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David Slight

Publications -  3
Citations -  284

David Slight is an academic researcher. The author has contributed to research in topics: Psychogenic disease. The author has an hindex of 2, co-authored 3 publications receiving 280 citations.

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Studies in the Psychology of Sex

TL;DR: Havelock Ellis as discussed by the authors investigated the relationship between love and pain and concluded that pain is a powerful sexual stimulant under certain abnormal circumstances; that it does so because pain is the most powerful means of arousing emotion; and that anger and fear are the two emotions most intimately associated with fear, through which the process of natural selection largely works.
Journal Article

Psychogenic Factors in Dermatoses

TL;DR: Even if a protozoan parasite were proved to infect certain of their laboratory monkeys, it would not invalidate their work, which merely sets out to establish the value of the rhesus as a comparable animal to man in the study of aneemia.