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Top papers of 2023

Deep Learning-based Moving Object Segmentation: Recent Progress and Research Prospects
Rui Jiang, Hu Su, Yinlin Li, Yuan Xie, Wei Zou 
20 Apr 2023 - Machine Intelligence Research
In this article , the authors present a more up-to-date categorization based on model characteristics, then compare and discuss each category from feature learning (FL), and model training and evaluation perspectives.
Beyond the disk: EUV coronagraphic observations of the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager on board Solar Orbiter
20 Apr 2023 - Astronomy and Astrophysics
The Full Sun Imager (FSI) channel of the EUI telescope on board the Solar Orbiter mission has been used to provide very wide field-of-view EUV diagnostics of the morphology and dynamics of the solar atmosphere in temperature regimes that are typical of the lower transition region and of the corona as discussed by the authors .
Green-Solvent-Processable Composite Micro/Nanofiber Membrane with Gradient Asymmetric Structure for Efficient Microfiltration.
20 Apr 2023 - Small
In this article, the preparation process of electrospun PVFA nanofiber membrane is optimized, and the effect of sodium chloride (NaCl) addition on the physical and mechanical properties and microfiltration performance of nanofibers is also explored.
Lateral scanning Raman scattering lidar for accurate measurement of atmospheric temperature and water vapor from ground to height of interest.
20 Apr 2023 - Optics Letters
In this paper , a lateral scanning Raman scattering lidar (LSRSL) system is proposed to realize the accurate measurement of atmospheric temperature and water vapor from the ground to a height of interest.
Older adults’ technology anxiety as a barrier to digital inclusion: a scoping review
20 Apr 2023 - Educational Gerontology
In this article , the authors used a scoping review methodology to synthesize themes in the literature on technology resistance among older adults and found that different terms were used to conceive of and indicate the responses of older adults in showing anxiety, feeling nervous, and hesitating to use technology.
Impact of race and ethnicity on presentation and outcomes of patients treated on rhabdomyosarcoma clinical trials: A report from the Children's Oncology Group
20 Apr 2023 - Cancer Medicine
Racial and ethnic disparities have been demonstrated in pediatric and adult cancers as discussed by the authors , however, there is no consensus on whether such disparities exist in the presentation, treatment, and outcome of patients with rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS).
Stable MXene Dough with Ultrahigh Solid Fraction and Excellent Redispersibility toward Efficient Solution Processing and Industrialization
20 Apr 2023 - Advanced Science
In this article, a bottom-up route to reach a highly concentrated binary MXene-water blend, so-called MXene dough, by controlling the water admixture to freeze-dried MXene flakes by exposure to water mist is reported.
The times make a hero: Street‐level policy entrepreneurship in major crisis responses in China
20 Apr 2023 - Review of Policy Research
In this paper , the authors found that the times do make a hero and that street-level bureaucrats can become policy entrepreneurs by acting as innovative frontline technocrats, major transboundary crisis practitioners, and management savvy operators within the top-down bureaucracy.
Emerging Trends and Advancements in the Processing of Dairy Whey for Sustainable Biorefining
20 Apr 2023 - Journal of Food Processing and Preservation
In this paper , a review of the recent developments and challenges in producing a whole range of value-added ingredients with whey as feedstock through microbial fermentation is presented, with particular focus paid to the potential of novel genetically engineered or adapted microbial strains to valorize bovine whey economically and sustainably.
High loading-dose of dupilumab resulted in rapid disease control in pediatric patients with atopic dermatitis
20 Apr 2023 - Frontiers in Immunology
Wang et al. as mentioned in this paper explored the efficacy and safety of dupilumab in Chinese patients with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis and investigated the effect of higher loading dose for disease control in patients aged <6 years.
Ten years after ruxolitinib approval for myelofibrosis: a review of clinical efficacy
20 Apr 2023 - Leukemia & Lymphoma
Ruxolitinib, an oral Janus kinase (JAK) 1 and JAK2 inhibitor, was the first agent approved for myelofibrosis (MF).
Respon Tingkah Laku Lobster Pasir (Panulirus homarus, Linnaeus, 1758) Terhadap Kontaminasi Bahan Baku Minyak Bumi (Crude Oil)
Hartoyo Hartoyo, Amron Amron 
20 Apr 2023 - Saintek
In this paper , a metode observasi skala laboratorium menggunakan kamera Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) sebagai instrument utama dalam pengamatan tingkah laku lobster.
