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Top papers of 2023

Purine synthesis suppression reduces the development and progression of pulmonary hypertension in rodent models.
31 Jan 2023 - European heart journal
In this article, the authors investigated whether ATIC-driven DNPS affects the proliferation of pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells (PASMCs) and the development of pulmonary hypertension (PH).
A system in crisis: exploring how recent emergency department closures influence potential access to emergency care in Ontario
31 Jan 2023 - Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine
In this article , the authors examined how closures of ED's in Ontario have influenced potential access to emergency medical care and found that ED closures have led to decreases in potential access for predominantly rural populations.
Tensor networks for unsupervised machine learning
31 Jan 2023 - Physical review
In this paper , a tensor network model combining matrix product states from quantum many-body physics and autoregressive modeling from machine learning is proposed, which enjoys the exact calculation of normalized probability and unbiased sampling.
(In)segurança alimentar entre famílias de uma escola rural de um município da mesorregião Centro-Sul do Paraná pós pandemia da COVID-19
31 Jan 2023 - Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional
In this article , a situação de Insegurança Alimentar entre famílias de escolares de uma escola da rede municipal de ensino do meio rural de um município da mesorregião Centro-Sul do Paraná and seus fatores associados is discussed.
Đặc điểm giải phẫu và cơ sinh học của gân mác dài ứng dụng trong tái tạo dây chằng chéo khớp gối
31 Jan 2023 - Tạp chí Nghiên cứu Y học
In this article , Minh et al. reported that gân mác dài không làm ảnh hưởng đến các thành phần giải.
Perancangan aplikasi belajar bahasa inggris berbasis website
31 Jan 2023 - Teknosains: Jurnal Sains, teknologi dan Informatika
In this article, an English learning application is designed with UML modeling, developed using HTML programming language and used the waterfall software process model in designing the BeBI (Learning English) application system.
Estratégias de atuação da ultradireita na América Latina: o Comitê Cívico pró Santa Cruz boliviano
31 Jan 2023 - Sociologias Plurais
A partir de notícias retiradas de três periódicos latinoamericanos: 1) O globo- Brasil; 2) La Nacion- Chile; and 3) O Clarín- Argentina, no ano de 2019, pretendo, por meio de análise comparativa documental, me debruçar sobre o discurso produzido sobre the Comitê Cívico de Santa Cruz para então analisar as estratégias adotadas pela entidade as mentioned in this paper .
Uso do amstar 2 nas metanálises de uma revisão guarda-chuva sobre o manejo não farmacológico da osteoartrite dos joelhos: um estudo seccional
31 Jan 2023 - Revista Ibero-Americana de Humanidades, Ciências e Educação
In this paper, a revisão guarda-chuva is used to evaluate the effect of osteoartrite dos joelhos on a patient's health, e a result of a cross-seccional evaluation of 23 revisões is presented.
Analysis of the notation system of the current elementary school music textbook Sijo(時調) score and search for effective notation method
31 Jan 2023 - Eum'ag gyoyug gonghag
In this article , the authors proposed a method to improve the quality of the data collected by the data collection system by using the information of the users' behaviors and the data gathered by the system itself.
Do Intensive Public Debates on Direct-Democratic Ballots Narrow the Gender Gap in Social Media Use?
Laurent Bernhard, Daniel Kübler 
31 Jan 2023 - Media and Communication
In this article , the authors empirically examined citizens' use of social media in the context of direct democracy and found that men tend to form their opinions on social media more frequently than women.
Blok Zinciri Tabanlı Akademik Tavsiye Mektubu Sistemi Modeli
In this article , the authors presented a tavsiye mektubu iş, staj ve eğitim başvurularında öğrenciler hakkınde genel ve öznel bilgi sağlayan yaygın olarak kullanılan bir yöntemdir.
