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Garfield Tourney

Researcher at Wayne State University

Publications -  25
Citations -  934

Garfield Tourney is an academic researcher from Wayne State University. The author has contributed to research in topics: Schizophrenia & Schizophrenia (object-oriented programming). The author has an hindex of 9, co-authored 25 publications receiving 907 citations.

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Plasma Androgens in Male Schizophrenics

TL;DR: Both chronic schizophrenic groups have a significantly lower level of dehydroandrosterone, which suggests the possibility of reduced adrenal cortical functioning in chronic schizophrenia.
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Biochemical Identification of Schizophrenia

TL;DR: By utilizing radioactive glucose labeled at the 1carbon and the 6 carbon, it was found that the insulin stress decreased the rate of incorporation of the 1 carbon of glucose into CO2 by blood from control subjects, but such a drop did not occur with blood from schizophrenic patients.
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Steps toward the isolation of a serum factor in schizophrenia.

TL;DR: This factor has a significant effect on metabolism as measured by lactate/pyruvate ratios in the chicken erythrocyte and the stimulation of energy production by forcing glucose through the Emden-Meyerhof scheme, rather than the hexosemonophosphate shunt.