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Top papers of 2023

Estimation of the Just Suspension Speed of Mixed Particles in a Solid-Liquid Stirred Tank
Masao Aida, Yuya Murakami, Atsushi Shono 
12 Apr 2023 - Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan
In this article , a model equation for just suspension speed for mixed particles was proposed based on the Zwietering model for homogeneous particles, and the calculated values using the proposed model equation were in close agreement with the experimental data.
When you lose your passion for science
12 Apr 2023 - EMBO Reports
David reflects on how a cancer diagnosis and treatment reset your priorities in life as mentioned in this paper , and how to adjust to the new priorities in the face of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.
Mutant and curli-producing E. coli enhance the disease phenotype in a hSOD1-G93A mouse model of ALS
12 Apr 2023 - Dental science reports
In this article , the authors examined whether long-term curli overexposure in the gut can exacerbate the development and progression of ALS in a mouse model with a slow-developing hSOD1-G93A mouse model.
Dependence of Nonlinear Electrophoresis on Particle Size and Electrical Charge.
12 Apr 2023 - Analytical Chemistry
In this article , the authors focused on the dependence of nonlinear electrophoretic migration of particles on the particle size and particle electrical charge and found that both mobilities had similar relationships with particle size.
Clinical features and risk factors of lung cancer in elderly patients with dermatomyositis
12 Apr 2023 - Thoracic Cancer
In this article , the authors elucidated the clinical features and risk factors of lung cancer in elderly dermatomyositis (DM) patients with lung cancer, and showed that the association between DM and malignancy is largely unknown.
Du rôle de l’Association internationale de sociologie dans l’institutionnalisation et la structuration de la discipline
12 Apr 2023 - Actes De La Recherche En Sciences Sociales
The history of the Association Internationale de sociologie (ISA) can be traced back to the early 1970s, when it was created by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as discussed by the authors .
DFT characterization of a new possible two-dimensional BN allotrope with a biphenylene network structure.
12 Apr 2023 - Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
In this article, a biphenylene network BN structure was theoretically characterized by density functional theory (DFT) calculations, and the electronic band structure and detailed projected density of states analysis indicated that the BN is a semiconductor with the valence band maximum (VBM) and conduction band minimum (CBM) states from the pz orbitals of N and B atoms with sp2 hybridization.
Crystal engineering of 2,7-bis(10-alkoxy)-9-fluorenone at homologous series of fatty acids/graphite interface
12 Apr 2023
In this article , a series of fluorenone derivatives are synthesized and fabricated and controlled molecular nanostructures on the graphite surface using scanning tunneling microscopy, and the assembly of symmetric 2,7-bis(10-alkoxy)-9-fluorenone was observed.
Nutrient Sequestration by Two Aquatic Macrophytes on Artificial Floating Islands in a Constructed Wetland
Zhaozhe Chen, Ozeas S. Costa 
12 Apr 2023 - Sustainability
In this paper , the results of a combination of field and mesocosm experiments with two native aquatic plant species (Carex comosa and Eleocharis palustris) in a constructed wetland in north-central Ohio were presented.
Algorithms for Finding Duplicate Conferences and Conference Groups in Scientometric Systems
12 Apr 2023 - Программная инженерия
In this article , the authors discuss the methods developed by the author for assessing the proximity of the description of conferences in order to detect duplicates, as well as building groups of conferences.
Phlomis lychnitis (Lamiaceae), una adición a la flora de África desde Marruecos
A. Homrani Bakali, Cyrille Chatelain 
12 Apr 2023 - Collectanea Botanica
In el continente africano, Phlomis lychnitis was registrada por primera vez en el continenta africana as discussed by the authors , en Marruecos, en el Alto Atlas Oriental.
Results From the First Para Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Adolescents With Disabilities in the Philippines.
12 Apr 2023 - Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly
A comprehensive evaluation of physical activity engagement and policy implementation among Filipino children and adolescents with disabilities is vital in the promotion of an active healthy lifestyle as mentioned in this paper , which is the first Para Report Card of the Philippines that presents the available evidence on the 10 commonly used PA indicators.
Đặc điểm lâm sàng và cận lâm sàng bệnh nhân điều trị vô sinh có chỉ định soi buồng tử cung
12 Apr 2023 - Tạp chí Y học Việt Nam
In this paper , Mô tả triệu chứng lâm sàng những bình thường hợp chiếm 100%.