الذاكرة الجماعية وإشكالية كتابة التاريخ
31 Jan 2023 - مجلة الآداب والعلوم الإنسانية
In this article , the authors proposed a method to find the best solution to the problem of the lack of resources in the field of information technology in the Middle East, such as:
Approximation of the Sum of Independent Lognormal Variates using Lognormal Distribution by Maximum Likelihood Estimation Approached
31 Jan 2023 - Sains Malaysiana
In this article , three methods of approximating the sum of lognormal variates to a Lognormal distribution were studied, i.e., the Wilkinson approximation, the Monte Carlo version of the Wilkinson, and the approximation using estimated maximum likelihood LN parameters.
Modifiable risk factors for coronary artery disease in the Indonesian population: a nested case-control study
31 Jan 2023 - Cardiovascular prevention and pharmacotherapy (Online)
In this article , the authors investigated modifiable risk factors for CAD among Indonesians by comparing them between CAD-proven patients and healthy subjects from a similar population and found that hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, central obesity, smoking history, physical inactivity, and less fruit and vegetable intake independently and significantly emerged as risk factors.
Increasing students’ learning interest through blended learning in the educational psychology course
Uswatun Hasanah, Putri Silaturrahmi 
31 Jan 2023 - Jurnal PAJAR (Pendidikan dan Pengajaran)
In this paper , a quantitative study with a causal type, which involved 43 third-semester students of the Islamic Education study program of IDIA Prenduan, was conducted to determine whether there is a significant effect of blended learning on students' learning interest in educational psychology courses.
The Past, Current, and Future of Neonatal Intensive Care Units with Artificial Intelligence
31 Jan 2023
In this article , the authors systematically evaluate the role of AI in neonatology applications, define the methodologies, including algorithmic developments, and describe the remaining challenges in neonatal diseases.
The Influence of Clementine Churchill
31 Jan 2023
Clementine Churchill's role as a British first lady was explored in this paper , where the author describes her role as managing Winston, monitoring his behaviour and restraining him when the need arose.
Nonhuman, More-Than-Human, and Post-Human International Relations and International Studies
31 Jan 2023 - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of International Studies
The field of non-, more-than-, and post-human approaches to international relations and associated subfields (e.g., international security and global studies) has burgeoned in recent years as discussed by the authors .
Economy First
31 Jan 2023
In this paper , the authors focus on the drivers of the economy-first approach applied in the early phase of the crisis and show that this response was a deliberate choice taken by President Joko Widodo and the political elite in general to protect the economic interests of the polity and the actors within it.
“To Resolve Never Again to Be Reduced to Slavery”
31 Jan 2023
In the second half of 1864, free labor under military auspices evolves in the Union-occupied lower Mississippi valley during the Second American Civil War, with freedpeople pushing for alternatives to wage labor and access to land as mentioned in this paper .
Superhuman Fairness
31 Jan 2023
In this paper , the authors re-cast fair machine learning as an imitation learning task by introducing superhuman fairness, which seeks to simultaneously outperform human decisions on multiple predictive performance and fairness measures.
Wideman’s Family Stories and the Carceral Archipelago
31 Jan 2023
The authors used the concept of the carceral archipelago in order to advance a broader literary/cultural critique of institutions designed to preserve and promote the idea of racial hierarchy despite national claims of opportunity, democracy, equality, and equal justice for all well after the abolition of slavery and the end of legal segregation.
Up-regulation of microRNA-183 reduces FOXO1 expression in gastric cancer patients with Helicobacter pylori infection.
31 Jan 2023
In this article , the expression of miR-183 in gastric cancer patients with Helicobacter pylori infection was investigated and the relationship between miRNA and 3'-UTR of mRNA was investigated.
Controlling Hybrid Transformers by Lyapunov Method for Application in Smart Distribution Network
31 Jan 2023
In this article , a control scheme based on the Lyapunov energy function (LEF) with output voltage feedback loops for the hybrid distribution transformer (HDT) series converter is proposed to overcome the limitations of the existing HDT control schemes, including steadystate error (SSE), and improve the transient response of the distribution network.