Pharmacophore Variants of the Macrocyclic Peptide Triazole Inactivator of HIV-1 Env
20 Apr 2023 - Research square
In this paper , the authors examined the hypothesis that the side chains of both components of the triazole Pro-Trp segment of cPT pharmacophore work in tandem to make intimate contacts with two proximal subsites of the overall CD4 binding site of gp120 to stabilize binding and function.
Gli ammonoidi della Formazione di Besano pubblicati da Airaghi nel 1912 conservati al Museo Kosmos di Pavia
20 Apr 2023 - Natural History Sciences
In this paper , the ammonoids from the Besano Formation described by Airaghi in two works in 1912, belonging to the collections of the Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano, as well as many other historical collections stored in this museum, were recently found among the material stored in the new Museo Kosmos in Pavia during a reorganization of the deposits.
Case report: Multiple brain intravascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia: incidence, diagnostic challenges, and management approach
20 Apr 2023 - Frontiers in Neurology
In this paper , a 55-year-old woman presented with a relapsing neurological deficit and brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed a hemorrhagic right frontal-parietal lesion.
Los Carabidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) del valle de Salientes (León, norte de España): fauna, corología y notas taxonómicas
20 Apr 2023 - Graellsia
Toribio et al. as discussed by the authors performed an exploración sobre Carabidae (Insecta, Coleoptera) in the Valle de Salientes (norte de León, Spain).
Enhanced Pentostatin Production in Actinomadura sp. by Combining ARTP Mutagenesis, Ribosome Engineering and Subsequent Fermentation Optimization
20 Apr 2023 - Fermentation
In this paper , a strain improvement strategy based on combined atmospheric and room-temperature plasma (ARTP) mutagenesis and ribosome engineering screening, as well as fermentation optimization, for enhanced pentostatin production was reported.
Unravelling genome organization of neopolyploid flatworm Macrostomum lignano
20 Apr 2023 - bioRxiv
In this article , the authors reported unusual subgenomic organization of Macrostomum lignano through generation and sequencing of two new laboratory sublines of DV1 that differ only by a copy number of the large chromosome MLI1.
Cooperative Joint Inversion of Magnetotelluric and Microseismic Data for Imaging The Geysers Geothermal Field, California, USA
20 Apr 2023 - Geophysics
In this article , a 3D cooperative joint inversion approach was proposed to improve the performance of the 3D microseismic and magnetotelluric (MT) images.
Congestion analysis in a modified coupled map car-following model considering the velocity difference and headway difference under V2X environment
Liu Linqi, Zhao Min, Zhang Yicai, Sun Dihua 
20 Apr 2023 - International Journal of Modern Physics C
In this article , a modified coupled map car-following model with the control terms of the velocity difference and headway difference under V2X (vehicle to everything) environment is presented.
ADS Abelian groups
M. Tamer Koşan, J. Zemlicka 
20 Apr 2023 - Journal of Algebra and Its Applications
In this article , the authors characterize the structure of ADS abelian groups, which can be defined as groups such that members of the decomposition into two direct summands are mutually injective.
Network-based business model in the agri-food sector: A case study of Green Fingers
20 Apr 2023 - Zemědělská ekonomika
In this article , the authors examined a network-based business model of a new venture offering services to avocado farmers and its potential impact on customer performance, which can serve as a benchmark in evaluating other business models and developing practical strategies in agri-food sector.
Tau′s function and dysfunction in the brain: when small changes have big consequences
Miguel Portillo, Debra Toiber 
20 Apr 2023 - Neural Regeneration Research
Toiber et al. as discussed by the authors presented an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-commercial-Share Alike 4.0 Unported, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
A Class of Mesh-Free Algorithms for Some Problems Arising in Finance and Machine Learning
Philippe G. LeFloch, J. M. Mercier 
20 Apr 2023 - Journal of Scientific Computing
In this paper , the authors propose a mesh-free discretization technique based on reproducing kernels and the theory of transport mappings, in a way reminiscent of Lagrangian methods in computational fluid dynamics.
