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Top papers of 2023

Graphene-Cobalt chromate ceramics composite for humidity sensor Applications
01 Feb 2023 - Journal of Alloys and Compounds
In this paper , an attempt was made to construct a cobalt chromate (CCR)-rGO composite, which was held at 450 °C in the muffle furnace for ten minutes.
The diagnostic performance of artificial intelligence algorithms for identifying M2 segment middle cerebral artery occlusions: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
01 Feb 2023 - Journal of Neuroradiology
In this article , the authors evaluated the diagnostic performance of AI-based detection of M2 occlusions using the semi-automated AutoLit software (Nested Knowledge, MN) platform.
Numerical investigation on polyurea coated aluminum plate subjected to low velocity impact
Yong Kang Xia, Zitong Shi, Qing Zhou, Wen-le Ao 
01 Feb 2023 - International Journal of Impact Engineering
In this article , the impact response and fracture of polyurea-coated aluminum plates using the LS-DYNA finite element code was analyzed using the impact responses for different coating methods.
Performance enhancement of a horizontal latent thermal energy storage unit with elliptical fins
01 Feb 2023 - Applied Thermal Engineering
In this article , the elliptical fin is applied to the horizontal double tube LTES unit (HDT-LTESU) for improving the performance of thermal storage and the entransy dissipation is reduced, and the phase change process of heat transfer is improved.
The need for a health equity framework in next-generation pre-exposure prophylaxis implementation.
01 Feb 2023 - The Lancet HIV
In this paper , the authors proposed an equity-promoting framework to guide the implementation of daily oral and next-generation pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) formulations.
Circulating miR-122-5p, miR-92a-3p, and miR-18a-5p as Potential Biomarkers in Human Liver Transplantation Follow-Up
01 Feb 2023 - International Journal of Molecular Sciences
The most deregulated miRs were validated by RT-qPCR in 14 recipients pre-and post-Liver transplant and compared to a control group of 24 nontransplanted healthy subjects as mentioned in this paper .
Fault characteristics analysis of DFIGWT in whole LVRT process considering control strategy switching between RSC and Crowbar
01 Feb 2023 - International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems
In this article , the authors proposed an analytical method for the DFIGWT's fault current characteristics in whole LVRT process considering control strategy switching between RSC and crowbar.
A three-step optimization-based algorithm for home healthcare delivery
Jia Guo, Jonathan F. Bard 
01 Feb 2023 - Socio-economic Planning Sciences
In this paper , a 3-step algorithm is developed that efficiently constructs weekly schedules for individual providers working through an agency to balance a set of metrics that include travel distance, productivity points, daily workload, equity, overtime and the need to accommodate breaks.
Depressive Features in Individuals with First Episode Psychosis: Psychopathological and Treatment Considerations from A 2-Year Follow-Up Study
01 Feb 2023 - Clinical neuropsychiatry
In this article , a linear regression analysis with depression as the dependent parameter and psychopathological and treatment characteristics as independent variables was performed (both at baseline and across the follow-up period).
Spatial interpolation of regional PM2.5 concentrations in China during COVID-19 incorporating multivariate data
01 Feb 2023 - Atmospheric Pollution Research
In this article , four interpolation methods (kriging, empirical Bayesian kriging (EBK), tensor spline function (TSF), complete regular spline (CSP), and fully regular splines (FSP) were used to construct geographically weighted regression (GWR) models of the PM2.5 concentration in Chinese regions for the periods from January-June 2019 and January- June 2020 by considering multiple factors.
Study of Single and Multipass f–rGO Inkjet-Printed Structures with Various Concentrations: Electrical and Thermal Evaluation
01 Feb 2023 - Sensors
In this article , the authors evaluated a custom functionalised reduced graphene oxide ink (f-rGO) via inkjet-printing technology and found that ink concentration and printing passes directly influence the performance of both the temperature sensors and heaters.
Long Non-Coding RNA MEG3 in Metal Carcinogenesis
Zhuohua Zhang, Sophia Shi, Jingxia Li, Max Costa 
01 Feb 2023 - Toxics
In this article , a review of the current knowledge of LncRNA MEG3 in metal carcinogenesis is presented, which reveals that MEG is downregulated in hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI), arsenic, nickel, and cadmium.