Reactive oxygen species prevent lysosome coalescence during PIKfyve inhibition
31 Jan 2023
In this article , it was shown that reactive oxygen species (ROS) generated by various independent mechanisms all impaired lysosome coalescence during PIKfyve inhibition and promoted lysusome fragmentation during re-activation, and that depending on the ROS species or mode of production, Lysosome dynamics were affected distinctly.
Estrés laboral y ausentismo del personal administrativo en una empresa de seguridad privada, distrito de Surquillo (Lima – Perú), 2022
31 Jan 2023
In this article , a trabajo de investigación titulado "Estrés laboral and ausentismo del personal administrativo in una empresa de seguridad privada, distrito de Surquillo (Lima-Perú), 2022" was presented.
A review on different methods of scoliosis brace fabrication
31 Jan 2023 - Prosthetics and Orthotics International
In this paper , a narrative literature review of scoliosis brace manufacturing methods was conducted using PubMed, Cochrane, and other databases with appropriate keywords; a total of 53 articles were selected from various sources and subjected to detailed review.
Tercera Mision De Las Universidades Y Su Aporte Potencial Al Desarrollo Nacional
31 Jan 2023 - Biotech & engineering
In this paper , the authors present a mejora importantes a partir de la aprobación de la Ley Universitaria 30220 promulgada el 03 de julio de 2014, este dispositivo a su vez generó the creación of SUNEDU desde el 2015.
Neoliberalism and cultural majoritarianism in India
31 Jan 2023
The new nexus between neoliberalism and majoritarianism has altered the conventional dynamic between the desire for security and the aspiration for freedom, the hope for autonomy and the compulsions of responsibility, the comfort of community and the rights of the individual as mentioned in this paper .
Tools for Narrative Repair
31 Jan 2023
This article described a guide for narrative repair, an intervention developed to explore identity problems arising from mental illness and identity resources for pursuing a good life. And they discussed how healthcare professionals engaging in narrative repair may deepen their empathy and gain hope by holding on to recovery stories.
31 Jan 2023
This article used Congressional records, federal treaty negotiation documents, and letters to and from the Department of the Interior to argue that an examination of the Five Tribes (the Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, and Seminole Nations) in the post-Civil War period demonstrates that our modern democracy is inseparable from the settler-colonialist system that allowed for its formation.
Rasionalisasi Jaringan Pos Hujan dan Pos Duga Air dengan Metode Stepwise di Sub DAS Bango
31 Jan 2023 - Jurnal Teknologi dan Rekayasa Sumber Daya Air
In this article , the metode stepwise and standar WMO merupakan metode stastistika ying dapat mengetahui pos hujan mana ying berkorelasi secara signifikan terhadap data debit.
Comment on bg-2022-88
31 Jan 2023
In this article , satellite-based total column measurements along with surface albedo from Sentinel-5 Precursor (S-5p) show unique sensitivity to certain land types, and the areal extent of six land types (marsh, swamp, forest, grassland, cropland, and barren-land) could be identified with high overall accuracy by analysing S-5P data over Canada.
Pride in Organizations
31 Jan 2023 - Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Business and Management
In this article , the authors argue that the experience of pride can influence one's own behaviors but the accompanying expressions can also elicit behavioral changes in observers, and that what outcomes or behaviors result depends crucially on the source of pride because pride leads individuals to repeat behaviors attributed as the original cause of the positive feeling.
The Familial Subject
31 Jan 2023
In this article , the authors start from the premise that the law that regulates and shapes the experiences and situations of members of a family arises, too, in other domains such as criminal, administrative and constitutional law.
Characterisations of dilations via approximants, expectations, and functional calculi
31 Jan 2023
In this paper , the authors consider unitary dilatability of irreversible classical dynamical systems on a Hilbert space and show that a system admits unitary approximations under certain distinct notions of weak convergence.
Electromagnetic field distribution inside an ENZ material: anatomy of the volume plasmon
31 Jan 2023
In this article , the volume plasmon has been shown to behave as a transverse wave and not a null vector k. This degeneracy lies in the fact that its wave vector at resonance is a nullvector k.k=0 and not the zero vector k=0.