Use of anti-viral therapies in hospitalised COVID-19 patients in the United Arab Emirates: a cost-effectiveness and health-care resource use analysis
20 Apr 2023 - BMC Health Services Research
In this paper , the authors tried to estimate the cost-effectiveness of the antiviral remdesivir, as recommended in the COVID treatment guidelines for the United Arab Emirates, compared to standard of care (SOC), but also favipiravir (FAVI), which was also recommended for the treatment of hospitalized COVID patients.
Innovations on scientific support of plant breeding for resistance against diseases and pests
20 Apr 2023 - Zahist ì karantin roslin
In this paper , a database of innovations in the scientific support of plant breeding for resistance against pathogens and pests was created for creating sustainable varieties, which can be widely used by breeding centers and other scientific institutions of the agrarian profile when creating sustainable grain, oilseed, vegetable, fodder and leguminous grain crops.
A Randomized Control Trial to support smoke-free policy compliance in public housing
20 Apr 2023 - Research square
In this article , the effects of smoke-free living environments through personal pledges, visible door markers and/or via social media were evaluated in low-income multi-unit housing.
Hubungan Tingkat Kecemasan Ibu Hamil dengan Keikutsertaan Vaksinasi Covid-19
Hening Ryan Aryani, Moh. Wildan 
20 Apr 2023 - Malang Journal of Midwifery
In this paper , a cross sectional approach was carried out on 42 pregnant women based on a purposive sampling technique to determine the relationship between the anxiety level of pregnant women and their participation in the COVID-19 vaccination.
“It’s the average cost, mister!” – Explaining the recurrent dismissal of European soccer coaches
20 Apr 2023 - Applied Economics
In this paper , the authors test the microeconomic indicator of average cost as an important (and so far unassessed) dimension in the survival of a professional football coach in the face of recurrent defeats and conclude that the average cost (total budget divided by points achieved in the national championships) is an important dimension.
School Transitions, Peer Processes, and Delinquency: A Social Network Approach to Turning Points in Adolescence
Cassie McMillan, Brittany N. Freelin 
20 Apr 2023 - Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency
The authors examined how normative school transitions (e.g., moves from elementary to middle school) shape adolescents' experiences with three network processes that inform delinquency: delinquent popularity, delinquent sociability and friend selection on shared delinquency participation.
Meta-Analysis Study for the Use of Project Based Learning Models in Teaching and Learning Activities
20 Apr 2023 - Journal on Education
In this paper, the effectiveness of using the project-based learning (PjBL) learning model on students' biology learning outcomes was analyzed using meta-analysis, a method for synthesizing research results from various studies using statistics commonly used in primary studies.
An integrated CRN-SVR approach for the quality consistency improvement in a diesel engine assembly process
20 Apr 2023 - International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing
In this article , a two-step causal relationship network (CRN) learning method is proposed for describing the diesel engine assembly process (DEAP) and an integrated CRN-SVR approach is proposed to realize the predictive modeling of the critical quality indicators in DEAP, which integrated SVR into CRN.
Preparation of Amphiphilic Solid Phase Extraction Material and Its Application in Aqueous Steroid Hormones Extraction
20 Apr 2023 - Chemistryselect
In this paper , an amphiphilic solid phase extraction material of divinylbenzene-N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidinone polymer microsphere was synthesized by free radical polymerization.
Double Riveting and Steric Hindrance Strategy for Ultrahigh-Loading Atomically Dispersed Iron Catalysts Toward Oxygen Reduction.
20 Apr 2023 - Small
In this paper , a double riveting and steric hindrance strategy was proposed to achieve monodispersed iron with a highloading of 12.8 wt% in ZIF-8 framework.
Mechanism of Phase-Locked Ice Crushing against Offshore Structures
20 Apr 2023 - Journal of Marine Science and Engineering
A detailed analysis of the ice-structure interaction process of the phase-locked ice crushing (PLC) against offshore structures is presented in this paper . But, the analysis is limited to the case of the Molikpaq lighthouse and jacket platform.
The effectiveness of treaters against sucking pests in winter wheat agrocenosis
20 Apr 2023 - Zahist ì karantin roslin
In this paper , the results of studying of modern insecticidal disinfactants against sucking pest density in a phase of ВВСН 21-30 have been presented.