Can Measuring the ‘Dual Anchors of Aorta’ Enhance the Success Rate of TAVR?—A Single-Center Experience
01 Feb 2023 - Stomatology
Wang et al. as mentioned in this paper provided an initial summary of the medium and short-term clinical effectiveness of transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) guided by accurate multi-detector computed tomography (MDCT) measurements in patients with severe and chronic AR, especially in elderly patients.
Combining the External Medical Knowledge Graph Embedding to Improve the Performance of Syndrome Differentiation Model
Qing Ye, Rui Yang, Chun-lei Cheng, Lin Peng, Yong Lan 
01 Feb 2023 - Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Wang et al. as mentioned in this paper presented a knowledge-based decision support model for syndrome differentiation (KDSD), supplementing the textual representation of medical data with embedded information, and proposed fusing medical text with KG entity representation to get prediction results using a linear output layer.
Polyamide-coated paper-based sorptive phase applied in high-throughput thin film microextraction designed by 3D printing
01 Feb 2023 - Microchemical Journal
In this article , a paper-based sorptive phase (PSP) was used for the determination of endocrine disrupting compounds (phthalates, alkylphenols and bisphenols) in water samples by using thin film microextraction technique (TFME) with high performance liquid chromatography and diode-array detection (HPLC-DAD).
Polymeric Interlayer in CdS-Free Electron-Selective Contact for Sb2Se3 Thin-Film Solar Cells
01 Feb 2023 - International Journal of Molecular Sciences
In this article , a ZnO-based buffer layer with a polymer-film modified top interface was proposed to replace CdS in Sb2Se3 photovoltaic devices.
Hadron shower background in KOTO 2019 - 2021 data
01 Feb 2023 - Journal of physics
In this article , the authors developed three methods to discriminate the hadron showers from gamma showers in CsI calorimeter, which used the pulse shape of signals, the shower shape on the calorometer, and the depth of the showers.
First responders' perceived and actual competence in tunnel fire safety
01 Feb 2023 - Fire Safety Journal
In this article , a qualitative study of first responders' perceived competence in tunnel fire safety is presented, compared with their actual competence, and the authors discuss the importance of competence enhancement activities.
Artificial HfO2/TiOx Synapses with Controllable Memory Window and High Uniformity for Brain-Inspired Computing
01 Feb 2023 - Nanomaterials
In this article , a controllable memory window of an HfO2/TiOx memristive device can be obtained by tuning the thickness ratio of the sublayer.
Latent Trajectories of Haematological, Hepatic, and Renal Profiles after Oil Spill Exposure: A Longitudinal Analysis
01 Feb 2023 - International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
In this article , a longitudinal cohort study examined the effects of oil spill exposure on the haematological, hepatic, and renal profiles of Rayong oil spill clean-up workers.
Electronic and Spintronic Properties of Armchair MoSi2N4 Nanoribbons Doped by 3D Transition Metals
Xiaotao Su, Xuefeng Wang 
01 Feb 2023 - Nanomaterials
In this article , the structural and physical properties of armchair MoSi2N4 nanoribbons substitutionally doped by 3D transition metals at Mo sites are investigated using the density functional theory combined with the non-equilibrium Green's function method.
Bistability and damped oscillations in the homogeneous model of viral infection
01 Feb 2023
In this article , the authors proposed a method to solve the problem of the lack of a suitable solution for the problem by using the information of the user's interaction with the system.
Probing adhesion of ‘tricky’ materials at the microscale
01 Feb 2023 - Materials Today
In this paper , a triple-mode metasurface with geometric anisotropic gap-plasmon OVDs is proposed to demonstrate the simultaneous control of phase, amplitude, and luminescence.
Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Molybdenum and Mo-0.1SiC Studied by Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy and Electron Backscatter Diffraction Methods
01 Feb 2023 - Materials
Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS) has been used for the first time to investigate the microstructure of additively manufactured molybdenum as discussed by the authors .
Gadget addiction among school-going children and its association to cognitive function: a cross-sectional survey from Bangladesh
01 Feb 2023 - BMJ Paediatrics Open
In this paper , a cross-sectional study was conducted to assess the relationship between media usage and cognitive function among school-going children, and the authors found that digital media addiction was a predictor of decreased cognitive performance in children who use digital gadgets regularly.
A new three-parameter model with support on a bounded domain: Properties and quantile regression model
01 Feb 2023 - Journal of computational mathematics and data science
In this article , the authors proposed a new three-parameter model with a bathtub failure rate, and the main properties of the new model are derived, such as quantile function, moments, the moment of residual life, stress strength reliability parameter, order statistics, extreme value distribution, Shannon entropy, and Renyi entropy.
