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Douglas G. AltmanUniversity of Oxford
H-index: 253
1K papers680.3K citations

Eric S. LanderHarvard University
H-index: 301
826 papers525.9K citations

Yoshua BengioUniversité de Montréal
H-index: 202
1K papers420.3K citations

Walter C. WillettHarvard University
H-index: 334
2.3K papers413.3K citations

Geoffrey E. HintonGoogle
H-index: 157
414 papers409K citations

Ahmedin JemalAmerican Cancer Society
H-index: 132
500 papers380.4K citations

David MoherOttawa Hospital Research Institute
H-index: 134
275 papers376.2K citations

Bert VogelsteinHoward Hughes Medical Institute
H-index: 247
757 papers332K citations

Ronald C. KesslerHarvard University
H-index: 274
1.3K papers328.9K citations

Robert TibshiraniStanford University
H-index: 147
593 papers326.5K citations

Robert LangerMassachusetts Institute of Technology
H-index: 281
2.3K papers326.3K citations

Albert HofmanHarvard University
H-index: 267
2.5K papers321.4K citations

Shizuo AkiraOsaka University
H-index: 261
1.3K papers320.5K citations

Oliver H. LowryWashington University in St. Louis
H-index: 85
225 papers318.5K citations

Christopher J L MurrayInstitute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
H-index: 209
754 papers310.3K citations

Daniel KahnemanPrinceton University
H-index: 135
270 papers307.4K citations

Mark J. DalyUniversity of Helsinki
H-index: 204
763 papers304.4K citations

Michael GrätzelÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
H-index: 248
1.4K papers303.5K citations

Tom ManiatisColumbia University
H-index: 143
318 papers299.4K citations

Frederick E. SheltonEthicon Inc.
H-index: 327
1.4K papers295.8K citations

Anselm L. StraussUniversity of California, San Francisco
H-index: 70
186 papers294.4K citations

Stacey GabrielBroad Institute
H-index: 187
383 papers294.2K citations

Yi ChenChinese Academy of Sciences
H-index: 217
4.3K papers293K citations

A. Lewis FarrWashington University in St. Louis
H-index: 2
2 papers286.4K citations

Rose J. RandallWashington University in St. Louis
H-index: 1
1 papers285.4K citations

Nira J. RosebroughWashington University in St. Louis
H-index: 1
1 papers285.4K citations

Meir J. StampferHarvard University
H-index: 277
1.4K papers283.7K citations

Albert BanduraStanford University
H-index: 148
255 papers276.1K citations

Kaiming HeFacebook
H-index: 89
135 papers272K citations

Andrei ShleiferHarvard University
H-index: 171
514 papers271.8K citations

Masatoshi NeiPennsylvania State University
H-index: 114
302 papers271.7K citations

George M. WhitesidesHarvard University
H-index: 240
1.7K papers269.8K citations

Sidney C. SmithUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
H-index: 169
467 papers267.5K citations

Eugene BraunwaldBrigham and Women's Hospital
H-index: 230
1.7K papers264.5K citations

Donald P. SchneiderPennsylvania State University
H-index: 242
1.6K papers263.6K citations

Freddie BrayInternational Agency for Research on Cancer
H-index: 111
402 papers262.9K citations

Donald B. RubinTsinghua University
H-index: 132
515 papers262.6K citations

John P. PerdewTemple University
H-index: 104
410 papers262.6K citations

Joseph SambrookUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
H-index: 70
413 papers262K citations

Andrew ZissermanUniversity of Oxford
H-index: 167
808 papers261.7K citations

Richard K. WilsonNationwide Children's Hospital
H-index: 173
463 papers260K citations

Alan D. LopezUniversity of Melbourne
H-index: 172
863 papers259.2K citations

Zhong Lin WangChinese Academy of Sciences
H-index: 245
2.5K papers259K citations

JoAnn E. MansonBrigham and Women's Hospital
H-index: 270
1.8K papers258.5K citations

Graham A. ColditzWashington University in St. Louis
H-index: 261
1.5K papers256K citations

Ulrich K. LaemmliUniversity of Geneva
H-index: 66
93 papers255.7K citations

Frank B. HuHarvard University
H-index: 250
1.6K papers253.4K citations

Rob KnightUniversity of California, San Diego
H-index: 201
1K papers253.2K citations

Salim YusufPopulation Health Research Institute
H-index: 231
1.4K papers252.9K citations

Francis S. CollinsNational Institutes of Health
H-index: 196
743 papers250.7K citations

