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Fredrik Tufvesson

Researcher at Lund University

Publications -  395
Citations -  32378

Fredrik Tufvesson is an academic researcher from Lund University. The author has contributed to research in topics: MIMO & Communication channel. The author has an hindex of 62, co-authored 374 publications receiving 27712 citations. Previous affiliations of Fredrik Tufvesson include University of Bedfordshire & Vienna University of Technology.

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Massive MIMO for next generation wireless systems

TL;DR: While massive MIMO renders many traditional research problems irrelevant, it uncovers entirely new problems that urgently need attention: the challenge of making many low-cost low-precision components that work effectively together, acquisition and synchronization for newly joined terminals, the exploitation of extra degrees of freedom provided by the excess of service antennas, reducing internal power consumption to achieve total energy efficiency reductions, and finding new deployment scenarios.
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Scaling Up MIMO: Opportunities and Challenges with Very Large Arrays

TL;DR: The gains in multiuser systems are even more impressive, because such systems offer the possibility to transmit simultaneously to several users and the flexibility to select what users to schedule for reception at any given point in time.
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Scaling up MIMO: Opportunities and Challenges with Very Large Arrays

TL;DR: Very large MIMO as mentioned in this paper is a new research field both in communication theory, propagation, and electronics and represents a paradigm shift in the way of thinking both with regards to theory, systems and implementation.
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5G : A tutorial overview of standards, trials, challenges, deployment, and practice

TL;DR: An overview of 5G research, standardization trials, and deployment challenges is provided, with research test beds delivering promising performance but pre-commercial trials lagging behind the desired 5G targets.
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The COST 2100 MIMO channel model

TL;DR: The COST 2100 channel model is a geometry-based stochastic channel model (GSCM) that can reproduce MIMO channels over time, frequency, and space as mentioned in this paper.