Consent during labour and birth as observed by midwifery students: A mixed methods study.
01 Feb 2023 - Women and Birth
In this article , the authors explore the observations and experiences of final year midwifery students of how midwives obtain consent during labour and birth, and find that the consent process varied considerably depending on the clinical procedure.
Magnetite nanoparticles as a vehicle to transport recombinant hexosaminidase A and B through an model of the blood-brain barrier
01 Feb 2023 - Molecular Genetics and Metabolism
GluSph was measured from a single-phase total lipid extraction of 0.01 mL of plasma by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionisation-tandem mass spectrometry and concentrations extrapolated from a seven point standard curve as mentioned in this paper .
Expression of concern: The first tissue-engineered airway transplantation: 5-year follow-up results.
01 Feb 2023 - The Lancet
Gonfiotti et al. as mentioned in this paper reported the first clinical transplant of a tissue-engineered airway with 5-year follow-up results, which showed that a tissue engineering strategy including decellularization of a human trachea, autologous epithelial and stem-cell culture and differentiation, and cell scaffold seeding with a bioreactor is safe and promising.
New modelling approach for the optimal sizing of an islanded microgrid considering economic and environmental challenges
01 Feb 2023 - Energy Conversion and Management
In this article , a Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) algorithm is used to generate the power flow distribution while minimizing CO2 life cycle emissions, and a Genetic Algorithm (GA) was used to find a set of sizing solutions that minimize life cycle CO2 emissions and CAPEX and OPEX.
Physical mechanisms of conduction-to-keyhole transition in laser welding and additive manufacturing processes
01 Feb 2023
In this paper , a keyhole and melt pool model is developed with the software COMSOL Multiphysics®, where laser energy deposition is computed self-consistently thanks to a ray tracing algorithm.
Research on the influence of a micro-groove-orifice structure and its layout form on the static characteristics of aerostatic journal bearings under a high gas supply pressure
01 Feb 2023 - Advances in Mechanical Engineering
In this article , a double-row gas supply micro-groove-orifice aerostatic journal bearing (MGOAJB) was designed to solve the problems of a low gas supply pressure and low load capacity of traditional orifice-compensated OCAJBs by establishing new governing equations and introducing the SST k-ω turbulence model.
Pengaruh Hasil Latihan Tembakan Jarak Berpindah dan Jarak Bertahap Terhadap Hasil Tembakan Bebas Satu Tangan dari Atas Kepala dalam Permainan Bola Basket Pada Siswa Kelas VII MTs Negeri Palopo
01 Feb 2023 - Didaktika: Jurnal Kependidikan
Tujuan dari penelitian in this article adalah untuk mengetahui apakah terdapat pengaruh ying signifikan antara latihan menembak dengan perubahan jarak secara bertahap, and Latihan dalam meningkatkan hasil lemparan bebas atas satu tangan pada permainan bola basket.
The Spatial Spillover Effect of Clean Energy Development on Economic Development: A Case of Theoretical and Empirical Analyses from China
01 Feb 2023 - International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Using the panel data of 30 provincial administrative units from 2000 to 2019 in China, Li et al. as mentioned in this paper empirically investigated the spatial spillover effect of clean energy development on economic growth.
Language and vision based person re-identification for surveillance systems using deep learning with LIP layers
01 Feb 2023 - Image and Vision Computing
Zhang et al. as discussed by the authors proposed an image/text retrieval-based person ReID method in which both visual and text-based features are exploited to carry out person re-ID.
Cellulose-derived cholesteric liquid crystal: Towards smart and sustainable colorimetric sensors
01 Feb 2023 - Industrial Crops and Products
In this article , the recent progress of the evolution for cellulose, chitin, or protein-based ChLC is reviewed based on their colors, bio-identities and sensor varieties.
Downstaging locally advanced hepatocellular carcinoma with selective internal radiation therapy.
Marjorie T.Q. Hoang, Pierce K. H. Chow 
01 Feb 2023 - Journal of Clinical Oncology
In this article , the authors presented a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the role of selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) with Yttrium-90 for locally advanced HCC.
Analysis of the optical, chemical, surface, and humidity sensing characteristics of nanostructured Bi2O3-doped MoO3 materials
01 Feb 2023 - Materials Today: Proceedings
In this article , the authors report characterization and humidity parameters of pure molybdenum trioxide and 10 wt% Bi2O3-doped MoO3 nanocomposite fabricated by a solid-state reaction method.