Colonialismo, comunidad y capital. Pensar el despojo, pensar América Latina
31 Jan 2023
In this article , una serie of textos that analyse the intersecciones entre la comunidad, el colonialismo, and the capitalista in América Latina are presented.
Nearly Time-Optimal Kernelization Algorithmsfor the Line-Cover Problem with Big Data
31 Jan 2023
In this article , the authors studied the existence of polynomial-time kernelization algorithms with limited space and time complexity for Line-Cover, and they proved that every kernelization algorithm for line-cover takes time Ω(n log k + k 2 log k ) and space O(k 2 log 2 k ), where k is the size of the sought line cover.
Transbronchial lung cryobiopsy guided by virtual bronchoscopy navigation in a child with diffuse alveolar hemorrhage syndrome:a case report
31 Jan 2023
In this paper , a transbronchial lung cryobiopsy (TBLC) guided by virtual bronchoscopy navigation (VBN) was performed for the etiological diagnosis of diffuse parenchymal lung diseases.
Validation of Knowledge, Attitude, and Perceptions Tool on Advance directives and End of Life Decisions in Adult Population Availing Services at Tertiary Care Hospitals of Karachi, Pakistan.
31 Jan 2023
In this article , the authors developed and validated a tool to assess knowledge, attitude, and perceptions about advance directives of the adult population availing services at tertiary care hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan.
O despertar dos contos de fadas dentro de cada um de nós
31 Jan 2023
The Contos de Fadas as mentioned in this paper are a set of topics universais that permeiam ha muito e muita time a vida do ser humano, i.e., "Era uma vez" and "Nao não perdem a sua forca", e uma das frases mais famosas das historias de fadas, e nao e por pura coincidencia, diga-se de passagem.
Radiolabeling and Quantification of Cellular Levels of Phosphoinositides by High Performance Liquid Chromatography-coupled Flow Scintillation
31 Jan 2023
In this article , a method for quantifying PtdInsP levels by metabolically labeling cells with H-3-myo-inositol, which is incorporated into PtdinsPs, is described.
Love taboos
31 Jan 2023
In this article , the authors juxtaposed disjunctive invocations of Hindu male prowess and constructions of the "licentious" and sexually "ferocious" Muslim male on the one hand, and assertions of recalcitrant romances and "illicit" intimacies on the other, in modern India.
Age-Driven Transmission Scheduling in Wireless Networks
31 Jan 2023
In this paper , the authors present a summary of their work and a preview of the full version of this article. Please use the Get access link above for information on how to access this content.
The Political Subject
31 Jan 2023
The right to vote is a crucial dimension of the legal construction of "the political subject" as discussed by the authors , and it is well established that the very definitions of citizenship as a legal category has been based on the exclusion of a number of categories of people.
New Tsallis holographic dark energy with apparent horizon as IR-cutoff in non-flat Universe
31 Jan 2023 - International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics
In this article , a new Tsallis holographic dark energy with apparent horizon as IR-cutoff was studied by considering non-flat Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker metric.
Blick nach Asien
31 Jan 2023 - Nachrichten Aus Der Chemie
Schmid et al. as mentioned in this paper reviewed the Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article with their friends and colleagues, and accepted the Wiley Online Library Terms and conditions of use.
The Impacts of Unanswerable Questions on the Robustness of Machine Reading Comprehension Models
31 Jan 2023
The authors fine-tune three state-of-the-art language models on either SQuAD 1.1 or SQuad 2.0 and then evaluate their robustness under adversarial attacks.
Turbulence via intermolecular potential: Uncovering the origin
31 Jan 2023
In this paper , the authors examine the equations of two-dimensional inertial flow, linearized around a large scale constant vorticity state, and find that, at short time scales and linearly unstable wavenumbers, the coupling of the mean field potential with large scale vortivity induces rapid oscillations in small scale fluctuations of the divergence of velocity, with the frequency of oscillations being inversely proportional to the spatial scale of a fluctuation.