Competing Magnetic Interactions and the Role of Unpaired 4f Electrons in Oxygen-Deficient Perovskites Ba3RFe2O7.5 (R = Y, Dy).
20 Apr 2023 - Inorganic Chemistry
In this article , the magnetic ground states of perovskite compounds with the general formula Ba3RFe2O7.5 were determined from neutron powder diffraction data, complemented by ab initio density functional theory calculations.
Engel’s Theorem in Mathlib
20 Apr 2023 - Journal of Automated Reasoning
In this paper , a computer formalisation of Engel's theorem and an application to root space theory is presented, where all arguments work with coefficients in any commutative ring and all arguments can be expressed as Lie algebras.
Synthesis of Gadolinium-Doped Molybdenum Diselenide Nanospheres for Ultrasensitive Electrochemical Determination of Essential Amino Acid in Human Serum and Milk Samples
20 Apr 2023 - Journal of The Electrochemical Society
In this paper , a rare earth metal of gadolinium (Gd3+) was doped with MoSe2 and synthesized through the hydrothermal method, and the morphology and nanostructure of Gd3+ with MoSE2 nanospheres were analyzed under field emission scanning electron microscopy.
The MATE trial: a multicentre, mixed-methodology, pilot, randomised controlled trial in neovascular age-related macular degeneration
20 Apr 2023 - Pilot and Feasibility Studies
The MATE trial as mentioned in this paper evaluated feasibility evidence comparing two treatment regimens for neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD) to inform a future large-scale randomised controlled trial (RCT).
Effect of Third-Particle Material and Contact Mode on Tribology Contact Characteristics at Interface
20 Apr 2023 - Lubricants
In this article , the influence of wear particles (SUJ2), environmental particles (SiO2 and Al2O3) and nano-additives (CuO) on the tribological contact characteristics under different particle concentrations, particle sizes, surface roughness and contact modes were analyzed.
Prediction of Microsatellite Instability in Colorectal Cancer Using a Machine Learning Model Based on PET/CT Radiomics
20 Apr 2023 - Yonsei Medical Journal
In this article , a PET-based radiomics signature (rad_score) was established to predict the microsatellite instability (MSI) status in patients with colorectal cancer.
Co‐building a training programme to facilitate patient, family and community partnership on research grants: A patient‐oriented research project
20 Apr 2023 - Health Expectations
Patient engagement in patient-oriented research (POR) is described as patients collaborating as active and equal research team members (patient research partners [PRPs]) on the health research projects and activities that matter to them as mentioned in this paper .
Plants under pressure: the impact of environmental change on plant ecology and evolution
Isabel C. Barrio, Alessandro Rapini 
20 Apr 2023 - BMC ecology and evolution
In this paper , the authors present a collection of articles called "Plants under Pressure" to understand the impact of environmental change on plant ecology and evolution and help solve the current biodiversity crisis.
Non-contactless measurement of alpaca hair diameter
20 Apr 2023 - Physics for Economy
In this article, the results of a study of the diameter of alpaca hair using the laser technology were presented. But the results were limited to the measurement of very thin hair.
Science, Scripture, and Sexuality: The US United Methodist Church at Crossroads
20 Apr 2023 - Journal of Religion & Health
The United Methodist Church in the USA has been a prototype of the struggle of accepting homosexuality as part of the spectrum of sexual orientation as mentioned in this paper , and the difficulty that society in general has with accepting homosexuality.
Efficiency of the application of biological BT preparations in the protection of potatoes from harmful organisms in the western Forest Steppe of Ukraine
M. P. Solomiychuk, M. Y. Pikovskyi 
20 Apr 2023 - Zahist ì karantin roslin
In this paper , the authors studied the possibility of using biological preparations of ITI Biotechnica sowing of nightshade crops and to determine their effectiveness against harmful organisms.
Mitigation of Heat Stress in Striped Catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) by Dietary Allicin: Exploring the Growth Performance, Stress Biomarkers, Antioxidative, and Immune Responses
20 Apr 2023 - Aquaculture Research
In this article , the authors investigated the effect of heat stress on the performance of striped catfish by dietary allicin and found that the results indicated that dietary ALLICIN remarkably enhanced the growth performance (FBW, WG, and SGR) and feed utilization (FCR and PER) in striped cats in a dose-dependent manner.