Amos TverskyStanford University
H-index: 105
189 papers250.4K citations

Richard A. GibbsBaylor College of Medicine
H-index: 172
889 papers249.7K citations

Rebecca L. SiegelAmerican Cancer Society
H-index: 66
132 papers248.8K citations

George Davey SmithUniversity of Bristol
H-index: 224
2.5K papers248.3K citations

Gad GetzBroad Institute
H-index: 189
520 papers247.5K citations

Guido KroemerInstitut Gustave Roussy
H-index: 236
1.4K papers246.5K citations

Peer BorkUniversity of Würzburg
H-index: 206
697 papers245.4K citations

Paul M. RidkerBrigham and Women's Hospital
H-index: 233
1.2K papers245K citations

Georg KresseUniversity of Vienna
H-index: 111
430 papers244.7K citations

Richard M. RyanAustralian Catholic University
H-index: 164
405 papers244.5K citations

Kenneth W. KinzlerHoward Hughes Medical Institute
H-index: 215
640 papers243.9K citations

Matthew MeyersonHarvard University
H-index: 194
553 papers243.7K citations

Robert A. WeinbergMassachusetts Institute of Technology
H-index: 190
477 papers240.9K citations

Jian SunXi'an Jiaotong University
H-index: 109
360 papers239.3K citations

Ilya SutskeverOpenAI
H-index: 75
131 papers235.5K citations

Chris SanderHarvard University
H-index: 178
713 papers233.2K citations

Martin WhiteUniversity of Cambridge
H-index: 196
2K papers232.3K citations

Scott M. GrundyUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
H-index: 187
841 papers231.8K citations

Steven L. SalzbergJohns Hopkins University
H-index: 147
407 papers231.7K citations

Ross GirshickFacebook
H-index: 97
166 papers231.7K citations

Simon D. M. WhiteKeele University
H-index: 189
795 papers231.6K citations

Richard PetoUniversity of Oxford
H-index: 183
683 papers231.4K citations

Gonçalo R. AbecasisUniversity of Michigan
H-index: 179
595 papers230.3K citations

Matthias MannMax Planck Society
H-index: 221
887 papers230.2K citations

Ralph B. D'AgostinoWake Forest University
H-index: 226
1.2K papers229.6K citations

R Core Team
H-index: 1
1 papers229.2K citations

Gordon H. GuyattMcMaster University
H-index: 231
1.6K papers228.6K citations

Elaine R. MardisNationwide Children's Hospital
H-index: 156
485 papers226.7K citations

Michael KarinUniversity of California, San Diego
H-index: 236
704 papers226.4K citations

David HausslerUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
H-index: 172
488 papers224.9K citations

Jasvinder A. SinghVeterans Health Administration
H-index: 176
2.3K papers223.3K citations

Jie ZhangEast China University of Science and Technology
H-index: 178
4.8K papers221.7K citations

Julian P T HigginsUniversity of Bristol
H-index: 126
334 papers217.9K citations

Edward F. FritschHarvard University
H-index: 13
24 papers217.9K citations

Webb MillerPennsylvania State University
H-index: 97
286 papers217.8K citations

Janet B. W. WilliamsColumbia University
H-index: 73
178 papers217.2K citations

Karl J. FristonUniversity College London
H-index: 217
1.2K papers217.1K citations

Sudhir KumarTemple University
H-index: 82
524 papers216.3K citations

Michael I. JordanUniversity of California, Berkeley
H-index: 176
1K papers216.2K citations

Marion M. BradfordUniversity of Georgia
H-index: 6
7 papers214.5K citations

John Q. TrojanowskiUniversity of Pennsylvania
H-index: 226
1.4K papers213.9K citations

David BotsteinPrinceton University
H-index: 165
468 papers212.7K citations

Jacques FerlayInternational Agency for Research on Cancer
H-index: 69
129 papers211K citations

Jaakko TuomilehtoNational Institute for Health and Welfare
H-index: 115
1.2K papers210.6K citations

Hagop M. KantarjianUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
H-index: 204
3.7K papers210.2K citations

Koichiro TamuraTokyo Metropolitan University
H-index: 34
75 papers210K citations

Michael A. StraussUniversity of Oklahoma
H-index: 185
1.6K papers208.5K citations

Kostya S. NovoselovNational University of Singapore
H-index: 115
392 papers207.3K citations

Richard DurbinUniversity of Cambridge
H-index: 125
319 papers207.1K citations

David J. HunterRoyal North Shore Hospital
H-index: 213
1.8K papers207K citations