Top papers of 2022

Selenocysteine Machinery Primarily Supports TXNRD1 and GPX4 Functions and Together They Are Functionally Linked with SCD and PRDX6
28 Jul 2022 - Biomolecules
In this article , the co-essentiality network was used to identify functional partners of selenoproteins and selenocysteine (Sec)-containing proteins, whose synthesis is supported by specialized Sec machinery proteins.
Annealing glasses by cyclic shear deformation
28 Jul 2022 - Journal of Chemical Physics
In this article , the authors explore the possibility of employing mechanical agitation, in the form of cyclic shear deformation, to generate low energy configurations in a model glass former.
Building a bridge from solid wastes to solar fuels and chemicals via artificial photosynthesis
28 Jul 2022 - EcoMat
In this paper , the authors overview the continuous progress from the latest studies in constructing the photoreforming system for upgrading of solid waste and discuss the advantages for cooperatively coupling of hydrogen production with solid waste valorization.
Complete chloroplast genomes and phylogeny in three Euterpe palms (E. edulis, E. oleracea and E. precatoria) from different Brazilian biomes
28 Jul 2022 - PLOS ONE
In this article , the Euterpe edulis, E . oleracea and E . precatoria chloroplast genomes were sequenced and compared to 55 palm species.
Hardware Architecture for Adaptive Edge-Directed Interpolation Algorithm
28 Jul 2022
In this paper , a hardware architecture has been proposed for the adaptive edge-directed interpolation algorithm which uses an edge estimator for the interpolation, which is implemented in Verilog HDL (Hardware Description Language) and synthesized using Cadence Genus compiler with 90nm technology in typical mode.
Electricity Spot Market Design Considering Accurate Security Check
28 Jul 2022
Wang et al. as mentioned in this paper put forward a design protocol for the electricity spot market considering accurate checks in which the accuracy of the power grid model is improved by analysis of the working conditions of equipment in future states, grid connection of low voltage units and flow calculation of tie line branches.
Time to recovery and its predictors among children age of 2 up to 59 months admitted with severe community acquired pneumonia in Public Hospitals of Central and North Gondar Zones, Ethiopia 2021.
28 Jul 2022
In this article , the authors identified the time to recovery and its predictors among children admitted with severe community-acquired pneumonia in public hospitals in central and north Gondar zone, Ethiopia, 2021.
Social norms and dishonesty across societies
28 Jul 2022 - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
This paper found that individuals who hold very strict norms (i.e., those who perceive a small lie to be as socially unacceptable as a large lie) are more likely to lie to the maximal extent possible.
Non-Arrhenius behaviour of nickel self-diffusion in liquid Ni<sub>77</sub>Si<sub>23</sub>
28 Jul 2022 - Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter
In this article , the authors measured self-diffusion for a Ni77Si23alloy in the liquid state over a temperature range of about 400 K through quasielastic neutron scattering.
Mediation, Peacebuilding, Arts, and Religion
28 Jul 2022
Art as an expression of culture is present at every stage of a conflict and visible through symbols, murals, rituals, songs, colours, and flags as discussed by the authors , and bringing art into the formal negotiations gives mediators a chance to use its potential and to defuse its polarising power.
The M-Commerce of Solar Energy Applications: An Analysis of Solar Energy Consumers’ Effort Paradox
28 Jul 2022 - Electronics
In this paper , the authors focused on understanding behaviors in niche markets formed by small-sized and/or isolated consumers who need customized, sustainable and economically efficient applications for heating water for domestic and business use.
A Survey of Learning on Small Data: Generalization, Optimization, and Challenge
28 Jul 2022
In this paper , the authors follow the agnostic active sampling theory under a PAC (Probably Approximately Correct) framework to analyze the generalization error and label complexity of learning on small data in model-agnostic supervised and unsupervised fashion.