Programmed ribosomal frameshifts, and how to find them
12 Apr 2023 - bioRxiv
In this paper , a machine-learning based method was proposed to detect and predict the presence of programmed ribosomal frameshifts (PRF) in all types of coding genes and taxa with an accuracy exceding 90%.
Improved Faster-RCNN algorithm combined with infrared satellite image for tropical cyclone detection
Liu Zhang, Changjiang Zhang, Feng Guo 
12 Apr 2023
In this paper , a feature fusion network Single Output Feature Fusion Networks (SOFFN) was proposed to combine the semantic information of the high level feature map and the high resolution feature information of low level feature maps.
“They Knew They Were Still Safe with Us”: Experiences of Domestic Violence Shelter Staff on Survivors’ Experiences in Shelter in the Early COVID-19 Pandemic
12 Apr 2023 - Journal of Family Violence
In this paper , a cross-sectional online survey of domestic violence (DV) shelters was conducted to understand DV shelter staff's experiences and how they navigated the early stages of the pandemic.
Kết quả gây tắc động mạch phế quản điều trị ho ra máu tại trung tâm hô hấp, bệnh viện quân y 103 trong 5 năm
Ngọc Bằng Đào, Bá Thắng Tạ 
12 Apr 2023 - Tạp chí Y học Việt Nam
In this paper , Bệnh viên quân y 103 trong 5 năm (từ 01/2016 đến 01/2021).
Pseudomonas aeruginosa population genomics among adults with bronchiectasis across Germany
12 Apr 2023 - ERJ Open Research
Genome sequencing of 130 Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from 110 bronchiectasis patients identified a few dominant clones common in the global bacterial population and numerous rare clones infrequently seen in the environment or other human infections as mentioned in this paper .
Multi-Behavior Enhanced Heterogeneous Graph Convolutional Networks Recommendation Algorithm based on Feature-Interaction
Yang Liu, Zhengyifan Chen, Yingxun Fu, Li Mao 
12 Apr 2023 - Applied Artificial Intelligence
Zhang et al. as mentioned in this paper proposed the attention interaction graph convolutional neural network recommendation algorithm (ATGCN), which embeds multi-feature fusion of users and items into the user feature interaction layer by using multi-head-attention, which explore the user's potential preference to update the user embed representation.
Reconfigurable Soft Pneumatic Actuators Using Extensible Fabric-Based Skins.
12 Apr 2023 - Soft robotics
In this article , a combination of silicone polymer-based bladder and reconfigurable fabric skin made from an anisotropic extensible fabric was used for bending and torsional actuators.
The design of integrated SWIR/visible optical lens
Jiao Chen, Jing Gao, Huamei Yang, Ke Zhou, Jun Zhang 
12 Apr 2023
In this article , a dual-band optical system of short-wave infrared and visible light can be adopted to meet the all-weather reconnaissance in different environments, and the analysis of image quality shows that the lens design for shortwave infrared/visible imaging meets requirements in the application.
Study on the Aging Mechanism of Down Fiber Under the Daily Washing and Drying Conditions
12 Apr 2023 - Journal of Natural Fibers
In this article , the aging mechanism of down fiber under different washing and drying conditions was investigated and the results showed that the daily washing conditions of weak acid or alkali (pH = 5-9) and drying condition of low temperature drying (55°C and sunlight) only slightly affected fluffiness, whiteness, and microscopic morphology of down fibre.
Sexuality and ageing: A mixed methods explorative study of older adult’s experiences, attitudes, and support needs
Claire M. Lynch, Annette Joosten 
12 Apr 2023 - British Journal of Occupational Therapy
In this paper , the authors aimed to obtain perspectives and explore understandings and experiences of sexuality and of support needs, for typically ageing adults, and found that older adults continued to value their sexuality, expression, desire, and identity, though meanings and participation changed.
Heterogeneous mechanisms of urban land price in China: a perspective of natural restrictions and strategic supply
Feng Yuan, Weiye Xiao, Yen Wei 
12 Apr 2023 - Humanities & social sciences communications
Wang et al. as discussed by the authors analyzed the determinants of urban land prices from 2008 to 2020, considering land supply and demands, with particular attention to natural restrictions and government interventions in China.
Surface form inspection with contact coordinate measurement: a review
12 Apr 2023 - International journal of extreme manufacturing
In this article , a survey of the existing research in the contact measurement field is systematically reviewed, including sampling, accessibility analysis, inspection path generation, probe tip radius compensation, surface reconstruction, and uncertainty analysis.
