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Annamarie Jagose

Researcher at University of Auckland

Publications -  13
Citations -  1869

Annamarie Jagose is an academic researcher from University of Auckland. The author has contributed to research in topics: Queer & Pleasure. The author has an hindex of 7, co-authored 13 publications receiving 1729 citations.

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Queer Theory: An Introduction

TL;DR: In this paper, a clear and concise explanation of the history of same-sex love over the last century, from mid-century homophile movements to gay liberation, the women's movement and lesbian feminism, to the re-appropriation of the term "queer" has been discussed.
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Theorizing Queer Temporalities: A Roundtable Discussion

TL;DR: This roundtable took place via e-mail in March, April, and May of 2006 and participants wrote in clusters of three, sending their remarks back to me to be collated and sent on to the next cluster for a total of three rounds of comments.
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Feminism's Queer Theory

TL;DR: The authors argued that, in contradistinction to its widely promoted ethical openness to its future, queer theory has been less scrupulous about its messy, flexible and multiple relations to its pasts, the critical and activist traditions from which it emerged and that continue to develop alongside in mutually informing ways.
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Counterfeit pleasures: fake orgasm and queer agency

TL;DR: For example, this article argued that "Pleasure does not represent anything; there are no counterfeit pleasures" and "Physical practices of the fist-fucking sort" are in effect ext...