hue, including those typical of print substrate colors that might be simulated on a graphic arts display.
The Inconsistency of the 'Lawful Correction' of Children Defence with Queensland's New Human Rights Act
25 Jan 2023 - University of Queensland Law Journal
In this article , the authors examine the disconnect between the State's correction defence, contemporary understanding of the deleterious effects of physically punishing children, and children's human rights principles and conclude that the defence repudiates human rights guarantees in Queensland, as well as the international framework for children's rights.
A functional spectrum of PROKR2 mutations identified in isolated hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.
25 Jan 2023 - Human Molecular Genetics
In this article , the authors systematically analyzed the Gαq, Gαs and ERK1/2 signaling of 23 isolated hypogonadotropin-releasing hormone (IHH)-associated PROKR2 mutations which are yet to be functionally characterized.
Orientación vocacional y profesional como alternativa en la elección de carreras universitarias
25 Jan 2023 - Revista Cátedra
In this paper , a trabajo de investigación consistió in determinar the influencia of orientación vocacional and profesional in the elección of carreras universitarias en estudiantes de tercero de bachillerato.
Immune Mechanisms in Epileptogenesis: Update on Diagnosis and Treatment of Autoimmune Epilepsy Syndromes
25 Jan 2023 - Drugs
In this paper , the authors reviewed the current understanding of pathogenesis and critically discuss current and potential novel treatment options for seizures and epilepsy syndromes of underlying or suspected immune-mediated origin.
Determination of predictive factors for the clinical cure rate of endometritis in Holstein dairy cows
A Hajibemani, Abdolah Mirzaei 
25 Jan 2023 - Journal of the Hellenic Veterinary Medical Society
In this article , the predictive factors of the clinical cure of endometritis in dairy cows were determined by evaluating the clinical performance of cows with clinical endometric discomfort in 30 and 40 days.
New insights into the distribution, ecology, and systematic position of the rare water mite Rutripalpus limicola Sokolow, 1934 (Acari: Rutripalpidae)
25 Jan 2023 - Acarologia
In this article , the first records of R. limicola in the Netherlands were presented and a phylogenetic placement based on 28S rRNA gene data was provided, which revealed a putative Hydryphantoidea association between the species and the dipteran family Ptychopteridae.
Impact of Environmental Regulation on Carbon Emissions in Countries along the Belt and Road—An Empirical Study Based on PSTR Model
Lei Wu, Cheng Zhu, Xinhao Song, Junge He 
25 Jan 2023 - International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Li et al. as discussed by the authors evaluated the direct impacts on carbon emissions from environmental regulation of countries along the Belt and Road, and analyzed the different impacts of environmental regulation on carbon emission in terms of technical innovation, industrial structure, and energy intensity.
An analysis of the titles of works of art in English from the perspective of linguistic pragmatics and linguistic culture
25 Jan 2023 - Society and innovations
In this article , the features of preserving the names of works of art in English from the point of view of linguistic pragmatics and linguocultural science are explained, and attempts are made to observe and research the local linguistic cultures of the science in the quality of anthroponyms and expressions, similes and metaphors in the object of the Uzbek language.
Hubungan pengetahuan cuci tangan yang baik dan benar dengan kejadian covid-19 di puskesmas pemurus dalam kota banjarmasin
25 Jan 2023 - Homeostasis
In this article , the association between good and correct handwashing knowledge with the happenings of COVID-19 in Pemurus Dalam Health Center at Banjarmasin City is explained.
Effect of buffers and pH in antenna sensitized Eu(III) luminescence
Lea Gundorff Nielsen, Thomas Sorensen 
25 Jan 2023 - Methods and Applications in Fluorescence
The photophysics of a europium(III) complex of 1,4,7,10-tetraazacycododecane-1, 4,7-triacetic acid-10-(2-methylene)-1-azathioxanthone was investigated in three buffer systems and at three pH values as discussed by the authors.
