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What is SciSpace

The definitive integrated research platform that serves to:

A space to discover scientific knowledge

Access to the right research findings at the right time is critical. Use SciSpace to search from a network of publications and access scientific knowledge in its entirety.
Download full-text PDFs of scientific publications freely
View images, tables, and charts separately
Get related articles and personalized suggestions
Determine credibility with citation and reference sources

A space to write, edit, and format manuscripts

Manuscript drafting on MS Word and LaTeX is challenging. SciSpace is a specially designed alternative to help write, collaborate, edit, and format research output effortlessly.
Upload MS-Word files and format them in minutes
Collaborate on manuscripts seamlessly with peers
Get access to 40,000+ verified journal formats
Access to professional editing services and plagiarism checkers

A space to get manuscripts published quickly

Journal publishing is a lengthy process, often taking months. SciSpace for publishers streamlines the process end-to-end and makes it collaborative, leading to quick reviews and shorter approval cycles.
Make submissions directly to journals through SciSpace
Additional support to complete submission formalities
Bring structure and cohesion to the publishing process
Improve the approval cycle and make it shorter

A space to disseminate scientific research

30% of high-impact factor papers don't get cited after 4 years. Use SciSpace to archive and showcase your research output in one place and improve visibility and grow citations.
Showcase expertise with easily discoverable public profiles
Drive traffic to archived articles with powerful SEO features
Legally open up articles locked behind paywalls
Get rich analytics on views, downloads, and citations

Why SciSpace

SciSpace (formerly was started as a formatting tool. Over time, interactions with academia helped us realize glaring gaps in the ecosystem and grow into a comprehensive platform that modernizes end-to-end research workflows, from discovery, writing, publishing, to consumption
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