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Abdelkader Rhouati

Publications -  13
Citations -  30

Abdelkader Rhouati is an academic researcher. The author has contributed to research in topics: Public opinion & Web mining. The author has an hindex of 3, co-authored 13 publications receiving 18 citations.

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Getting Model of MVVM Pattern from UML Profile

TL;DR: An UML profile for AngularJS for building a model of an AngularJS web application, and a set of transformations that transform the model into a code template are proposed.
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Sentiment Analysis of French Tweets based on Subjective Lexicon Approach: Evaluation of the use of OpenNLP and CoreNLP Tools

TL;DR: Experimentation on sentiment analysis based on subjective lexicon method concludes that tools of sentiment analysisbased on lexicon are much performant than those based on machine learning and they can reach a rate of precision of 70% and F-measure of 0.7.
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Impact of robotic process automation in supply chain:: A model for task selection

TL;DR: In this article, a solution for the task selection problem issue of RPA applied to the supply chain is presented and a case study is also presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of the designed solution.
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Toward a merged approach for cross-platform applications (web, mobile and desktop)

TL;DR: A merged approach and cross-platform called ZCA "ZeroCouplage Approach" is proposed to regroup the strong points of approaches: "Runtime", "Component-Based" and "Cloud- based" thank to a design pattern which is created and named M2VC (Model-Virtual-View-Controller).
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ZeroCouplage Framework: A Framework for Multi-supports Applications (Web, Mobile and Desktop)

TL;DR: A new open source framework based on the adaptation of the MVC model entitled as ZeroCouplage framework is proposed in order to have only one PSM, in which the application will conceive and develop the same application and deploy it on several supports.