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Koray Gelmez

Researcher at Istanbul Technical University

Publications -  14
Citations -  40

Koray Gelmez is an academic researcher from Istanbul Technical University. The author has contributed to research in topics: Computer science & Engineering. The author has an hindex of 3, co-authored 6 publications receiving 13 citations.

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Tracing design students’ affective journeys through reflective writing

TL;DR: In this paper, an empirical study is conducted to observe first-year industrial design students' affective processes during a semester using their structured reflective diaries, and the longitudinal study results show that the students exhibit certain tendencies in terms of the affective process throughout a semester.
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Aligning a CAD course constructively: telling-to-peer and writing-to-peer activities for efficient use of CAD in design curricula

TL;DR: A model associating the knowledge types with learning outcomes in terms of their complexities was developed for CAD courses and put novice CAD learners into the center where they could construct and reconstruct the knowledge while transmitting it to a predefined audience.
Journal Article

Learning from Students: Reflections from personal magazines in basic design course

TL;DR: In this article, a study focused on reflections captured from students via two different media (personal magazines and online questionnaire) in 2012 Spring and Summer Semester conducted in Basic Design II at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Turkey.