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Bianca Luigia Manoleanu

Bio: Bianca Luigia Manoleanu is an academic researcher from National University of Music Bucharest. The author has contributed to research in topic(s): Value (ethics) & Premise. The author has co-authored 1 publication(s).

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TL;DR: In this paper, a conception of knowledge based on subjectivity that defines the concrete value of an aesthetic education is proposed. But the authors do not discuss the relationship between aesthetic education and educational practice.
Abstract: Aesthetic education is certainly an important premise in creating a mature personality. The concept of education reflects the commitment of the child in a continuous process of formation-development designed and built according to certain finalities and education can represent, simultaneously, a process and also a product. The organization of educational practice can be realized progressively, according to the synthesis of the elements that constitutes the meaning of educational principles, accompanied by a series of nuances of the system of values. The entire normative system can emphasize certain elements from the normative area that receive meanings from de system of spiritual values, claimed by a certain educational paradigm. The judgment and aesthetic value represent the potential explored of the process of interiorization of the subject's institutions. The purpose of this study is to promote a conception of knowledge, based on subjectivity that defines the concrete value of an aesthetic education. The justifying approach of educational values represents a necessity of the joy to accept and use groups of values such as: understanding, faith/doubt, criticism, evaluation etc.