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Evelyn Ezhilarasi I

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Evelyn Ezhilarasi I is an academic researcher. The author has contributed to research in topics: Deep learning & Support vector machine. The author has co-authored 2 publications.

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BER and OSNR Based Quality Estimation in Optical Networks using Machine Learning Algorithms

TL;DR: In this paper , the estimation of ASE noise for different values of wavelength and bandwidth is discussed and a RWA algorithm is based on an OSNR to improve the QoT. And the best machine learning model, sample data, and the quality of the transmission model are briefly described.
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GRU-SVM Based Threat Detection in Cognitive Radio Network

Evelyn Ezhilarasi I, +1 more
- 24 Jan 2023 - 
TL;DR: In this paper , the authors used GRU in CRN to train and test the dataset of spectrum sensing results and achieved a high testing accuracy of 82.45%, training accuracy of 80.99% and detection probability of 1 is achieved at 65 epochs in this proposed work.