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Georges M. Fadel

Researcher at Clemson University

Publications -  190
Citations -  4790

Georges M. Fadel is an academic researcher from Clemson University. The author has contributed to research in topics: Engineering design process & Affordance. The author has an hindex of 28, co-authored 187 publications receiving 4140 citations. Previous affiliations of Georges M. Fadel include Georgia Institute of Technology & San Diego State University.

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Affordance based design: a relational theory for design

TL;DR: A relational theory for design is proposed based on the concept of affordances from perceptual psychology, which helps to explain the entanglement between designers, users, and artifacts—relationships that are not currently handled by function based approaches to design.
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Expert system-based selection of the preferred direction of build for rapid prototyping processes

TL;DR: An expert system tool that considers the various parameters that affect the production of the prototype and interacts with the user to recommend the best direction to build and is based both on the user's input and on a decision matrix based on the result of interviews with experts.
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Two point exponential approximation method for structural optimization

TL;DR: In this paper, the authors examined various first order approximation methods commonly used in structural optimization and proposed an adaptation of a first order method using an exponent adjusted to better fit the constraints and reduce the overall number of iterations needed to attain the optimum.
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Classifying Functions for Mechanical Design

TL;DR: A taxonomy of elemental mechanical functions which can be used with many decomposition techniques is presented, used as a pedagogical tool or as a basis for the derivation of a complete taxonomy.