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Feng Yang

Researcher at University of Science and Technology of China

Publications -  151
Citations -  4059

Feng Yang is an academic researcher from University of Science and Technology of China. The author has contributed to research in topics: Data envelopment analysis & Supply chain. The author has an hindex of 26, co-authored 121 publications receiving 2734 citations. Previous affiliations of Feng Yang include York University.

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DEA models for supply chain efficiency evaluation

TL;DR: It is shown that a supply chain can be deemed as efficient while its members may be inefficient in DEA-terms, and several DEA-based non-linear programs can be treated as parametric linear programming problems, and best solutions can be obtained via a heuristic technique.
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Network DEA: Additive efficiency decomposition

TL;DR: The overall efficiency of a structure is represented as an additive weighted average of the efficiencies of the individual components or stages that make up that structure, and the model allows one to evaluate not only the overall performance of the network, but as well represent how that performance decomposes into measures for theindividual components of thenetwork.
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Understanding impulse buying in mobile commerce: An investigation into hedonic and utilitarian browsing

TL;DR: This study adopts partial least squares estimation to analyze the data obtained from an online questionnaire and finds hedonic browsing and utilitarian browsing are two key drivers on impulse buying in mobile commerce.
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Customer's reaction to cross-channel integration in omnichannel retailing: The mediating roles of retailer uncertainty, identity attractiveness, and switching costs

TL;DR: Survey findings reveal that uncertainty, identity attractiveness, and switching costs of omnichannel retailers partially mediate the effect of CCI on customer retention while fully mediating the relationship between CCI and interest in alternatives.
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Evaluation of information technology investment: a data envelopment analysis approach

TL;DR: A DEA non-linear programming model to evaluate the impact of IT on multiple stages along with information on how to distribute the IT-related resources so that the efficiency is maximized is developed.