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Dorothy L. Hodgson

Researcher at Rutgers University

Publications -  41
Citations -  2261

Dorothy L. Hodgson is an academic researcher from Rutgers University. The author has contributed to research in topics: Maasai & Politics. The author has an hindex of 22, co-authored 41 publications receiving 2164 citations. Previous affiliations of Dorothy L. Hodgson include Indiana University.

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Dilemmas of counter-mapping community resources in Tanzania

TL;DR: A review of the counter-mapping literature can be found in this article, where the authors compare four counter mapping projects from Maasai areas in Tanzania to explore some potential pitfalls in such efforts.
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Introduction: Comparative Perspectives on the Indigenous Rights Movement in Africa and the Americas

TL;DR: Using ethnographic case studies, the authors explored the indigenous rights movements in two regions, Africa and the Americas, where the histories, agendas, and dynamics of the movements are at once similar and different.

Once Intrepid Warriors: Gender, Ethnicity, and the Cultural Politics of Maasai Development

TL;DR: The last of the Maasai? as discussed by the authors discusses the gender, ethnicity and marginality of modernity in modernity and the production of marginality, and the Gendered Contradictions of Modernity and Marginality.