28 Jul 2022
The Companion to Comparative Theology as discussed by the authors provides a travel guide through the field of comparative Theology, from its development in the beginning of the nineteenth century and its engagement in the context of modern theology and religious studies before 1985, to its unfolding as a separate field at the end of the twentieth and the start of the twenty-first centuries.
Assessing Physician Resident Contributions to Outpatient Clinical Workload
28 Jul 2022 - Medical Care
In this paper , the authors analyzed VA electronic patient records from 2005 through 2018 using generalized linear mixed models to estimate resident and staff contributions to workload in relative value units to determine if physician residents' contribution to outpatient workload offsets their costs for supervision, salary, and fringe benefits as residents acquire skills to become independent practitioners.
Issue Editorial Masthead
28 Jul 2022 - Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
The Altmetric Attention Score is a quantitative measure of the attention that a research article has received online as mentioned in this paper , which is calculated using the number of other articles citing this article, calculated by Crossref and updated daily.
Iterative static field map estimation for off‐resonance correction in non‐Cartesian susceptibility weighted imaging
28 Jul 2022 - Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
In this paper , an iterative static field map estimation for off-resonance correction in non-Cartesian susceptibility weighted imaging is presented. But the method is not suitable for the case of magnetic resonance in medicine.
Meta-Learning based Degradation Representation for Blind Super-Resolution
28 Jul 2022
In this paper , a meta-learning based region degradation aware super-resolution network (MRDA) is proposed to extract implicit discriminative degradation representation from low-resolution and high-resolution images.
Konzepte und Praxen der musikalischen Ausbildung am Beispiel der einstimmigen liturgischen Musik der Ost- und Westkirche vom Mittelalter bis zum 21. Jahrhundert
28 Jul 2022
In this paper , the authors proposed a method to use the εργασία έγκεινται πρώτα απ' όλα στην αντιπαράθεση.
Continuation of European Tour.
28 Jul 2022
In this article , the authors describe a trip through France and Italy to see the palace of the Popes and the Pantheon of modern Rome, as well as life in the east and the Nile.
Drafting the First Tax Expenditure Report – Structure and Important Clarifications
28 Jul 2022
The structure of the standalone TE report that Colombia is planning to publish on an annual basis, following best practices in other OECD countries, is discussed in this paper , where a set of clarifications that could be added in the report to facilitate the interpretation of the results.
Fragmentation in Contestation: The Movement during the EIR Process
28 Jul 2022
The Extractive Industries Review, seen from the perspective of many critics, was perceived as disappointing as mentioned in this paper , and some of the professionalized NGOs came to see the value of gains made during the process of consultation, endorsing the institutional rules and its formalized bureaucratic culture, and enjoying the growing opportunities for participation.
The association of CD209 promoter variants with tuberculosis infection susceptibility, AIDS development, and treatment response outcomes among an HIV-1 Moroccan population
28 Jul 2022
In this article , the authors investigated the possible involvement of DC-SIGN encoding gene CD209 variants in the development of tuberculosis (TB) among HIV-1 infected patients as well as AIDS development and treatment response outcomes in a Moroccan population.
Optimal duration of the apnea test for determining brain death: Benefit of the short-term apnea test
28 Jul 2022 - PLOS ONE
In this paper , the authors analyzed the results of the apnea test performed for brain death determination between August 2013 and February 2021 at a single institution in South Korea and found that apnea tests are associated with many complications.
Spatial analysis of provincial and district trends in stunting among children under five years from 2001 to 2016
28 Jul 2022
In this paper , the authors presented the spatial trend of stunting among children under five years for 7 provinces and 77 districts of Nepal over 15 years using Demographic Health Survey Global Positioning System coordinates and geospatial covariates.
A New Diagonal Quasi-Newton Algorithm for Unconstrained Optimization Problems
28 Jul 2022
In this article , a new diagonal quasi-Newton method for solving unconstrained optimization problems based on the weak secant equation is presented. But the method is not suitable for solving general optimization problems.