Quel est l’impact des traitements hormonaux féminins sur le système cardiovasculaire ?
C. Nelis, Sandrine Kretz 
01 Feb 2023 - Archives Des Maladies Du Coeur Et Des Vaisseaux - Pratique
A literature search of the Pubmed, Embase, and Cochrane Library databases was performed using the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses guidelines for clinical studies reporting mid- to long-term patient reported outcomes (PROs) at minimum five year follow-up following arthroscopic hip labral reconstruction as mentioned in this paper .
“Pesto” Mutation: Phenotypic and Genotypic Characteristics of Eight GCK/MODY Ligurian Patients
01 Feb 2023 - International Journal of Molecular Sciences
In this article , the authors used Sanger sequencing to analyze the GCK coding exons of eight Italian patients with maturity onset diabetes mellitus (MODY) caused by mutations of the glucokinase (GCK).
Refraining from Packed Red Blood Cells in Cardiopulmonary Bypass Priming as a Method of Neuroprotection in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
01 Feb 2023 - Stomatology
In this article , the authors assess the impact of refraining from using packed red blood cells (PRBCs) in priming solutions in children with CHD who require surgical interventions using CPB to prevent brain injury in the postoperative period.
Unanticipated Costs Associated with Interscalene Nerve Catheters for Shoulder Surgery.
01 Feb 2023 - Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
In this article , the authors identify unplanned hospital admissions or emergency department visits related to regional anesthesia after shoulder surgery and determine the additional associated costs, such as medication charges, medical supplies, and physician fees.
Optical response of plasmonic silver nanoparticles after treatment by a warm microwave plasma jet
01 Feb 2023 - Nanotechnology
In this paper , the effect of plasma treatment on the morphology and composition of 15 × 15 mm2 thin films was investigated, and it was shown that the number of isolated nanoparticles in the film sample decreases after exposure to multiple jet passes.
Long-Term Alleviation of the Functional Phenotype in Chlorophyll-Deficient Wheat and Impact on Productivity: A Semi-Field Phenotyping Experiment
01 Feb 2023 - Plants
In this article , a semi-field experiment was conducted on six mutant lines of Triticum durum and aestivum with their respective wild-type cultivars with a regular seasonal cycle (October-to-May).
A Comparison of Millisecond Pulsar Populations between Globular Clusters and the Galactic Field
01 Feb 2023 - The astrophysical journal
In this article , the rotational, orbital, and X-ray properties of millisecond pulsars in globular clusters (GCs) were compared with those of the MSPs in the Galactic field (GF).
Lipid composition of Xenopus oocytes used for heterologous membrane protein expression.
01 Feb 2023 - Biophysical Journal
In this article , the MS-DIAL program assigned nomenclature and external database identifiers (InChI key; LIPIDMAPS) to 380 lipids that were grouped into 12 lipid subclasses, including canonical membrane lipids (phosphatidylcholine; phosphatidylethanolamine; sphingomyelin; ceramide; cholesterol).
As my wine glass gently weeps
01 Feb 2023 - Physics World
Tushna Commissariat ponders the surprising fluid dynamics of wine as mentioned in this paper , and proposes a new approach for wine analysis based on the dynamics of the wine's fluidity.
Gerichtliche Anordnung der Offenlegung von Daten anonymer Verfasser beleidigender Online-Kommentare durch Medienunternehmen
01 Feb 2023 - AfP
In this paper , a Gerichtliche Anordnung der Offenlegung von Daten anonymer Verfasser beleidigender Online-Kommentare durch Medienunternehmen was published.
CLEAN - Collaborative low-cost environmental and air-quality network
01 Feb 2023 - Environmental Modelling and Software
The Collaborative Low-cost Environmental Air Quality Network (CLEAN) as mentioned in this paper is a web platform for low-cost air quality monitoring that allows developers to send the data from their devices to a remote server.
Differential fold interference patterns in an intracontinental orogen: Insights from superposed buckle folding in southern Jiangxi Province, South China Block
01 Feb 2023 - Journal of Structural Geology
In this paper , the authors conducted a detailed structural investigation of the Xingguo area in southern Jiangxi Province, located in the central part of the South China Block (SCB).