Thyroid Function in patients with Ischemic Heart Diseases
25 Jan 2023 - Mağallaẗ Tikrīt li-l-ʻulūm al-ṣirfaẗ
In this paper , a cross sectional study was conducted in Sallah Alddin general hospital in Tikrit city, Iraq from 1st January to 30th of June 2017, to study the association of serum TSH, T4, and T3 levels on ischemic heart diseases.
Pre-diabetes is associated with increases cardiac event in cancer patients treated with anthracyclines
Iokfai Cheang, X. L. Li, Kai-Hang Yiu 
25 Jan 2023 - European heart journal
In this article , the authors evaluated the association between pre-diabetes and cardiovascular events in patients treated with anthracyclines containing chemotherapy (ACT) between 2000 and 2019.
Pengaruh penyuluhan terhadap pengetahuan dan sikap mengonsumsi tablet tambah darah
25 Jan 2023 - Homeostasis
In this article , the effect of health education on knowledge and attitude of consuming TTD, a review of adolescent girls at SMP Negeri 25 Banjarmasin was conducted.
Safety and Efficacy of Laparoscopic Surgery versus Open Surgery in Elderly Patients with Colon Cancer: A Propensity Score Matching Cohort Study
25 Jan 2023 - Digestive Surgery
In this article , the safety of laparoscopic surgery (LS) and its effect on survival have not been sufficiently assessed in elderly colon cancer patients, where patients were divided into the LS and open surgery (OS) groups according to the intention-to-treat principle.

Top papers of 2022

Small changes in rhizosphere microbiome composition predict disease outcomes earlier than pathogen density variations
22 Jul 2022 - The ISME Journal
In this article , a longitudinal study of tomato plants growing in a natural but homogenized soil infested with the soilborne bacterial pathogen Ralstonia solanacearum was conducted.
Molecular Engineering of Metal Complexes for Electrocatalytic Carbon Dioxide Reduction: From Adjustment of Intrinsic Activity to Molecular Immobilization.
22 Jul 2022
In this paper , the authors summarized the molecular engineering of several N-based metal complexes including Re/Mn bipyridine compounds and metal macrocycles, concluding the general modification strategies to devise novel molecular catalysts with high intrinsic activity.
Leveraging plant physiological dynamics using physical reservoir computing
22 Jul 2022 - Dental science reports
In this paper , the authors presented the first application of physical reservoir computing with plants and showed that Fragaria × ananassa (strawberry) plants can solve environmental and eco-physiological tasks using only eight leaf thickness sensors.
Precise exogenous insertion and sequence replacements in poplar by simultaneous HDR overexpression and NHEJ suppression using CRISPR-Cas9
22 Jul 2022 - Horticulture research
It is shown that simultaneous inhibition of non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) recombination cofactor XRCC4 and overexpression of HDR enhancer factors CtIP and MRE11 can improve HDR efficiency for gene knock-in.
An IoT Measurement System Based on LoRaWAN for Additive Manufacturing
22 Jul 2022 - Sensors
In this paper , an experimental evaluation was carried out considering two different LoRa end-nodes, namely, the Microchip RN2483 LoRa Mote and the Tinovi PM-IO-5-SM LoRaWAN IO Module.
Salen: Insight into the Crystal Structure, Hirshfeld Surface Analysis, Optical Properties, DFT, and Molecular Docking Studies
22 Jul 2022 - Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds
In this article , a known Schiff base dye salen is reported to have three bands in the UV region, while the spectrum in MeOH contains an additional band at 403'nm and a shoulder at 280'nm, corresponding to the cis-keto tautomer.
Distribution of hydrogen peroxide over Europe during the BLUESKY aircraft campaign
22 Jul 2022 - Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
In this paper , the authors present airborne in situ trace gas measurements of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and the sum of organic hydroperoxides over Europe during the Chemistry of the Atmosphere -Field Experiments in Europe (CAFE-EU) aircraft campaign using a wet chemical monitoring system, the HYdrogen Peroxide and Higher Organic Peroxide (HYPHOP) monitor.