Top papers of 2022

Renewable energy and CO2 emissions intensity in the top carbon intense countries
01 May 2022 - Renewable Energy
The authors explored the relationship between renewable energy and CO 2 emissions intensity in the top carbon intense countries over the period 2000-2015 and found that renewable energy consumption has significant negative effect on CO2 emissions.
Synthesis and adsorption performance of ultra-low silica-to-alumina ratio and hierarchical porous ZSM-5 zeolites prepared from coal gasification fine slag.
01 May 2022 - Chemosphere
In this paper , coal gasification fine slag is subjected to prepare ZSM-5 zeolites with ultra-low n(SiO2)/n(Al2O3) ratios (less than 20) and hierarchical pore structures.
Integrated management of Spodoptera frugiperda six years post-detection in Africa: a review.
01 May 2022 - Current opinion in insect science
The introduction of fall armyworm (FAW) Spodoptera frugiperda (JE Smith) on the African continent has led to paradigm shifts in pest control in maize systems, occasioned by year-round populations as discussed by the authors .
Fabrication of free-standing flexible and highly efficient carbon nanotube film/PEDOT: PSS thermoelectric composites
Jing Huang, Xiaohua H. Liu, Yongmin Du 
01 May 2022 - Journal of Materiomics
In this paper , a vacuum-assisted filtration method was proposed, which can uniformly and sufficiently penetrate the polymer into CNTF along thickness direction for fabrication of thermoelectric composites, which overcomes the disadvantages of low content, easy aggregation, and random orientation of CNTs when dispersed in polymer.
Necroptosis in heart disease: Molecular mechanisms and therapeutic implications.
Xiaoyun Guo, Yi Chen, Qinghang Liu 
01 May 2022 - Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology
In this paper , the authors discuss molecular and cellular mechanisms of necrosis, potential crosstalk between necroptosis and other cell death pathways, functional implications of necrotosis in heart disease, and new therapeutic strategies that target necrosis signaling.
Automated rare sperm identification from low-magnification microscopy images of dissociated microsurgical testicular sperm extraction samples using deep learning.
01 May 2022 - Fertility and Sterility
In this article , a convolutional neural network based on the U-Net architecture was trained using 35,761 bright-field (BF) image patches with fluorescent ground truth image pairs to segment sperm.
One-Pot Synthesis of SnO2-rGO Nanocomposite for Enhanced Photocatalytic and Anticancer Activity
01 May 2022 - Polymers
In this article , the photocatalytic activity and anticancer efficacy of tin oxide-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites (snO2-rGO NCs) were explored.
The fingerprint stability of the biomarker hopanes and steranes in soot emissions from in-situ burning of oil.
01 May 2022 - Science of The Total Environment
In this article , the stability of chemical fingerprints of hopanes and steranes in the ISB soot were investigated based on the burning of two different types of oils, including one ultra-light condensate (i.e., surrogate Sanchi condensates) and one heavy oil.
Investigation of sulfate attack on aluminum phases in cement-metakaolin paste
Gao Deng, Yong He, Linnu Lu, Fazhou Wang 
01 May 2022 - Journal of building engineering
In this paper , the authors investigated the sulfate attack of various aluminate hydrate products commonly formed in metakaolin (MK) blended cement paste and the evolution of aluminate hyrate products of the cement-MK paste under sulfate attacks.
Revealing spatiotemporal matching patterns between traffic flux and road resources using big geodata - A case study of Beijing
01 May 2022 - Cities
Wang et al. as discussed by the authors proposed a framework for analyzing the match between traffic flux, i.e. the number of individuals driving into or out of a region per unit time, and road resources, using mobile phone data covering approximately 17 million users over one week in Beijing.
Integration of Foundry MIM Capacitor and OSAT Fan-Out RDL for High Performance RF Filters
01 May 2022
In this article , a new structure which combines OSAT Fan-Out RDL inductors and foundry MIM capacitors is proposed to enhance filter performance, which is able to sustain 38 dBm at least.
Results of arthroscopically assisted reduction and fixation of antero-medial coronoid facet fractures at short term follow-up.