Function of ion channels of epithelial cells in cystic fibrosis
12 Apr 2023 - Pulʹmonologiâ
In this paper , the authors analyzed the functioning of chloride and alternative channels in the epithelium of patients with cystic fibrosis in relation to the age using functional tests in vitro.
Financial Literacy, Income and Self-Control on Financial Management Behavior of Generation Z
12 Apr 2023 - Baskara
In this paper , the authors found that the variables financial literacy, income, and self-control have a positive and significant effect on the financial management behavior of Generation Z, especially students at universities like Muhammadiyah Jakarta.
Editorial: Inherited and acquired ribosomopathies: missing puzzle pieces
Roberto Valli, Marianna Penzo 
12 Apr 2023 - Frontiers in Genetics
The cause-effect connections between the genetic defects undermining ribosome biogenesis and the hypoor hyper-proliferative features of ribosomopathies are for the most part, poorly understood as discussed by the authors .
Des hommes de qualité. Genre et (dé)qualification dans des formations « féminines » du supérieur
12 Apr 2023 - Travail Genre Et Societes
In this paper , the authors discuss the travail des hommes de professions and discuss certain dispositions of femmes, which are construite and reconnues comme le résultat d’un travails pour eux, et sont à ce titre distinctives.
The Importance of Monitoring the Work-Life Quality during the COVID-19 Restrictions for Sustainable Management in Nursing
Mateja Lorber, Mojca Dobnik 
12 Apr 2023 - Sustainability
In this article , the authors investigated the work-life quality and related workplace factors of nursing employees working in hospitals during the COVID-19 restrictions and found that most employees in nursing assessed the worklife quality on a moderate level: 76% were satisfied with their work, and 89% assessed their well-being at the workplace as positive.
Surgical Treatment of Facial Abscesses and Jaw Osteomyelitis of Dental Origin Using Extraoral Tooth Extraction in the Domestic Rabbit: A Case Series.
12 Apr 2023 - Journal of Veterinary Dentistry
In this article , the authors compared multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) and 3D reconstruction complemented by a maximum intensity projection filter (MIP) for the treatment of facial abscesses.
Face-based age estimation using improved Swin Transformer with attention-based convolution
Chaojun Shi, Shiwei Zhao, Kai Zhang, Yibo Wang 
12 Apr 2023 - Frontiers in neuroscience
Wang et al. as mentioned in this paper proposed an attention-based convolution (ABC) age estimation framework, called improved Swin Transformer with ABC, in which two separate regions were implemented, namely ABC and SWIN Transformer, to extract facial patches containing rich age-specific information using a shallow convolutional network and a multiheaded attention mechanism.
Interceptor Impact on the Step Planing Hull: A Computational Investigation
Serliana Yulianti, Sunho Park 
12 Apr 2023 - International journal of engineering research in mechanical and civil engineering
Park et al. as mentioned in this paper focused on the effects of step hulls with interceptors on pressure distribution and how they affect the planing hull's drag, heave, and trim.
A multi-arm two-stage (MATS) design for proof-of-concept and dose optimization in early-phase oncology trials.
12 Apr 2023 - Contemporary Clinical Trials
In this article , the authors proposed a Multi-Arm Two-Stage (MATS) design for proof-of-concept (PoC) and dose optimization that allows the evaluation of two selected doses from a dose-escalation trial.
The Consecutive Substitution Method for Boundary Value Problems (BVPs) with Retarded Argument
Arzu Aykut, Ercan Çelik 
12 Apr 2023 - Journal of Applied Mathematics
In this article , an approximate solution method for solving the boundary value problems (BVPs) with retarded argument was applied. But the method is the consecutive substitution method and it is difficult to obtain an exact solution.
Characterisation of genes encoding for extended spectrum β-lactamase in Gram-negative bacteria causing healthcare-associated infections in Mwanza, Tanzania
12 Apr 2023 - African Journal of Laboratory Medicine
In this article , a cross-sectional study characterised ESBL genes (blaCTX-M, blaTEM and blaSHV) among 30 ceftriaxone-resistant GNB causing HCAIs between January 2022 and July 2022 by multiplex polymerase chain reaction assay at the zonal referral hospital in Mwanza, Tanzania.
Microalgae from Nordic collections demonstrate biostimulant effect by enhancing plant growth and photosynthetic performance.