Rational Design and Preparation of Pt-LDH/CeO2 Catalyst for High-Efficiency Photothermal Catalytic Oxidation of Toluene.
22 Jul 2022 - ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
In this paper , a few-layer CoAl-LDH (layered double hydroxide) was prepared as an advantageous support for loading Pt nanoparticles to obtain PtLDH, which were coated on CeO2 nanoparticles.
Neuroprotective Properties of Bis-Sulfonamide Derivatives Against 6-OHDA-Induced Parkinson's Model via Sirtuin 1 Activity and in silico Pharmacokinetic Properties
22 Jul 2022 - Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience
Six neuroprotective bis-sulfonamides were highlighted as potential agents to be further developed for PD management and demonstrated that the pretreatment of selected compounds can significantly restore the level of cell viability, protect against mitochondrial membrane dysfunction, decrease the activity of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), decrease the intracellular oxidative stress, and enhance theActivity of NAD-dependent deacetylase sirtuin-1 (SIRT1).
Differential vulnerability of locus coeruleus and dorsal raphe neurons to chronic methamphetamine-induced degeneration
22 Jul 2022 - Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience
It is demonstrated that both meth- induced MAO- and L-type Ca2+ channel-dependent mitochondrial stress are necessary for chronic meth-induced neurodegeneration.
Effect of Substituents on the Homopolymerization Activity of Methyl Alkyl Diallyl Ammonium Chloride
22 Jul 2022 - Molecules
In this article , the effect of substituent structure on the homopolymerization activity of methyl alkyl diallyl ammonium chloride was illustrated by quantum chemical calculation and hompolymerization rate determination experiments via ammonium persulfate (APS) as the initiator system.
Reflective Terahertz Metasurfaces Based on Non-Volatile Phase Change Material for Switchable Manipulation
22 Jul 2022 - Photonics
In this article , the reflective metasurface structure is designed as a hexagonal unit deposited on a polyimide substrate and evaluated in terms of the insertion loss and extinction ratio.
Fangchinoline abrogates growth and survival of hepatocellular carcinoma by negative regulation of c‐met/HGF and its associated downstream signaling pathways
22 Jul 2022 - Phytotherapy Research
In vivo studies in HepG2 cells xenograft mouse model showed that FCN could significantly attenuate the tumor volume and weight, without affecting significant loss in the body weight.
Finite element analysis of different fixation methods of screws on absorbable plate for rib fractures
22 Jul 2022 - Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology
Finite element analysis was used to study the effects of five different types of screw fixation methods on anterior rib, lateral rib and posterior rib, and indicates the optimal type of Screw fixation on the absorbable plate for rib fractures.
Sex dimorphism in isoproterenol-induced cardiac damage associated neuroinflammation and behavior in old rats
22 Jul 2022 - Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience
Sex dimorphism in effects of ISO was observed for cardiac damage and open field behavior, however, these effects could not be related to differences in hippocampal neuroinflammation or neuronal function.
Research Topic Specialization of Universities in Information Science and Library Science and Its Impact on Inter-University Collaboration
Lei Hou, Jiashan Luo, Xue Pan 
22 Jul 2022 - Sustainability
The different research topic specializations largely prevent close collaborations between two universities, but on the other hand, have the potential to form a complementary combination of knowledge leading to more impactful research output.
Evaluating Indoor Carbon Dioxide Concentration and Ventilation Rate of Research Student Offices in Chinese Universities: A Case Study
22 Jul 2022 - Processes
Wang et al. as mentioned in this paper provided a case study on the indoor environment and ventilation rate of naturally ventilated research student rooms in Chinese universities, where the number of indoor occupants, occupied time of the room and window/door-opening cases were simultaneously recorded.
Effects of the surrounding medium on terahertz wave scattering loss in intrabody communication
Zoha Ameri, Fazel Jahangiri 
22 Jul 2022 - Waves in Random and Complex Media
In this paper , the authors examined the intrabody scattering coefficient and path loss for three biological layers of blood, epidermis, and dermis in two air-and tissue-enclosed approaches.