01 May 2022 - Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
In this paper , a retrospective single-center trial evaluated consecutive patients who underwent arthroscopically assisted reduction and internal fixation (ARIF) of isolated subtype II AMF coronoid fractures between 2014 and 2020.
Development of a multi-epitope spike glycoprotein vaccine to combat SARS-CoV-2 using the bioinformatics approach
01 May 2022 - Journal of Pharmacy &amp; Pharmacognosy Research
The docking and immunogenicity results of the vaccine met all established parameters for constructing a quality vaccine and demonstrates its effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 infection.
Active APPL1 sequestration by Plasmodium favors liver-stage development.
01 May 2022 - Cell Reports
Deschermeier et al. as mentioned in this paper showed that liver-stage Plasmodium parasites compete with the host to sequester a host endosomal-adaptor protein (APPL1) known to regulate signaling in response to endocytosis.
Modeling the potential distribution of cacti under climate change scenarios in the largest tropical dry forest region in South America
01 May 2022 - Journal of Arid Environments
In this article , the authors modeled the potential distribution of eight cactus species native (target species) to the Caatinga under future climate scenarios and analyzed the range shifts of these species during the remainder of this century.
Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Laser Ablation Using a Diffusing Applicator for Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
01 May 2022 - Cancers
EUS-guided CILA can be a feasible approach for treating PC and animal studies will investigate the chronic responses of the pancreatic tissue to examine the efficacy and safety of the proposed method for clinical translation.
Performance of ash from Amazonian biomasses as an alternative source of essential plant nutrients: An integrated and eco-friendly strategy for industrial waste management considering the lack of raw fertilizer materials
01 May 2022 - Journal of Cleaner Production
In this paper , an integrative system between bioenergy and fertilizer production and waste management was proposed, focusing on the availability and uptake of nutrients and heavy metals in acidic soils and the P dynamics using 31 P-NMR.
Silica/polystyrene bipod-like submicron colloids synthesized by seed-growth dispersion polymerisation as precursors for two-patch silica particles
01 May 2022 - Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
In this paper , the synthesis at the gram scale of spherical silica particles bearing two organic patches made of grafted polystyrene chains at their poles is reported. But the synthesis is based on the fabrication of silica/polystyrene bipods by dispersion polymerisation followed by the selective dissolution of the polymeric nodules, and leads to about 70% pure batches.
Impact of Seasonal Consumption of Local Tomatoes on the Metabolism and Absorption of (Poly)Phenols in Fischer Rats
01 May 2022 - Nutrients
It is concluded that in-season tomato consumption led to an increase in (poly)phenol circulation, whereas LT consumption showed lower circulating metabolites than NLT ones, which could also affect their bioactivity.
Experimental assessment of the similarity law for a heat conduction problem
A. Charaka, James L. Berger, Rafik Belarbi 
01 May 2022 - Thermal science and engineering progress
In this paper , two equivalent configurations were submitted to a heat stress and compared to assess the validity of thermal similarity, and the results showed a good agreement between the reference and reduced experiment.
Risk spillover of banking across regions: Evidence from the belt and road countries
01 May 2022 - Emerging Markets Review
In this article , the risk spillover effect of 2178 banks in 63 countries along the Belt and Road from 2006 to 2020 with the VAR-BEKK-GARCH model was analyzed.
Optogenetic Control of Phosphatase and Kinase Function
01 May 2022 - The FASEB Journal
It is concluded that genetic code expansion can be utilized to engineer photocontrol of enzymes via diverse methods, resulting in the precise examination of protein function within the context of complex cell signaling cascades, thereby delivering an additional understanding of kinase and phosphatase function.
Thermal, optical, and volumetric studies on mixing properties of binary nematic mixtures of 9CHBT/11CHBT
01 May 2022 - Journal of Molecular Liquids
In this article , phase diagrams and optical properties of a series of nematic binary mixtures composed of 4-(trans-4′-n-nonylcyclohexyl) isothiocyanatobenzen (9CHBT) and 4-(Trans-4´n−n-undecylcyclo hexylhexyl)-isothIoHBNs were established in the entire range of molar fraction by differential scanning calorimetry method, refractometry as well as density measurements.
The essential requirements for a HPB center to deliver high quality outcomes.