Top papers of 2022

Assessment of rock-hydrogen and rock-water interfacial tension in shale, evaporite and basaltic rocks
01 Aug 2022 - Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering
In this paper , the authors used Young's equation and Neumann's equation of state (NEOMA) to study the change in wetting characteristics at various rock/H2/water systems in various shales, evaporite, and basaltic formations at geo-storage conditions.
Railway ballast material selection and evaluation: A review
01 Aug 2022 - Construction and Building Materials
In this article , a review of the means of ballast selection in complex environments across the world is presented, and some promising future ballast technologies are discussed with a focus on environmental performance, such as recycled ballast, asphaltic materials, steel slag and ballast gluing.
Prevalence, trajectory over time, and risk factor of post-COVID-19 fatigue
01 Aug 2022 - Journal of Psychiatric Research
In this article , the authors investigated the prevalence, the course over time, and the risk factors of post-COVID fatigue in 495 patients recovered from COVID-19.
Cooking fuel types and the health effects: A field study in China
01 Aug 2022 - Energy Policy
In this paper , the authors conducted a field survey and collected data from ten villages in Northern China to estimate the impact of cooking fuel choice on residents' health based on a multinomial logistic regression model.
Internet banking adoption under Technology Acceptance Model—Evidence from Cambodian users
Bora Ly, Romny Ly 
01 Aug 2022 - Computers in human behavior reports
In this article , a questionnaire-based approach was used to collect and analyze quantitative data (n = 391) on customer adaptation to internet banking to test the hypotheses underlying the TAM by adding a subjective norm (SN) construct to the model and empirically testing it with a sample of Cambodians.
Antibacterial and antifungal activities in vitro of a novel silver(I) complex with sulfadoxine-salicylaldehyde Schiff base
01 Aug 2022 - Polyhedron
In this paper , the synthesis, antibacterial and antifungal activities of a sulfadoxine-salicylaldehyde Schiff base (SFX-SL), and its novel dimeric silver(I) complex (AgSFX)-SL) were described.
Effects of 25 kHz ultrasound from single and double transducers on thermal and friction characteristics of laminar flows in water or water-based Al2O3 nanofluids
01 Aug 2022 - International Journal of Thermal Sciences
In this article , the authors investigated the heat transfer and flow resistance in a rectangular duct based on compound techniques of heat transfer enhancement using 25 kHz ultrasound and Al2O3-water nanofluid.
Common ownership and environmental Corporate Social Responsibility
Kosuke Hirose, Toshihiro Matsumura 
01 Aug 2022 - Energy Economics
In this article , the effect of common ownership on emission levels when firms can use environmental CSR as a commitment device to soften competition was theoretically examined, and the results showed that common ownership reduces emissions by reducing output and may stimulate emissions abatement activities if the degree of the common ownership is small.
High-efficiency Thulium-doped fiber laser at 1.7 μm
01 Aug 2022
In this article , a Tm-doped fiber laser was demonstrated at the wavelength region of 1.8-2 μm, where a bi-directional pump at 1570 nm was employed for sufficient pump absorption, and gain fiber length was optimized to decrease reabsorption loss of signal light and suppress amplified spontaneous emission in the 1.7 μm region.
Pollution levels and risk assessment of thallium in Chinese surface water and sediments.
01 Aug 2022 - Science of The Total Environment
Wang et al. as discussed by the authors provided an overview of the contamination of surface water and sediments by Tl across China and assessed the potential risks using several methods, including acute and chronic aquatic life criteria for Tl were determined to be 13.25 and 1.65 μg/L, respectively.
CircPTTG1IP knockdown suppresses rheumatoid arthritis progression by targeting miR-431-5p/FSTL1 axis.
Chenhui Yang, Qingling Liu, Zaiming Jiang 
01 Aug 2022 - Transplant Immunology
In this paper , the authors showed that circular RNA (circRNA) PTTG1 interacting protein (circPTTG1IP) level is notably upregulated in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients by previous study.
Development and Characterization of Celecoxib Solid Self-nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery Systems (S-SNEDDS) Prepared Using Novel Cellulose-Based Microparticles as Adsorptive Carriers
01 Aug 2022 - Aaps Pharmscitech
In this article , the authors investigated various commercially available adsorptive carrier materials, as well as novel cellulose-based microparticles prepared by spray drying from an aqueous dispersion containing Diacel® 10 and methyl cellulose or gum arabic as binder prior to their use.