12 Apr 2023 - Physiologia Plantarum
In this paper , the authors investigated the biostimulant potential of six microalgal species from Nordic collections extracted with two different procedures: thermal hydrolysis with a weak solution of sulfuric acid accompanied by ultrasonication and bead-milling with aqueous extraction followed by centrifugation.
State-based policies on alcohol use during pregnancy
12 Apr 2023 - Women's healthcare
A brief report summarizes the current status of state-based policies created to help reduce the number of alcohol-exposed pregnancies as discussed by the authors . But it does not discuss the role of women's mental health.
Computer Simulation of Martensitic Phase Transitions Caused by Plastic Deformation and Laser Exposure
12 Apr 2023 - Research & development in materials science
In this article , Metlov et al. presented a simulation of Martensitic phase transition caused by plastic deformation and laser exposure, which was used for the development of a simulation engine.
Aspectos da abordagem terapêutica sobre candidíase vulvovaginal
12 Apr 2023 - Arquivos de Ciências da Saúde da UNIPAR
In this paper, a revisão integrativa of literatura, tratamentos convencionais e alternativos for abordagem terapêutica da Candidíase Vulvovaginal contextuando a mesma, utilizando definições, dados epidemiológicos and sua sintomatologia frente à sociedade.
The Influence of Capital Intensity, Inventory Intensity, and Profitability on Tax Aggressiveness with Debt Levels as a Moderating Variable
Riski Fitriani, Menik Indrati 
12 Apr 2023 - Ilomata International Journal of Tax and Accounting
In this paper , the impact of capital intensity, inventory intensity, and profitability on tax aggressiveness was analyzed, with debt level serving as a moderator, and the results showed that the association between inventory intensity and tax aggression cannot be moderated by the variable of leverage.
Prospects and trends in the use of big data in the national economy
12 Apr 2023 - Èkonomičeskaâ nauka segodnâ
In this article , the authors study the use of big data in traditional industries and serve as the basis for the functioning of new industries that unite digital enterprises, and show that big data is a source of modernization of public administration, due to which there is a delegation of bureaucratic functions to digital technologies, ensuring the observability of socioeconomic processes and planning social development.
Hipertensi Berhubungan dengan Derajat Batu Ginjal
12 Apr 2023 - Jurnal Penelitian Perawat Profesional
In this paper , penelitian ini dilakukan di RSUD Abdul Moeloek Provinsi Lampung pada 40 pasien batu ginjal didapatkan bahwa sebagian besar responden adalah ying tidak mengalami hipertensi sebanyak 82,5%.
Hubungan motivasi dan lingkungan dengan hasil belajar al-qur’an hadits peserta didik
12 Apr 2023 - Journal of Innovation Research and Knowledge
In this article , Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui hubungan positif and signifikan antara lingkungan dengan hasil belajar, motivasi and hasilbelajar.
Investigation of influence of slotted holes in blades of horizontal blade mixer on quality of preparation of two-component dry mixture
12 Apr 2023 - Bulletin of Belgorod State Technological University named after. V. G. Shukhov
In this paper, the authors used simulation of dry mixing processes of two fine-grained components in models of a mixer body with different blade designs to study the mixing process, the method of mathematical planning of the experiment is used.
Effects of Cost Sharing on Ophthalmic Care Utilization in the Affordable Care Act Marketplace.
12 Apr 2023 - Ophthalmic Epidemiology
In this paper , the authors analyzed individual and small group market claims data from the Wakely Affordable Care Act (WACA) 2018 dataset, which contains detailed claims, enrollment, and premium data from Edge Servers for 3.9 million individuals and small groups.
Role of urban vegetation in air phytoremediation: differences between scientific research and environmental management perspectives
12 Apr 2023 - npj Urban Sustainability
In this article , a Bayesian meta-analysis approach was used to quantify the effectiveness of the removal of typical air pollutants (particle matter (PM), nitrogen oxide (NO x ), sulfur dioxide (SO 2 ) and ozone (O 3 ) by synthesizing global field measurement studies.

Top papers of 2022

Age and sex associations of SARS-CoV-2 antibody responses post BNT162b2 vaccination in healthcare workers: A mixed effects model across two vaccination periods
29 Apr 2022 - PLOS ONE
Real-world data analyses revealed potentially important clues into the associations of antibody responses to SARS-CoV-2 spike and provide useful clues for the design and optimal timing of booster doses for COVID-19.
Impact and User Perception of Sandwich Attacks in the DeFi Ecosystem
29 Apr 2022
It is found that due to users’ lack of technical background and insufficient notifications from the markets, many users were not aware of the existence and the impact of sandwich attacks and had a limited understanding of how to resolve the security issue.