01 May 2022 - Journal of Hepatology
In this article , the authors present criteria for essential requirements for an HPB center to deliver high-quality outcomes, with the concept of "centre of reference" limited to actual, as opposed to virtual, centres.
Temperature effect on sensory attributes, thermal and rheological properties of concentrated aguamiel syrups of two Agave species
01 May 2022 - Measurement: Food
In this paper , thermal, spectroscopy, rheological, and sensory techniques were used to characterize agave spp. atrovirens and salmiana at different temperatures (70, 80, 90, and 95 °C).
How I Do It: Treating Severe Refractory and Augmented RLS.
01 May 2022 - Chest
The most commonly used medications for RLS are dopamine agonists (DAs) such as pramipexole, ropinirole, or rotigotine as mentioned in this paper .
Determinants of quality-based payments for livestock in conflict-prone areas in Kenya
J. Mugonya, M. Hauser 
01 May 2022 - Journal of Arid Environments
In this article , a deeper understanding of transitions towards quality-based payments from the perspective of livestock buyers in the Kerio-Valley, Kenya, is presented, where the authors identify three broad determinants (chain organisation and financing, market system development, quality and value of livestock) relevant for the transition from traditional to qualitybased payments for livestock in conflict prone drylands.
Effects of Home-Based Respiratory Physiotherapy and Telephone-Based Psychological Support on Pulmonary and Mental Health Outcomes in Peru: A Feasibility Randomized Controlled Trial
01 May 2022
It is demonstrated that an integrated rehabilitation program administered over a 6-week after discharge in Lima, Peru was both feasible and acceptable, and had positive benefits on physical and pulmonary function and on mental health during the 12 weeks of follow-up.
Effects of Fungus‐Derived Compound N9 on Airway Mucus Secretion: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies
01 May 2022 - The FASEB Journal
The results suggest that N9 represents the first class of fungus‐derived inhibitor of mucus secretion which might be useful for the treatment of asthma and other airway diseases with mucus hypersecretion being the main pathogenesis.
Regionalized Perinatal Care in Canada: Can Small Hospitals Safely Deliver Women with a Previous Cesarean Delivery?
01 May 2022 - Journal of obstetrics and gynaecology Canada
In this paper , the authors compared severe maternal morbidity/mortality (SMM) and serious neonatal morbidity (NMM) among deliveries to women with a previous cesarean delivery (PCD) by hospital in Canada.
Factors Associated with Dysfunctional Low Back Pain in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
01 May 2022 - Benha Journal of Applied Sciences
Despite the fact that LBP in RA patients was effectively managed, the activity of daily living may be more influenced by LBP, which was higher among patients with active disease status, and these findings show that RA patients' lumbar therapy should focus on disease management as well.
Age‐dependent behavioral and neuropathological assessment of analysis of AppNL‐G‐F/NL‐G‐Fknock‐in (KI) mice
01 May 2022 - The FASEB Journal
The identified behavioral and bioenergetic alterations in this physiologically relevant AD transgenic mouse model provide a valuable tool to optimize the temporal component for therapeutic interventions to treat AD.
Impact of External Environmental Factors on Construction Firms' Performance, Mediated By Institutional Pressures
Hassan Fehan, Osaro Aigbogun 
01 May 2022 - Civil Engineering Journal
Doi et al. as mentioned in this paper examined the impact of external environmental factors and institutional pressures on the performance outcomes of construction firms and evaluated the role of institutional pressures as a mediator in that relationship.
Interactive Effects of Thermal and Salinity Stress Cause Cell Cycle Arrest in the Nile Tilapia
Bradley A. Buckley, Rachel M. Palmer 
01 May 2022 - The FASEB Journal
In this paper , the effects of temperature and salinity stress on a tropical freshwater species, the Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, were tested for 1h.
Diagnosis of acute nasal fractures using ultrasound and CT scan
01 May 2022 - Annals of medicine and surgery
In this paper , the authors evaluated diagnostic efficiency of ultrasound and CT scan for acute nasal fractures in 32 patients with nasal trauma referred to (XXX) from January 2020 to December 2020.