Discriminative Stimulus Properties of MDMA: The Role of Serotonin and Dopamine
28 Jul 2022
In this article , the authors investigated the neurochemical mechanisms underlying the subjective effects of MDMA using drug discrimination procedures in laboratory animals and found that a higher training dose of MDMA was associated with a more rapid acquisition of drug discrimination in both the two-and three-lever tasks, and significant differences were observed with respect to the ability of each dose of LSD to maintain consistently accurate discrimination across both tasks.
Re-Visioning Guqin Performance through Interface Design, Digital Measurement, and Signal Processing
28 Jul 2022
In this paper , a physical gesture acquisition system was developed to investigate the guqin music tradition through the measurement of hand gesture techniques and explore the compositional and performative potential of the developed acquisition system as a musical interface.
Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty in a Patient With Descemet Membrane Detachment and Rieger-Like Anomaly Associated With Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Mutation in COL1A1
28 Jul 2022 - Cornea
Trigaux, Céline MD; Borrelli, Maria MD, PhD; Geerling, Gerd MD; Menzel-Severing, Johannes MD, the authors .
Mitigasi Bencana Berbasis Kearifan Lokal di Kecamatan Kejajar Kabupaten Wonosobo
28 Jul 2022 - Proceedings Series on Social Sciences & Humanities
In this article , the authors analyzed disaster mitigation efforts based on local wisdom by the people of Kejajar sub-district in Wonosobo Regency, Papua New Guinea.
A first-principles study: single layer TiS2 modified by non-metal doping
28 Jul 2022
In this paper , the effect of substitutional doping of boron (B), carbon (C), nitrogen (N), oxygen (O), and phosphorus (P) at the S-site on the electronic structure of the monolayer TiS 2 system was investigated using a first-principles calculation method.
A Quantitative Clinical Evaluation of Simultaneous Reconstruction of Attenuation and Activity in Time-of-Flight PET
28 Jul 2022
In this paper , the maximum likelihood activity and attenuation (MLAA) reconstruction algorithm has been proposed to jointly estimate tracer activity at the same time, and proven to be a promising solution to the CT attenuation correction (CT-AC) artifacts in PET images.
Normative beliefs and aggression: The mediating roles of empathy and anger
28 Jul 2022
This article examined a two-mediator model with both empathy and anger as mediators in the association between children's normative beliefs about aggression and forms (relational and physical) and functions (reactive and proactive) of aggressive behavior.
A Robust Offline Reinforcement Learning Algorithm Based on Behavior Regularization Methods
28 Jul 2022
In this article , the authors combine an offline reinforcement learning method through behavior regularization with a robust offline RL algorithm to improve the performance under the condition of limited data compared with the baseline algorithms.
Transcriptome analysis of protein kinase MoCK2 affect acetyl-CoA metabolism and import of CK2 interacting mitochondrial proteins into mitochondria in rice blast fungus <i>Magnaporthe oryzae</i>
28 Jul 2022
In this article , a detailed RNAseq analysis of deletions MoCK2-beta1 and beta2 components in relation to the background strain Ku80 and connected this analysis with the abundance of substrates for proteins in a previous pulldown of the essential CKa subunit of CK2 to estimate effects on proteins directly interacting with CK2.
Spatial Ambiguity: Rethinking and Intensifying Social Space
28 Jul 2022
In this article , the authors present an approach to suburban intensification which addresses the fundamental aspects of individual and community appropriation of space, and argue that an acceptable and desirable model for social and common living can be developed as an alternative to low density suburban living in a Wellington context.
Unravelling the formation of the first supermassive black holes with the SKA pulsar timing array
28 Jul 2022
In this article , the authors forecast the regime of detectability of low-frequency gravitational wave events with SKA PTA, finding the associated binaries to have orbital periods on the order of weeks to years, observable through relativistic Doppler velocity boosting and/or optical variability of their light curves.
Study on Structural and Electronic Properties of REAg Intermetallics
28 Jul 2022
In this paper , the structural, electrical, and mechanical properties of binary B2 -type CsCl structured intermetallic compounds of Ag (ReAg, Re= Y, La, Pr, and Er) have been investigated using first principles density functional theory and the extended gradient approximation.