Accuracy of Calf Circumference Measurement, SARC-F Questionnaire, and Ishii's Score for Screening Stroke-Related Sarcopenia
29 Apr 2022 - Frontiers in Neurology
Calf circumference measurement has the optimal performance in screening stroke-related sarcopenia compared with the SARC-F questionnaire and Ishii's score in comparison with the Asian Working Group for Sarcopenia 2019 diagnostic criteria.
Updated Understanding of the Crosstalk Between Glucose/Insulin and Cholesterol Metabolism
Xuan Xiao, Yonghong Luo, Daoquan Peng 
29 Apr 2022 - Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine
The mechanisms of glucose/insulin-stimulated cholesterol biosynthesis and uptake are summarized, and the effect and mechanisms of lipid-lowering drugs and genetic mutations on glucose homeostasis are discussed, to help better understand the intricate relationship between glucose and cholesterol metabolism.
Simultaneous proteasome and autophagy inhibition synergistically enhances cytotoxicity of doxorubicin in breast cancer cells
29 Apr 2022 - Cell Biochemistry and Function
Results suggest that the autophagy induced by doxorubicin and ixazomib cotreatment serves cytoprotective role in breast cancer cells.
Fire Retardancy and Leaching Resistance of Furfurylated Pine Wood (Pinus sylvestris L.) Treated with Guanyl-Urea Phosphate
29 Apr 2022 - Polymers
Guanyl-urea phosphate (GUP) was introduced into furfurylated wood in order to improve fire retardancy as discussed by the authors , which indicated that the flammability of wood can be depressed to some extent by introducing GUP.
Integrated Order Picking and Multi-Skilled Picker Scheduling in Omni-Channel Retail Stores
29 Apr 2022 - Mathematics
In this paper , a hybrid heuristic combining the genetic algorithm and variable neighborhood descent was designed to obtain effective solutions for the OPPSP-Het in omni-channel retail stores.
Accost, Accede, or Amplify: Attitudes towards COVID-19 Misinformation on WhatsApp in India
29 Apr 2022
An interview-based study to examine how rural and urban communities in India engage with misinformation on WhatsApp found that misinformation led to bitterness and conflict – rural users who had higher social status heavily influenced the perceptions and engagement of marginalized members.
Deterioration of glycemic control in youth-onset type 2 diabetes: what are the early and late predictors?
29 Apr 2022 - The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
In this paper , the authors examined predictors of early and late loss of glycemic control in individuals with youth-onset type 2 diabetes, as well as predictors for short-term deterioration in youth from the Treatment Options for type 2 Diabetes in Adolescents and Youth (TODAY) study.
Community Partitioning over Feature-Rich Networks Using an Extended K-Means Method
Soroosh Shalileh, Boris Mirkin 
29 Apr 2022 - Entropy
This paper proposes a meaningful and effective extension of the celebrated K-means algorithm to detect communities in feature-rich networks, due to the assumption of non-summability mode, and extends this to a version that uses the cosine distances between entities and centers.
Transitioning Toward Independence: Enhancing Collaborative Self-Management of Children with Type 1 Diabetes
29 Apr 2022
Investigation of how children and parents collaborate to manage T1D and how the children become more independent in their self-management through the support of their parents shows that children’s knowledge of illness management and motivation for self-care were crucial for their transition towards independence.
Severe Dysphagia is Rare After Magnetic Sphincter Augmentation
29 Apr 2022 - World Journal of Surgery
In this article , the authors evaluated postoperative dysphagia rates, its risk factors, and management after magnetic sphincter augmentation (MSA) and found that LINX® devices with a size < 13 were an independent risk factor for developing postoperative depression.
Nesting Site and Plumage Color Are the Main Traits Associated with Bird Species Presence in Urban Areas
Lucas Leveau, Isis Ibáñez 
29 Apr 2022 - Animals
In this article , the impact of urbanization on traits such as diet, habitat and migratory behavior has been analyzed, their joint role with other traits related to plumage color has not yet been analyzed.
Evaluasi Waktu Tunggu Setelah Redesign dan Penerapan Lean Pharmacy Pada Pelayanan Farmasi Rawat Jalan
Fitri Yani, S. Maraiyuna, Azizah Vonna 
29 Apr 2022 - Journal of Medical Science
Waktu tunggu menurut World Health Organization (WHO) merupakan acuan penilaian sistem kerja ying baik dari suatu fasilitas kesehatan as discussed by the authors .