DEM simulation of geotextile-geomembrane interface direct shear test considering the interlocking and wearing processes
Shi-Jin Feng, Ya Qiong Wang, Hong-Xin Chen 
01 Aug 2022 - Computers and Geotechnics
In this article , the interlocking between asperities and filaments and wearing of them have significant influence on the interface shear behaviors between textured geombrane (GMB) and thermally bonded nonwoven geotextile (TBNG).
Direct local sampling method for solving the Schrödinger equation with the free complement - local Schrödinger equation theory
Hiroshi Nakatsuji, Hiroyuki Nakashima 
01 Aug 2022 - Chemical physics letters
In this paper , the direct or inverse transformation local sampling method was proposed for the free complement-local Schrödinger equation (LSE) problem, which is mathematically straightforward, deterministic, and fast.
Constructing CNT@NiCo Texture Anchoring Pt Nanoparticle Catalyst for Highly Efficient Methanol Electrocatalytic Oxidation**
01 Aug 2022 - Chemistryselect
In this article , the Pt nanoparticles were loaded on the surface of these composite supports by the sodium borohydride (NaBH4) reduction method to obtain Pt/CNT@NiCo-s and Pt/cNT@ NiCo-g.
The Young and the Wild: What Happens to Protoclusters Forming at Redshift z ≈ 4?
01 Aug 2022 - The astrophysical journal
In this article , the authors study the evolution of protoclusters identified at redshift ≈ 4, with properties similar to the well-observed protocluster SPT2349-56.
Response of Layer Chicks to the Dietary Inclusion of Allicin-rich Extract
01 Aug 2022 - The Journal of Applied Poultry Research
In this paper , a 5-week feeding trial was carried out to assess the response of layer chicks to the dietary inclusion of allicin-rich extract, which showed that feed intake was increased (P = < 0.001) at the highest level of inclusion (0.50 ml/kg) during week 8.
Characteristics of the carbon cycle in late Mesoproterozoic: Evidence from carbon isotope composition of paired carbonate and organic matter of the Shennongjia Group in South China
01 Aug 2022 - Precambrian Research
In this article , the stable carbon isotope composition of paired organic matter (δ13Corg) and carbonate, as well as the thermal characteristics of the organic matter, from the Shennongjia Group in South China, which has been constrained to an age of ∼ 1340-1150 Ma.
Global meta-analysis shows progress towards recovery of soil microbiota following revegetation
01 Aug 2022 - Biological Conservation
In this paper , a systematic literature search and meta-analysis of the association between native plant revegetation and recovery of soil microbiota, identifying 26 datasets, was conducted, and it was shown that the soil microbial composition in revegetated sites was more similar to reference sites than degraded sites, indicating the recovery of the soil microbiota with revegetations.
Tunable broadband multi-function acoustic metasurface by nested resonant rings
01 Aug 2022 - Applied Acoustics
In this article , a tunable acoustic metasurface comprising an array of subwavelength unit cells has been proposed to achieve versatile functions, including acoustic wave direction control, acoustic illusion and acoustic focusing.
Midfacial Morphology and Neandertal–Modern Human Interbreeding
01 Aug 2022 - Biology
The results of canonical variates analysis and hierarchical cluster analysis suggest important affinities in facial morphology between both Middle and Upper Paleolithic early modern humans of the Near East with Neandertals, highlighting the importance of this region for interbreeding between the two lineages.
Meta-analysis of movement-based interventions to aid academic and behavioral outcomes: A taxonomy of relevance and integration
01 Aug 2022 - Educational Research Review
In this article , a meta-analysis was conducted to evaluate the effects of movement strategies during academic time, on children's and adolescents' cognitive processing, memory, behavioral control, and academic skills.
Enhanced dye degradation performance of ZnCdS@CuS catalysts under visible-light irradiation
01 Aug 2022 - Journal of Molecular Structure
In this paper , a simple sol-gel method was used to prepare CuS-encapsulated ZnCdS nanopellets with varying concentrations ranging from 2 wt.% to 6 wt%.
Mechanistic Simulations Suggest Riparian Restoration Can Partly Counteract Climate Impacts to Juvenile Salmon
01 Aug 2022
In this article , the authors used a process-based modeling system to examine how a threatened population of Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tschawytscha) may respond to climate change and whether riparian restoration could reduce climate effects.
