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François Penz

Researcher at University of Cambridge

Publications -  22
Citations -  115

François Penz is an academic researcher from University of Cambridge. The author has contributed to research in topics: Architecture & Narrative. The author has an hindex of 6, co-authored 20 publications receiving 100 citations. Previous affiliations of François Penz include Edinburgh College of Art.

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Drama and Context in Real-Time Virtual Environments: Use of Pre-Scripted Events as a Part of an Interactive Spatial Mediation Framework

TL;DR: In this article, a three-layer multi-purpose spatial mediation framework is proposed to coordinate stylized dramatic camera work, lighting, effects and sound in a compelling and meaningful virtual environment.
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Spatial dialectics: montage and spatially organised narrative in stories without human leads

TL;DR: Analysis and formulates mechanisms for creating meaningful and engaging narrativity in interactive movies not based on character, where the dialectic relationship between architectural space and the rules that govern montage shape the narrative structure.

Cinema & architecture : Méliès, Mallet-Stevens, multimedia

TL;DR: Early images of the city are shown in this paper and the modern city is shown in Figure 1 : The modern city 2 : Architecture in movement in the virtual world. And Figure 3 : The marriage of art and science in virtual worlds.

Space: In Science, Art and Society

TL;DR: Penz, Radick and Howell as discussed by the authors discuss the relationship between language and space in the context of outer space and inner space, and discuss the role of language in space exploration.
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Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera: Thoughts on the Computation of Style and Narrative Structure

TL;DR: In this paper, a way for producing cinematic representations of contemporary urban environments based on the close study of Dziga Vertov's mechanisms for story and plot development as instantiated in Man with a Movie Camera is proposed.