Fit theory: A cancer experience grounded theory emerging from semi-structured interviews with cancer patients and informal caregivers in Manitoba Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic
22 Jul 2022 - PLOS ONE
The impact of fit on the cancer experience suggests that care delivery should be tailored to both the individual needs of the patient and the intention of the clinical interaction, and developing evidence-based strategies to inform the integration of virtual care into oncology practice is an important future direction.
A Combination of Green Tea, Rhodiola, Magnesium, and B Vitamins Increases Electroencephalogram Theta Activity During Attentional Task Performance Under Conditions of Induced Social Stress
22 Jul 2022 - Frontiers in Nutrition
The combination of Mg + B vitamins + green tea + rhodiola increased spectral theta brain activity during the execution of two attentional tasks suggestive of a potential to increase attentional capacity under conditions of stress.
Effect of Prudential Regulation on the Financial Performance of Quoted Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria
Isaiah Adeleke, Umar Abbas Ibrahim 
22 Jul 2022 - Wseas Transactions On Business And Economics
In this article , the effect of prudential regulation on the financial performance of deposit money banks in Nigeria from 2011 to 2020 is assessed. But, there has been no consensus by previous studies.
Complex orthodontic treatment of patients with constricted upper jaw using piezo corticotomy
22 Jul 2022 - Российский стоматологический журнал
The proposed method of upper jaw expansion allows the expansion of the upper jaw not at the dental but at the skeletal level, and was achieved in all the treated cases.
Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging for pulmonary embolus evaluation in children: up-to-date review on practical imaging protocols
22 Jul 2022 - Pediatric Radiology
The imaging modality of choice for detecting pulmonary embolism in the pediatric population is multi-detector CT angiography, although MRI is assuming a growing and more important role as a potential alternative modality as mentioned in this paper .
Climate Ecology as a Driver of Global Breeding Periods in Anurans
Bryan H. Juarez, Lauren A. O’Connell 
22 Jul 2022 - bioRxiv
Support is found for the hypothesis that breeding periods are longer in the warmer, wetter, aseasonal tropics and shorter in the colder, dryer, seasonal temperate zone and this latitudinal reproduction gradient is more complex than expected; the effect of climate depends on body size.
Linking Depression with Negative Alcohol-Related Consequences: A Structural Equation Model Among a Clinically Depressed Population
Lana Gawron, Alexander L. Gerlach 
22 Jul 2022 - Substance Use & Misuse
In a clinically depressed sample, depressive symptoms were linked to increased negative alcohol-related consequences, partially explained by rumination and drinking motives, however, rumination was less relevant than previous studies suggested.
Wearable technology use for the analysis and monitoring of functions related to feeding and communication
22 Jul 2022 - CoDAS
In this paper , a study conducted at Universidade Federal da Paraíba -UFPB João Pessoa (PB), Brasil, investigated the impact of Pós-graduação in modelos de decisão e saúde and Odontologia.
Ux design aplicado a uma empresa do segmento de comunicação visual / Ux design applied to a company in the visual communication
22 Jul 2022 - Brazilian Journal of Development
In this paper , a questionário qualitativo for mapear os pontos de ação no ciclo do consumidor was used to identify possíveis falhas in interações.
Non-Fragile Observer-Based Adaptive Integral Sliding Mode Control for a Class of T-S Fuzzy Descriptor Systems With Unmeasurable Premise Variables
22 Jul 2022 - Frontiers in Neurorobotics
In this paper , a non-fragile observer-based adaptive integral sliding mode control for a class of Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy descriptor systems with uncertainties and unmeasurable premise variables is investigated.
Assessing, Pricing and Funding Point-of-Care Diagnostic Tests for Community-Acquired Acute Respiratory Tract Infections–Overview of Policies Applied in 17 European Countries
Sabine Vogler, Friederike Windisch 
22 Jul 2022 - Antibiotics
There is room for strengthening pricing and funding policies of CA-ARTI diagnostics to contribute to increased acceptance and use of these point-of-care tests.