Pleural solitary fibrous tumour with brain metastasis: an aggressive tumour and pathologic conundrum
01 Aug 2022 - Journal of Surgical Case Reports
This case highlights the importance of surgical resection of benign tumours with malignant potential and the evolution of a pleural solitary fibrous tumour in a 70-year-old male treated surgically, and subsequent brain metastasis requiring emergent craniotomy and excision.
The relationship between anxiety sensitivity and clinical outcomes in cardiac rehabilitation: A scoping review
01 Aug 2022 - American journal of preventive cardiology
In this paper , the authors conducted a scoping review to summarize the evidence for associations between anxiety sensitivity and cardiovascular disease risk factors, exercise, and clinical outcomes in cardiac rehabilitation, following PRISMA-ScR guidelines.
Characterisation of the evolution of pore structure with particle breakage during compaction
Dazhao Gou, Xizhong An, Runyu Yang 
01 Aug 2022 - Minerals Engineering
In this article , the effect of particle breakage on the pore structure of compacts formed with the discrete element method was investigated and the watershed segmentation method was developed to quantify pore properties of the compacts.
Predation Capacity of the Banded Thrips Aeolothrips intermedius for the Biological Control of the Onion Thrips Thrips tabaci
01 Aug 2022 - Insects
The results showed that A. intermedius can be considered a promising resource for the biological control of onion thrips, a native predator of Thrips tabaci, one of the most harmful thrips for many open field crops.
Deep matrix factorization models for estimation of missing data in a low-cost sensor network to measure air quality
01 Aug 2022 - Ecological Informatics
In this article , a neural network architecture was proposed to estimate missing particulate matter (PM) data in a WSN in Aburrá Valley, Colombia, and the model that included spatial-temporal features (using embedding layers) captured the behavior of the pollution measured at each node more efficiently.
Copper-catalyzed radical cascade cyclization: Synthesis of benzylated benzimidazo [2,1-a]isoquinoline-6(5H)-ones
01 Aug 2022 - Tetrahedron
In this article , a new method for the preparation of benzimidazo[2,1-a]isoquinolin-6(5H)-ones was developed via the addition of benzyl radical to N-methacryloyl-2-arylbenzoimidazole using di-tert-butyl peroxide (DTBP) as the oxidant in the presence of copper powder catalyst.
Will the Kaplan Fiber Complex Be the ‘‘New Anterolateral Ligament’’? Insights from Direct Surgical Exploration in the Context of ACL Injury and Reconstruction
01 Aug 2022 - Stomatology
According to the most popular scientific literature database in 2022, nearly 20 papers mentioning the "Kaplan Fiber" complex have been published in the last 2 years, highlighting the role of this anatomical structure in the context of anterior cruciate ligament tear.
EP-257 A case report of Furuncular myiasis affecting the glans penis of a young boy caused by the larvae of Cordylobia anthropophaga (The Tumbu Fly)
D. Jesuyajolu, Paul Jesuyajolu 
01 Aug 2022 - British Journal of Surgery
In this article , a case of furuncular myiasis of the glans penis due to the larvae of C.anthropophaga of an 11-year-old boy living in Lagos, Nigeria was reported.
Association of social network properties with resilience and depression among community-based Korean population.
01 Aug 2022 - Journal of Psychiatric Research
In this paper , a cross-sectional study used baseline data from the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease Etiology Research Center cohort and included 11,132 participants to determine how the properties of social networks relate to resilient-related status.
Comment on: Preservation of fat-free mass in the first year after bariatric surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis of 122 studies and 10,758 participants.
01 Aug 2022 - Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases
Haghighat et al. as discussed by the authors conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of 122 studies and 10,758 participants to examine the time-course effect of bariatric surgery on FFM and body FFM percentage (FFM%) in individuals with morbid obesity.
444 Increasing exposure to clinical tasks for students on child health placement
01 Aug 2022 - Abstracts
In this article , a program of interactive tasks was created to provide opportunities for: prescribing, growth charting, identifying rashes and syndromes, and identifying the most helpful part of online multiple-choice questions.
Conatus and Feeling of Life: A Genetic Shift in Kant’s Faculty Doctrine?
01 Aug 2022 - Deleuze and Guattari studies
In this paper , the authors propose to take Kant's account of self-organisation as model for understanding this genesis of the faculties in terms of a circular causality that is purposively animated from within by a self-productive and self-maintaining tendency.
Existential ageing and dying: A scoping review.
