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Ba Thu Nghiem

Bio: Ba Thu Nghiem is an academic researcher from University of Kansas. The author has contributed to research in topics: Mental health & Azone. The author has an hindex of 4, co-authored 4 publications receiving 70 citations.
Topics: Mental health, Azone, Cefoxitin, Esterase, Mainstream

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TL;DR: In this paper, 13 transdermal penetration enhancers were evaluated with respect to the absorption of indomethacin using shed snake skin of Elaphe obsoleta as a model of the stratum corneum and using Azone as the standard enhancer.

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TL;DR: A fully automated system for studying in vitro skin penetration has been developed that provides for the accurate measurement of steady-state flux and lag time, which is often difficult to monitor using conventional systems because of infrequent sampling.

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TL;DR: It appears that sheds of snake skin have, at least qualitatively, similar properties with respect to esterase enzymes which may still be active in the mass of dead cells of the skin stratum corneum as suggested by others.

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TL;DR: The mechanism underlying the ability of phosphate derivatives to act as adjuvants and coadjuvants was examined in in vivo and in situ preparations in rats and dogs as discussed by the authors.

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18 Jan 2023-medRxiv
TL;DR: In this article , an examination of the acts of discriminiation and hate crimes against the Asian American community and how their mental health has been impacted is presented, including anxiety, depression, and psychological stress.
Abstract: This article is an examination of the acts of discriminiation and hate crimes against the Asian American community and how their mental health has been impacted. The historical examination of acts against the Asian American community stem from acts against the Asian American community during both the yellow peril and the Roosevelt Era. Alongside current day institutionalized policies that are propagated by the media, the resurrection of historical tropes further act to seclude Asian Americans from mainstream society. These acts of seclusion further drive mental health inequality in Asian American society that include, but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, and psychological stress. These mental health inequalities are further subdivided into different ethnic groups that worsen as data is collected from older generations. More recently, COVID-19 has brought forth an upsurge in hate crimes that has only worsened the ability of Asian American youth to fully develop a racial identity; the upsurge in hate crimes is also coupled with invalidation of interethnic differences and invalidation of their discriminatory experiences. The synthesis of current day research will aid in the understanding of the mental health inequality in the Asian American community and aid in further studies that can address these plights.

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TL;DR: The nature and magnitude of the penetration and enzymatic barriers to peptide and protein drug absorption are described and the effectiveness and limitations of the approaches that have been used to overcome such barriers are reviewed.

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TL;DR: This article assesses the intestinal permeation enhancement action of over 250 PEs that have been tested in intestinal delivery models and places an emphasis on studies where PEs have been formulated with poorly permeable molecules in solid dosage forms and lipoidal dispersions.

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TL;DR: It is clear that scientists are now only beginning to comprehend the complexity of transdermal drug delivery, and the role of penetration enhancer inclusion in topical formulations will undoubtedly, in the future, permit the delivery of broader classes of drugs through the stratum corneum.

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TL;DR: Certains medicaments administres par voie orale ont une biodisponibilite faible car ils ne sont pas absorbes au niveau de la muqueuse intestinale.

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TL;DR: The respective alcoholic terpenes carvacrol, linalool, and alpha-terpineol were used at 5% w/v in propylene glycol to increase the in vitro permeation of haloperidol through human skin, and the possible enhancement mechanism was elucidated with HP-stratum corneum (SC) binding studies, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, and differential scanning calorimetry.

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