F2F-NN: A Field-to-Field Wind Speed Retrieval Method of Microwave Radiometer Data Based on Deep Learning
Xinjie Shi, B. Duan, Kaijun Ren 
22 Jul 2022 - Remote sensing
Zhang et al. as mentioned in this paper proposed a field-to-field (F2F) SSWS retrieval method based on the basic framework of a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), which is suitable for retrieving various wind speed intervals, and then synchronously obtaining the smooth and continuous wind field.
Impact of native-like lipid membranes on the architecture and contractility of actomyosin networks
22 Jul 2022 - bioRxiv
The connection between the actomyosin cortex and the plasma membrane of eukaryotic cells is investigated by creating a versatile, near-native model system that allows studying the architecture and contractility of the cortex as a function of lipid composition.
Application of Nishab of Zakat Profession at BAZNAS Tanah Datar Regency
Afrimaigus, Nadia Renata 
22 Jul 2022 - Itqan: Jurnal Ilmu-ilmu Kependidikan
In this article , the authors used a qualitative descriptive method with a case study and literature study to determine the standard for determining the professional zakat nishab applicable in BAZNAS Tanah Datar Regency.
Futurism: vladimir mayakovski's urbanism and futurist outlook
22 Jul 2022 - Epiphany
In this article , the authors analyze the poetry of Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovski (1893-1930), renowned as a main figure of the Russian Futurist movement.
Pelatihan Implementasi Sistem Monitoring Laporan Keuangan Study Kasus Dinas Koperasi Kabupaten Jember
22 Jul 2022 - Journal of Community Development
In this paper , a Financial Information System Training Module is presented to facilitate cooperatives in carrying out financial reporting in accordance with established standards, which will be used by the Department of Cooperatives to carry out Monitoring and Evaluation of the implementation of the Financial Reports and RATs of each of the cooperatives under its guidance.
Redes Sociales, una alternativa de comercio electrónico para la MYPE
22 Jul 2022 - South Florida Journal of Development
In a recent study, the authors , Pearson et al. analizar a propietarios of las MYPEs por género y generación (edad) sobre their ventas online and their deseo a vender por internet in las redes sociales a través of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, the uso de smartphone and percepción de costo comparado with otras plataformas de comercio electrónico.
A High-Throughput Absolute Abundance Quantification Method for the Characterisation of Daqu Core Fungal Communities
Haishun Du, Jia Sun, Tianci Zhou, Yan Xu 
22 Jul 2022 - Fermentation
It is concluded that the HAQ method, when applied to ITS2 gene fungal community profiling, is quantitative and that its use will greatly improve the understanding of the fungal ecosystem in Daqu.
Glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine-Cu2+ attenuates cigarette smoke-induced pulmonary emphysema and inflammation by reducing oxidative stress pathway
Qin Zhang, L. Yan, Jingwen Lu, Xiao-Ping Zhou 
22 Jul 2022 - Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences
GHK-Cu treatment attenuated CS-induced emphysema by anti-inflammation by downregulating NF-κB and antioxidation via upregulation of the Nrf2/Keap1 in lung tissues and reversed the increase in NF-σB expression induced by CS in mice with chronic CS exposure.
epidemiological aspects associated with Chlamydia trachomatis infection
22 Jul 2022 - International Journal of Health Sciences (IJHS)
The goal of this study was to highlight the current state of the significant epidemiological factors related to chlamydial infections in low- and middle-income nations like India.
Pendampingan pembuatan media pembelajaran berbahan sampah plastik pada materi sistem saraf di sma negeri 5 baubau
22 Jul 2022 - Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pengabdian Masyarakat
Pemanfaatan sampah plastik menjadi masalah besar bagi lingkungan karena sifatnya ying sulit terurai as discussed by the authors .
