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Dr L. Sumalatha

Bio: Dr L. Sumalatha is an academic researcher. The author has co-authored 1 publications.

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TL;DR: In this paper , the authors investigate various types of assaults and different types of security mechanisms that might be applied based on the network's needs and architecture to defend against network security threats.
Abstract: - Security is an important aspect of computing and networking technology. The first and most important aspect of any network design, planning, construction, and operation is the significance of a solid security strategy. Network security is becoming increasingly critical to personal computer users, businesses, and the military. With the introduction of the internet, security has become a big problem. Many security threats were made possible by the internet's structure. Because of the ease with which intellectual property can be obtained via the internet, network security is becoming increasingly important. When an attack is sent via a network, it can take several forms. Knowing the attack mechanisms enables adequate security to evolve. Many businesses protect themselves from the internet by using of Firewalls and encryption methods are examples of security measures. On global networking infrastructures, there is a vast number of personal, commercial, military, and government information, all of which necessitates different security procedures. In this research, we attempt to investigate numerous types of assaults as well as various types of security mechanisms that might be applied based on the network's needs and architecture.