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George E. Rush

Bio: George E. Rush is an academic researcher. The author has contributed to research in topics: Life imprisonment & Torture. The author has an hindex of 1, co-authored 1 publications receiving 1 citations.

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24 Mar 2020
Abstract: The nature and content of the criminal punishment in the form of life imprisonment from criminological standpoints are handled in the article. On the basis of the data obtained by the authors through their own empirical studies it was possible to formulate conclusions that are relevant to the criminological science. In particular, prolonged imprisonment was not a process of undergoing the misfortunes; the denial of guilt by the lawbreakers is not mean the repentance; life imprisonment could only be imposed for aggravated murder. A positive attitude to the settlement of disputes about the expediency of the process of the reformation of the category of convicted defendants in question is justified, because the one part of them may be released due to the application of an act of pardon to them, and the other, unfortunately, a minor one, having admitted his guilt, needs to assess the imposed punishment as fair.

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