Dynamics and determinants of human plasma bile acid profiles during dietary challenges
28 Jul 2022 - Frontiers in Nutrition
In this article , a quantitative and a semiquantitative approach was used to profile bile acids (BA) in 15 healthy and phenotypically very similar young individuals for over a 36-h fasting period, an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), and an oral lipid tolerance test, and demonstrate a remarkable heterogeneity of the responses and describe the different dynamics of the plasma changes that likely originate from different routes by which BA enters the peripheral blood.
Assessment of Low Strain Parameters for Seismic Microzonation in Uyo, South-south, Nigeria
28 Jul 2022
In this paper , a study had been executed employing Seismic Refraction Tomography (SRT) and Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW), to integrate elastic and bearing capacity with engineering criteria within delineation for seismic microzonation besides menace assessment.
Construction of solutions to the 3D Euler equations with initial data in $H^\beta$ for $\beta>0$
28 Jul 2022
In this article , the authors used the method of convex integration to construct infinitely many distributional solutions for the initial value problem for the three-dimensional incompressible Euler equations, and they showed that if the initial data has any small fractional derivative in $L 2 , then they can construct solutions with some regularity.
NIRPS Front-End: Design, performance, and lessons learned
28 Jul 2022
NIRPS as discussed by the authors is an AO-assisted and fiber-fed spectrograph for high precision radial velocity measurements in the YJH-bands, enabling the use of few-mode fibers for the first time.
A Brownian cyclic engine operating in a viscoelastic active suspension
28 Jul 2022
In this article , an effective stochastic equation of motion of the trapped Brownian particle, which includes a friction memory kernel as well as thermal and active fluctuating forces due to its coupling with the active suspension, was derived, from which the efficiency of the engine in the quasi-static limit was analyzed.
The Effects of Body Mass Index and Spine Flexibility on Surgical Outcomes for Patients With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
28 Jul 2022 - Spine
In this article , the relationship between body mass index (BMI), spine flexibility index (FI), and their combined effects on adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) surgical outcomes was investigated.
In This Issue
28 Jul 2022
In this paper , the authors reviewed their Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article and provided a link to share a full text version of this article with friends and colleagues.
Ghosts and bodies
28 Jul 2022
In this article , the authors examine ideas of ghosts, death, and the real through episodes from Buffy, Doctor Who, Westworld, True Blood, and The Leftovers, and find that these shows each present a version of what it means to die, what it meant to quest for and perhaps achieve a form of afterlife, and where that fits into our worlds of science and magic.
[Safer surgery for abdominal aortic aneurysm].
28 Jul 2022
In this article , the authors discuss targets for further improvement of outcomes of AAA surgery such as structural and transparent feedback on results, opportunities to learn from "best practices" and to look beyond quality scores and act instead.
Is glass a state of matter?
28 Jul 2022
In this article , the authors provide a pedagogical perspective on this question using basic statistical mechanical concepts and review recent theoretical results suggesting why and how an ''ideal glass'' can indeed be defined as a separate equilibrium state of matter.
Geographies of Peace and Religion
28 Jul 2022
In this article , P.J. Singh analyses possibilities of peace as they occur across different spatial and temporal geographies of religion and illustrates this with an examination of seventeenth century art.
Implementing a Low-Cost Control Unit Network focusing on Data Collection and Flettner Rotor Control
28 Jul 2022
In this paper , a Flettner rotor or Torqeedo motor is controlled by a Raspberry Pi 4B sending and receiving data via MQTT. And the data of various subsystems is stored efficiently in a database for later optimisation purposes.
Development Of An IoT Enabled Smart Projection System For Classroom Needs
28 Jul 2022
In this article , a Single Board Computer (SBC) in place of the bulky computer is proposed in order to overcome the major drawback of such a system is that the bulky computers used in the system are of high cost and dissipate large power.

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