The crystal structure of Chrysosplenol D, C18H16O8
22 Jul 2022
In this paper , a monoclinic approach was proposed to solve the problem of monoclonality in the P21/n (no. 14), where a = 14.5762(6) Å, b = 6.6791(3)Å, c = 17.4240(7) ǫ, β = 103.5820(10)°, V = 1648.89(12) Ò3, Z = 4, R gt (F) = 0.0436, wR ref (F 2 )
Curriculum analysis of ethics in engineering: a case study
22 Jul 2022
In this article , the authors contribute to educational innovation for the teaching of ethics in engineering through documentary review and interviews with students and teachers, and find that the education of ethics should be included in the curriculum as an important factor in the training of engineers.
Oil disturbance reduces infaunal family richness but does not affect phylogenetic diversity
22 Jul 2022 - Frontiers in Environmental Science
In this paper , a simulation approach was used to remove clades with shared vulnerability to oil exposure from a shallow water marine infaunal community using a method that iteratively removes clades that are likely to be heritable and shared among related taxa.
A Proposed Scheme of Fishing Quota Allocation to Ensure the Sustainable Development of China’s Marine Capture Fisheries
22 Jul 2022 - Frontiers in Marine Science
Wang et al. as mentioned in this paper integrated the socioeconomic indicators using the catch-share program as a breakthrough methodology to resolve inconsistencies, and the results under different allocation schemes suggest that the multifactor scheme is more equitable than the single-factor scheme, which enhances the fairness of the initial distribution.
Evaluation of Water Ammonium Ion Test Kit and Its Feasibility for the Analysis of Protein in Food
Dan Wu, Qile Xia, Jianfeng Zhou, Xingqian Ye 
22 Jul 2022 - Molecules
In this article , the feasibility of water ammonium ion test kits for food protein rapid detection was discussed, and the results showed that there were no significant differences (ρ > 0.05) between the national method and the test kit method.
Swearing in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties
22 Jul 2022 - International journal of language and culture
In this paper , a thesaurus of the swearing vocabulary used in the late-Yuan and early-Ming dynasty novel, Shuǐhǔ zhuàn (水浒传).
Criminal law reform and the progressives—the case of provocation
22 Jul 2022 - Current Issues in Criminal Justice
In this paper , the authors consider the Australian criminal law reform campaign to abolish the partial defence of provocation and argue that, while abolitionists were motivated by an admirable concern for equality, their proposal, which has now been adopted in many Australian jurisdictions, inadequately balanced the competing autonomy claims of victims and the accused on the other.
Pembelajaran bahasa arab anak-anak berbasis situs daring (pendekatan maharah lughawiyyah)
22 Jul 2022 - El-Tsaqafah
In this article , the authors used a qualitative descriptive approach with content analysis to analyze Arabic learning online sites from the four aspects of maharah lughawiyyah, advantages and disadvantages, and aspects of financing.
Clarifying rural-urban disparities in alcohol-related emergency department visits and hospitalizations in Ontario, Canada: A spatial analysis.
22 Jul 2022 - Journal of Rural Health
There are regional differences in the association between rurality and alcohol-related health service use, and this regional variation should be considered when developing health policies to minimize geographic disparities in alcohol- related harm.
An assessment of Nano-RECall: Interpretation of Oxford Nanopore sequence data for HIV-1 drug resistance testing
22 Jul 2022 - bioRxiv
An integrated bioinformatic pipeline, Nano-RECall, is investigated for seamless drug resistance of low read coverage ONT sequence data from affordable Flongle or MinION flow cells and provides Sanger-equivalent HIV drug resistance interpretation.
A DNA-Micropatterned Surface for Propagating Biomolecular Signals by Positional on-off Assembly of Catalytic Nanocompartments.
22 Jul 2022 - Small
A high-throughput platform mimicking multistep signal transduction which is based on a geometrically defined array of immobilized catalytic nanocompartment assemblies that consist of distinct polymeric nanoassemblies encapsulating enzymes and DNA or enzymes alone is presented.

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