Violência contra jornalistas no canal de Jair Bolsonaro no Youtube
Janara Nicoletti, Ana Marta M. Flores 
29 Apr 2022 - Brazilian journalism research
In this paper , a hybrid methodology of content analysis and digital methods is developed for the study of the frequency and types of attacks on the press in videos published by the Brazilian president's YouTube channel, and the results show that the press is mentioned in 36% of the content; 40% of which represents criticism, 28% verbal attacks and 26% media discredit.
Host Identity Matters—Up to a Point: The Community Context of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Transmission
29 Apr 2022 - The American Naturalist
It is shown that interspecific differences between host species are important for community-wide infection dynamics of the multihost fungal parasite of amphibians (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis [Bd]), but only up to a point.
Aleitamento materno: conhecimento e prática dos profissionais de saúde e atividades desenvolvidas pelas unidades da atenção primária / Breastfeeding: knowledge and practice of health personnel and activities developed by primary care units
29 Apr 2022 - Brazilian Journal of Development
In this article , a question-and-answer session with profissionais de saúde was conducted to evaluate the conhecimento of médicos, enfermeiros, and técnicos de enfermagem.
Early versus delay oral feeding for patients after upper gastrointestinal surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Huachu Deng, Bai-Hui Li, Xingan Qin 
29 Apr 2022 - Cancer Cell International
In this paper , the authors evaluated the efficacy and safety of early oral feeding (EOF) in patients after upper gastrointestinal surgery through meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs).
Fields of Play: Refuge(e)s in Youth Multiculturalism on the Fringes of Melbourne
Hariz Halilovich, Tuba Boz, Masoud Kianpour 
29 Apr 2022 - Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies
In this article , the meanings and practices of multiculturalism among young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds in one of Australia's most multicultural cities are discussed. But the results of the study indicate that multiculturalism from below can happen differently from the "place making" strategy or "ethnic enclave" idea in which ethnic minorities are viewed as creating their own ethnic colonies in isolation from the mainstream society.
Hemato-biochemical Profile of Ostriches (Struthio Camelus) based on Gender and Age of Birds
29 Apr 2022 - Journal of the Hellenic Veterinary Medical Society
The results showed a significant age-related difference in all serum biochemical values, however, the non-significant difference (P<0.05) were observed in males and females within the same age group as mentioned in this paper .
Ultrasound Localization Microscopy in Liquid Metal Flows
29 Apr 2022 - Applied Sciences
In this article , an adaptive nonlinear beamformer was applied to isolate the intrinsic scattering particles, and an average spatial resolution of 188 μm was achieved, which corresponded to a fraction of the ultrasound wavelength of 0.28.
Corrigendum: Neferine Ameliorates Sepsis-Induced Myocardial Dysfunction Through Anti-Apoptotic and Antioxidative Effects by Regulating the PI3K/AKT/mTOR Signaling Pathway
29 Apr 2022 - Frontiers in Pharmacology
This research presents a novel probabilistic approach to estimating the response of the immune system to laser-spot assisted, 3D image analysis.
Binge eating disorder and stress level among patients attending nutrition counseling.
29 Apr 2022 - Nutricion Hospitalaria
High levels of stress correlated positively with the number of BED episodes and excessive body weight and the PSS-10 questionnaire could be a useful tool in nutrition counseling.
Sleep spindles in primates: Modeling the effects of distinct laminar thalamocortical connectivity in core, matrix, and reticular thalamic circuits
29 Apr 2022 - Network neuroscience
A primate-specific, circuit-based TC computational model with distinct core and matrix loops that can simulate sleep spindles is developed and showed that spindle power in primates can be modulated based on the level of cortical feedback, thalamic inhibition, and engagement of model core vs. matrix.
Dynamics of Neuromodulatory and Hormonal Systems in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders under the Dolphin Therapy Influence
29 Apr 2022 - Vestnik vosstanovitelʹnoj mediciny
A close relationship has been established between monoamine and cortisol in children with ASD and their participation in the pathogenetic mechanisms of the disease, and the inclusion of the DT in the SRT course contributes to breaking the vicious circle and normalizing the relationship between monoamines and cortisol.
Dampak mental hectic bagi perkembangan emosi anak pada masa pandemi covid-19 di kabupaten probolinggo
29 Apr 2022 - Al-Fikru
In this paper , the authors identify the mental hectic that occurs in early childhood, adolescents and adults and identify the impact of hectic mentality on children's emotional development using qualitative phenomenology.
