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Georges Kaddoum

Researcher at École de technologie supérieure

Publications -  389
Citations -  10716

Georges Kaddoum is an academic researcher from École de technologie supérieure. The author has contributed to research in topics: Computer science & Bit error rate. The author has an hindex of 39, co-authored 308 publications receiving 6974 citations. Previous affiliations of Georges Kaddoum include McGill University & Université du Québec.

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Optical Communication in Space: Challenges and Mitigation Techniques

TL;DR: This survey provides the reader with comprehensive details on the use of space-based optical backhaul links in order to provide high capacity and low cost backhaul solutions.
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Underwater Optical Wireless Communication

TL;DR: An exhaustive overview of recent advances in underwater optical wireless communication is provided and a hybrid approach to an acousto-optic communication system is presented that complements the existing acoustic system, resulting in high data rates, low latency, and an energy-efficient system.
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Optical Communication in Space: Challenges and Mitigation Techniques

TL;DR: In this article, the authors present a comprehensive survey on various challenges faced by free space optical communication (FSO) communication system for ground-to-satellite (G2S) or satellite-toground (S2G) and inter-Satellite (I2I) links.
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Demystifying IoT Security: An Exhaustive Survey on IoT Vulnerabilities and a First Empirical Look on Internet-Scale IoT Exploitations

TL;DR: A unique taxonomy is provided, which sheds the light on IoT vulnerabilities, their attack vectors, impacts on numerous security objectives, attacks which exploit such vulnerabilities, corresponding remediation methodologies and currently offered operational cyber security capabilities to infer and monitor such weaknesses.
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Wireless Chaos-Based Communication Systems: A Comprehensive Survey

TL;DR: A comprehensive survey of the entire wireless radio frequency chaos-based communication systems, which categorizes different transmission techniques by elaborating on its modulation, receiver type, data rate, complexity, energy efficiency, multiple access scheme, and performance.