Allan Kellehear, Matilda Garrido 
01 Aug 2022 - Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics
In this paper , a review of studies about the intersections between existential aging (a sense of passing years that evoke a sense of nearness-to-death) and dying identity is presented.
Awareness Among Educated and Uneducated Parents of Beta-Thalassemia Major Patients About Antenatal Screening
01 Aug 2022 - Cureus
There was a significant association between the education of parents and awareness of antenatal screening (p = 0.01) among educated and uneducated parents of beta-thalassemia major patients about antenatal Screening.
01 Aug 2022 - Proceedings of The Vldb Endowment
Magma, a hybrid key-value storage engine that combines LSM Trees and a segmented log approach from log-structured file systems is introduced, and evaluation results show that Magma outperforms Couchstore and RocksDB in write-heavy workloads.
Pessary or progesterone to prevent preterm birth in women with short cervical length: protocol of the 4–6 year follow-up of a randomised controlled trial (Quadruple-P)
01 Aug 2022 - BMJ Open
This study is a follow-up study of the Quadruple-P trial; a multicentre, randomised clinical trial which randomises women with an asymptomatic midtrimester short cervix to daily progesterone or a pessary for the prevention of PTB.
Identifying the Potential Role of Regional Bone Mineral Density on the Degree of Malleolar Involvement in Acute Ankle Fractures.
01 Aug 2022 - Journal of foot & ankle surgery
It is suggested that while more investigation is required for ankle fracture patterns and BMD evaluation, increased age and biologic female gender is significantly related to decreased BMD as identified via HU.
Mimicking natural cholesterol assimilation to elevate the oral delivery of liraglutide for type II diabetes therapy
01 Aug 2022 - Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
In this paper , a bio-inspired oral delivery system was designed to enhance the oral absorption of liraglutide (Lira), a kind of GLP-1 RA, by mimicking the natural cholesterol assimilation.
Viticulture and Winemaking as a Driver for Economic Growth of Sevastopol
Elena Piskun, Vladimir Khokhlov 
01 Aug 2022 - Вестник Волгоградского государственного университета. Экономика
In this article , economic and mathematical modeling of the probability of yield of vineyards in order to make adaptive decisions of existing winegrowers and investment decisions on investing in this industry based on the study of viticulture and winemaking as a propulsive industry of the federal city of Sevastopol.
Blood-CSF-barrier permeability in tuberculous meningitis and its association with clinical, MRI and inflammatory cytokines
01 Aug 2022 - Journal of Neuroimmunology
In this paper , the authors report BCB permeability in TBM and its relationship with inflammatory cytokines (TNF-α, IL-1β and IL-6), clinical severity, MRI changes and outcome.
Cell & Gene therapy supply chain orchestration explained
Andreas Göbel, Camila Mendes 
01 Aug 2022 - Cell & gene therapy insights
The Hypertrust X-Chain this paper is a blockchain-based platform for cell-and-amp; gene therapy (chain of custody, chain of identity), which is used in Hypertrust Patient Data Care, a CAMELOT Group Company.
A comparative analysis of depressive disorders in children and adults: meta-analysis of etiology, assessment tools and interventions
The meta- analysis is a systematic review analysis of depressive disorder causes in both adults and children through the validation of the assessment tools involved in measuring the severity and the types of interventions used by expert clinicians, to provide better cure of diseases.
Invasive maize spotted stem borer Chilo partellus Swinhoe 1885 (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) is the dominant pest in maize agro-system in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey
01 Aug 2022 - Journal of Asia-pacific Entomology
In this article , the authors studied the species abundance distribution (SAD) models and some biodiversity indices of three major maize stem bores, C . partellus, Ostrinia nubilalis and Sesamia nonagrioides.
State policy of sustainable digitalization of Kazakhstan education in the experience of transformation during the pandemic period
01 Aug 2022 - Rivista di studi sulla sostenibilità
In this article , the authors provided an analysis of the problems that Kazakhstani education had to face in the transition to online learn-ing, and emergency measures taken by the state and the business environment to solve them.
The Design of Printed Fanfiction: A Case Study of Down to Agincourt Fanbinding
Naomi Jacobs, Jsa Lowe 
01 Aug 2022 - Proceedings from the Document Academy
The authors examine the design process of fanbinding, through which physical, printed copies of fanfiction works are created and shared, and examine how fans go about making affective, aesthetic, practical and iterative design choices.

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