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Ella Shohat

Researcher at New York University

Publications -  77
Citations -  4591

Ella Shohat is an academic researcher from New York University. The author has contributed to research in topics: Orientalism & Politics. The author has an hindex of 21, co-authored 77 publications receiving 4368 citations. Previous affiliations of Ella Shohat include City University of New York.

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Unthinking Eurocentrism : Multiculturalism and the Media

TL;DR: Unthinking Eurocentrism as mentioned in this paper explores issues of EurocentRism and multiculturalism in relation to popular culture, film and the mass media, examining issues from the racial politics of casting to colonialist discourse and gender and Empire.
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Notes on the "Post-Colonial"

Ella Shohat
- 01 Jan 1992 - 
TL;DR: The authors argue that post-colonization does not lend itself to a geopolitical critique, or to a critique of the dominant media's Gulf War macro-narratives, and they propose to explore some of the theoretical and political ambiguities of the "post-colonial" theory.
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Sephardim in Israel : Zionism from the Standpoint of its Jewish Victims

Ella Shohat
- 23 Jan 1988 - 
TL;DR: The authors prendre en compte les consequences negatives du sionisme pour les Juifs orientaux, reduits au mutisme dans l'actuel Etat d'Israel and dans la societe israelienne.