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Hyun Jin Kim

Researcher at University of Sydney

Publications -  15
Citations -  130

Hyun Jin Kim is an academic researcher from University of Sydney. The author has contributed to research in topics: China & East Asia. The author has an hindex of 5, co-authored 15 publications receiving 118 citations. Previous affiliations of Hyun Jin Kim include University of Melbourne.

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The Huns, Rome and the Birth of Europe

TL;DR: In this paper, the authors describe the inner Asian enemies before the Huns, the later Huns and the birth of Europe, and the end of the Hunnic Empire in the West.
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Why Coins Turned Round the World Over? A Critical Analysis of the Origins and Transmission of Ancient Metallic Money

TL;DR: The inspiration behind the pre-modern bronze round coinage standardised across China by the First Emperor of Qin in the 3rd century BC have remained fairly obscure and are still a contentious issue as mentioned in this paper.
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Is My Rival's Rival a Friend? Popular Third-Party Perceptions of Territorial Disputes in East Asia

TL;DR: This article examined how China's rise and increasing tensions with Japan are portrayed by South Korean bloggers and found that although the conservative political establishments in both South Korea and Japan might see China as a constant threat, South Korean and Japanese netizens still popularly view each other with suspicion.