The advantage of self-protecting interventions in mitigating epidemic circulation at the community level
29 Apr 2022 - Dental science reports
In this paper , the authors investigate the effects at the population level of interventions that provide an asymmetric protection between the people involved in a single interaction, and show that interventions protecting more efficiently the adopter (e.g. mask wearer) are more effective than interventions protecting primarily the contacts of the adopters in reducing the prevalence of the disease and the number of concurrently infected individuals.
Effective Use of Apparatotherapy in the Rehabilitation after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Arthroscopic Reconstruction
29 Apr 2022 - Vestnik vosstanovitelʹnoj mediciny
The algorithm of restorative treatment after ACL arthroscopic reconstruction with the use of apparatotherapy on “Artromot” and “Con-Trex Multi Joint” devices in combination with rehabilitation exercises and physiotherapy is more effective compared to similar treatment without apparat Therapy.
Criterios éticos para revisar investigaciones en Ciencias Sociales. Sistematización de una experiencia
29 Apr 2022 - EMPIRIA: Revista de Metodología de Ciencias Sociales
In this paper , an análisis of contenido of 114 proyectos provenientes of the Comités de Etica de Investigación (CEI) of the University of Chile is presented.
Analisis karakteristik pengguna shopeepay sebagai dompet digital pada generasi z
29 Apr 2022 - Jurnal manajemen dan bisnis kreatif
In this article, karakteristik pengguna ShopeePay pada Generasi Z yaitu memiliki rentang usia 19-22 tahun, dominan berjenis kelamin perempuan dan mahasiswa regular Perguruan Tinggi.
Gaussian profile estimation in one dimension: erratum.
29 Apr 2022 - Applied optics
In this article , the erratum corrects errors in Appl. Opt.46.1364/AO.005374.46, 5374 (2007) APOPAI0003-693510.
Substantiation of neurocontroler parameters for the control system of the vibrator drive of adaptive vibration technological machines
L. Yaroshenko, Roman Chubyk 
29 Apr 2022 - Vìbracìï v tehnìcì ta tehnologìâh
In this paper , the authors proposed a two-circuit neuro-PID controller for adaptive vibrating technological machines (AVTM) that takes into account inertial and dissipative characteristics.
Penerjemahan pegon dalam kitab kuning pesantren
R. Ahmad Nur Kholis, Luqman Karom 
29 Apr 2022 - Jurnal penelitian ilmiah INTAJ
In this article , penelitian menyimpulkan bahwa: (Pertama) penulisan pegon berbasis kepada huruf vokal A, I, U dalam bahasa Melayu and Jawa ying kemudian diasimilikan dengan penulisans Bahasa Arab.
Compensation of Co2e Emissions from Pedelecs Partially Replacing Motorized Vehicles in Uganda
29 Apr 2022 - Social Science Research Network
In this article , the authors estimate the reduction of CO2e emissions due to pedelecs partially replacing motorized vehicles in Uganda in five steps: (A) Pedelec and lithium-ion battery production; (B) Transport from the manufacturer in India to its destination in Uganda.
Criminal Law and Organized Crime
29 Apr 2022 - Ius Inkarri
In términos sencillo para el presente estudio, no es más que la representatividad socio-jurídica de la pena aplicada a aquellas personas que comente un delito de alto impacto, o catalogado como grave, para su separación del resto de delincuentes, and por ende, un trato diferenciado que vaya acorde al delito cometido as discussed by the authors .
A Comparison of The Official Tourism Website Effectiveness of Bali And North Sumatra Province: A Content Analysis Approach
Maliki Akbar, Setyo Wibowo, Ikhsan Fuady 
29 Apr 2022 - TRJ (Tourism Research Journal)
In this article , a content analysis method consisting of three dimensions, namely Aesthetics (Destination Visualisation and Web Design), Informative (Uniqueness and Cultural Promotion), and Interactive (E-travel planners and Online Communities), is used to analyze and assess tourism website both on the island of Bali and North Sumatra.
Evaluasi Tingkat Kepuasan Masyarakat Terhadap Penggunaan Aplikasi DG Bankaltimtara Menggunakan Pieces Framework
29 Apr 2022 - JURIKOM (Jurnal Riset Komputer)
Bankaltimtara is PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Kalimantan Timur as mentioned in this paper , which has a banking application named DG BankaltIMtara.
