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Ashish Kumar

Bio: Ashish Kumar is an academic researcher from National Institute of Technology, Silchar. The author has contributed to research in topics: Tree (data structure) & Benchmark (computing). The author has co-authored 1 publications.

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01 Aug 2018
TL;DR: A Tree-based placement algorithm for Homogeneous FPGAs is presented and it is shown that by applying the algorithm on a set of benchmark circuits, the placement cost is effectively reduced.
Abstract: Nowadays, FPGA Placement problems have become more complicated since they need to account area constraint and time constraint. Placement is still one of the most difficult problems as the FPGA designs become larger and more complex. As FPGAs are programmable in nature they are an ideal fit for many different markets such as Aerospace, Defense, Audio, Automotive, Broadcast, Industrial, Medical, Security, Video & Image Processing, Wired & Wireless communications. Also, FPGA is becoming popular among big companies and researchers who apply FPGA to highperformance computing and deep learning as it provides better performance, flexible programmability, better cost, etc. In this paper, we present a Tree-based placement algorithm for Homogeneous FPGAs. By applying our algorithm on a set of benchmark circuits we have effectively reduced the placement cost. We have compared results with VPR that uses Simulated annealing approach and our results are comparatively better.