Diagnosing Mathematics Ability of Technology Students: Misconceptions in Algebra
Rovini Rathnayake, Gaya Jayakody 
01 May 2022 - Advances in technology
In this article , the authors report on the extent to which algebraic mistakes are made by students entering Technology Faculties and highlight the need to make students unlearn these erroneous habits for many years.
Post‐Pubertal Testosterone Implants Induce Hypertension in Female‐to‐Male Trans‐Sex Rat Model
01 May 2022 - The FASEB Journal
The hypothesis that chronic androgen supplements (starting post pubertal) in a rodent model of transgender men, will increase BP and promote metabolic dysfunction is tested.
Mutiskuma principa un interešu izskatīt krimināllietu rakstveida procesā mijiedarbība Kriminālprocesa likumā
01 May 2022
In this article , the authors study the limits of the guarantees arising from the principle of orality in the criminal procedure law and analyse the mechanism designed to balance the aforementioned principle and the interests collided with it.
STOP School Violence Program (DOJ)
01 May 2022
In this paper , the authors present a full-text version of this article with a link to share a fulltext version with your friends and colleagues, using the link below to share onFacebookTwitterLinked InRedditWechat No abstract is available for this article.
Coupling Metabolic Source Isotopic Pair Labeling and Genome Wide Association for Metabolite and Gene Annotation in Plants
Abigail Sipes, Zhiwei Luo, Clint Chapple 
01 May 2022 - The FASEB Journal
This project applies isotopic labeling to characterize amino acid‐derived metabolites in Arabidopsis and then applies Genome‐Wide Association (GWA) to identify the genes responsible for their synthesis and to provide the function of annotated genes that are associated with plant metabolism.
Strengthening public health systems for diagnosing patients with acute encephalitis syndrome of unidentified cause.
01 May 2022 - The Lancet Global Health
Ravi et al. as discussed by the authors used an algorithmic approach to identify the aetiology of acute encephalitis syndrome in India, which is still undiagnosed in 45 to 50% cases across the country.
Pore formation in simple systems simulated by molecular dynamics
01 May 2022 - Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Simulation of the pore formation process in a simple one-component system was performed in this paper , where the initial configuration of the system was a crystal with FCC lattice.
P203. Emotional Working Memory in Individuals With Borderline Personality Disorder
01 May 2022 - Biological Psychiatry
In this article , it was shown that BPD is characterized by executive functioning deficits, specifically in working memory, and that these deficits scale with increasing WM load and how emotional arousal impacts this relationship.
MO993: Incidence of Ptld and Its Relationship with Cmv-Serostatus Positivity Among Childhood and Adulthood Population: A Registry Data Study
01 May 2022 - Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation
PTLD is a rare complication of renal transplantation in the current era and the risk of development of PTLD is highest during the first-year post-transplant, the aim of this study is to elucidate the relationship between PTLD and CMV infection.
Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health 3e
01 May 2022
The Oxford Handbook of Occupational Health is a practice-based guide primarily for occupational health practitioners including general practitioners who practice occupational health on a sessional basis and updates the material to reflect important new changes to practice, disease recognition, OH service delivery, guidelines as well changes to legislation and ethical principles.
Leveraging Communities of Practice and Pedagogies of Practice to Prepare Ambitious Teachers
01 May 2022 - Northwest journal of teacher education
This paper explored how pedagogies of practice and communities of practice support prospective teachers' development of a mathematics teaching practice, and found that pedagogical activities situated within a community of practice may provide opportunities for prospective teachers to build an understanding of the relationship between a core teaching practice and principles of ambitious teaching.
Rupture diaphragmatique et hernie intercostale droites homolatérales sur toux aiguë
01 May 2022 - Revue Des Maladies Respiratoires
In this paper , a 64-year-old patient with chronic cough was diagnosed with an intercostal hernia with pleural and hepatic content associated with a diaphragmatic hernia of non-traumatic origin.
Gentiopicroside ameliorates acute inflammatory kidney injury in a mouse model induced by LPS through hampering NF‐κB, AP‐1 and IRF3 pathways
Saja M. Shareef, Sarmed H. Kathem 
01 May 2022 - The FASEB Journal
Gentiopicroside, a natural secoiridoid glycoside extracted from Gentiana lutea with gastroprotective and hepatoprotective effects was investigated in a mouse model of LPS‐induced acute kidney injury.

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