Phân lập và nhận diện vi khuẩn cố định đạm từ đất vùng rễ cây bắp ở Đồng bằng sông Cửu Long
29 Apr 2022 - Can Tho University, Journal of Science
In this article , Nghiên cứu nhằm phân lập và định danh một số dòng vi khuẩn.
Application of silica solubilizing bacteria increases water efficiency in maize
29 Apr 2022 - Menara Perkebunan: Jurnal Penelitian Bioteknologi Perkebunan
In this article , the authors observed the silica solubilizing activity of three SSB isolates collections of PPBBI on insoluble silica sources, including magnesium trisilicate, quartz, and feldspar, and see their effects on increasing water use efficiency in corn plants via drought experiments.
IoT-Inspired Reliable Irregularity-Detection Framework for Education 4.0 and Industry 4.0
29 Apr 2022 - Electronics
This study proposes a reliable assessment, irregularity detection, and alert generation framework for Education 4.0, and recommends the use of IoT, Fog, and Cloud Computing and the Multi-Layered Bi-Directional Long Short-Term Memory-based predictive model for this framework.
Metode Rancang Optimasi PLTPH Turbin Vortex di Danau Universitas Indonesia Untuk Pemanfaatan Turbin di Pedesaan
29 Apr 2022 - Jurnal Mekanik Terapan
Kemudian et al. as mentioned in this paper dirancang sistem PLTPH ying ekonomis dengan pemilihan jenis generator ying sesuai daya mekanik turbin.
Feasibility and Acceptability of a Guided Self-Help, Text-Messaging Intervention to Promote Positive Body Image of Emerging Adult Women
29 Apr 2022 - Frontiers in global women's health
In this paper , a text-messaging-based intervention was used to promote positive body image and enhance adaptive functioning in a diverse sample of cisgender college women at risk for disordered eating.
Перспективы развития туризма в орловской области
29 Apr 2022
In this paper , the authors present a survey of the state-of-the-art technologies used in the field of artificial intelligence and show how they can be used to improve the performance of the system.
Recommended levels of calcium and non-phytate phosphorus for yellow-feathered broilers (finisher phase)
Yibing Wang, Shuang Zhang 
29 Apr 2022 - Animal Bioscience
In this paper , the effects of dietary calcium (Ca) and non-phytate phosphorus (NPP) on performance, tibial characteristics, meat quality and plasma biochemical variables in yellow-feathered broilers during 85 to 105 d of age were examined.
Characterizing cell shape with a single number
29 Apr 2022 - Scilight
Characterization of a cell shape and the best choice of cell descriptor depends on environmental conditions and on the designer of the cell descriptor.
“quem ensina aprende ao ensinar e quem aprende ensina ao aprender”: os trabalhos de conclusão de curso dos egressos em gestão de cooperativas do if baiano – campus serrinha
29 Apr 2022 - Cadernos Macambira
In this paper , o número especial da Revista Cadernos Macambira cujo cerne está na divulgação dos Trabalhos de Conclusão de Curso (TCC) elaborados pelos(as) estudantes da primeira turma do curso de Tecnologia em Gestão de Cooperativas do IF Baiano -Campus Serrinha.
TNF-α inhibitor induced pigmented purpuric dermatoses: a case report
Divita Jhaveri, Frances Zhao 
29 Apr 2022 - BMC rheumatology
In this article , a rare case of TNF-α inhibitor induced pigmented purpuric dermatoses (PPD) and explore its mechanisms and management was presented, where a 44-year-old woman presented with non-pruritic non-tender petechial rash on bilateral lower limbs after being started on Adalimumab, with the rash progressing to worsen on Golimumab.
Effectiveness of psychological capital training to improve the optimism attitude in mandiri enterprises: literature review
Tsafitri Rinti Taddaga, Abdul Muhid 
29 Apr 2022 - Jurnal Ekonomi, Bisnis dan Entrepreneurship
In this paper , a literature review showed that psychological capital training can increase one's optimism so that it can use to increase the optimism of business actors in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.
Study on the adsorptive property of HNO3-modified almond shell biochar for methylene blue
Baochuan Qi, D. Feng, Jian Xuan Shang, Wei Chen 
29 Apr 2022
In this paper , a late-model HNO3 modified almond shell biochar for methylene blue (MB) removal was prepared, and the results showed that the specific surface, pore-volume, and oxygen-containing functional groups increased after nitric acid modification.

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