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Elisabeth Verpoorte

Researcher at University of Groningen

Publications -  151
Citations -  9042

Elisabeth Verpoorte is an academic researcher from University of Groningen. The author has contributed to research in topics: Capillary electrophoresis & Microchannel. The author has an hindex of 47, co-authored 146 publications receiving 8485 citations. Previous affiliations of Elisabeth Verpoorte include University of Neuchâtel & Novartis.

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Planar chips technology for miniaturization and integration of separation techniques into monitoring systems. Capillary electrophoresis on a chip

TL;DR: In this paper, a chip-like structure for capillary electrophoresis is presented, which is based on the photolithographic technique for structures in the micrometer range.
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Microfluidic chips for clinical and forensic analysis

TL;DR: Few cases of microchip analysis of physiological samples or other “real‐world” matrices were found, but many of the examples presented have potential application for these samples, especially with ongoing parallel developments involving integration of sample pretreatment onto chips and the use of fluid propulsion mechanisms other than electrokinetic pumping.
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Microfluidics meets MEMS

TL;DR: Developments that have emerged from the increasing interaction between the MEMS and microfluidics worlds, including how to integrate electrical or electrochemical function into chips for purposes as diverse as heating, temperature sensing, electrochemical detection, and pumping are explored.
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Micromachining of monocrystalline silicon and glass for chemical analysis systems A look into next century's technology or just a fashionable craze?

TL;DR: Micromachining, a well known photolithographic technique for structures in the micrometer range, is introduced and documented with structures as examples for flow injection analysis, electrophoresis and a detector cell as discussed by the authors.