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Madhur Deo Upadhayay

Bio: Madhur Deo Upadhayay is an academic researcher from Shiv Nadar University. The author has contributed to research in topic(s): Antenna (radio) & Patch antenna. The author has an hindex of 5, co-authored 54 publication(s) receiving 97 citation(s). Previous affiliations of Madhur Deo Upadhayay include Indian Institute of Technology Delhi & Indian Institutes of Technology. more

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01 Dec 2009-
Abstract: This report presents the design of a dual-port dual-band annular slot antenna suitable for use in the feed-back path of an oscillator resulting in an active antenna configuration. The proposed antenna is designed to radiate and transmit equal amounts of power. The return loss of the proposed antenna is higher than that desired for one-port antenna application at the desired dual-band frequencies. The antenna is fabricated on one side of a Neltec substrate (e r =3.2 and thickness = 0.762 mm) and the microstrip feeding line is fabricated on the opposite side of the board. The antenna was designed to operate at WLAN bands centered at 2.4 and 5.2 GHz. The simulated and measured results show fairly good agreement. The measured return losses were found 20.5 dB at 2.4 GHz and 13.9 dB at 5.2GHz while simulated return losses were 9.36 dB at 2.4 GHz and 31.35 dB at 5.2 GHz. The radiation pattern is approximately omnidirectional at both frequencies in H-plane. more

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TL;DR: The authors evaluate the robustness of the proposed method on a variety of EEG and EMG signals taken from publicly available databases, including Mendeley database, epileptic Bonn database and EEG during mental arithmetic tasks database (EEGMAT). more

Abstract: This Letter proposes an automated method for the detection and suppression of muscle artefacts (MAs) in the single-channel electroencephalogram (EEG) signal based on variational mode decomposition (VMD) and zero crossings count threshold criterion without the use of reference electromyogram (EMG). The proposed method involves three major steps: decomposition of the input EEG signal into two modes using VMD; detection of MAs based on zero crossings count thresholding in the second mode; retention of the first mode as MAs-free EEG signal only after detection of MAs in the second mode. The authors evaluate the robustness of the proposed method on a variety of EEG and EMG signals taken from publicly available databases, including Mendeley database, epileptic Bonn database and EEG during mental arithmetic tasks database (EEGMAT). Evaluation results using different objective performance metrics depict the superiority of the proposed method as compared to existing methods while preserving the clinical features of the reconstructed EEG signal. more

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Abstract: A feedback-oscillator type active antenna using RF BJT with floating base terminal has been demonstrated for the first time. Other than simplifying bias connections, which is important for large arrays and power combining, this has potential for future optical sensing and control circuitry, since the floating base is light-sensitive. more

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Abstract: This work presents the design and simulation of a zinc oxide based thin film bulk acoustic resonator (TFBAR) bandpass filter for 2.6 GHz band applications. Third and fifth-order filters in ladder topology are designed and compared. The third-order filter has an insertion loss of 1.62 dB and return loss of 18.97 dB with a bandwidth of 80 MHz whereas the fifth-order filter has insertion loss, return loss, and bandwidth of 2.85 dB, 25.28 dB, and 60 MHz, respectively. With a central frequency of 2.67 GHz, the designed filter has applications in the 2.6 GHz (2500–2690 MHz) band, which has been identified by the International Telecommunication Union as a global frequency band for mobile broadband services. more

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18 Oct 2010-
Abstract: In this paper, the microstrip antenna consist of a planar resonant radiating element parallel to, but separated, from a ground plane by a thin dielectric substrate (t <<λ) was designed and simulated on EM software. This antenna is fabricated on RT Duroid substrate of dielectric 2.2, thickness 0.8 mm. This antenna was feed by microstrip transformer. Linearly polarized circular shape antenna was designed at centre frequency 10 GHz. The E & H — plane radiation patterns were shown more

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01 Dec 1992-

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01 Jan 2009-
TL;DR: This paper describes the design and Fabrication of BAW Devices and the system-in-Package integration of these devices, and provides a comparison with SAW Devices. more

Abstract: Background and History. Resonator and Filter Topologies. Baw Device Basics. Design and Fabrication of BAW Devices. FBAR Resonators and Filters. Comparison with SAW Devices. Films Deposition for BAW Devices. Characterization of BAW Devices. Monolithic Integration. System-in-Package (SiP) Integration. Index. more

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Abstract: We report the first experimental generation of high-order Mathieu beams and confirm their propagation invariance over a limited range. In our experiment we use a computer-generated phase hologram. The peculiar behaviour of the vortices in Mathieu beams gives rise to questions about their orbital-angular-momentum content, which we calculate by performing a decomposition in terms of Bessel beams. more

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Yuwen Yang1, Wenchi Cheng1, Wei Zhang2, Hailin Zhang1Institutions (2)
TL;DR: Numerical results demonstrate that the mode modulation (MM) based OAM system can offer a new mode dimension for vorticose communications and the AMM scheme can achieve larger SE than the EMM scheme. more

Abstract: Recently, orbital angular momentum (OAM) based vorticose communication has attracted much attention because of its potential to significantly increase the spectrum efficiency (SE) of wireless communications. However, the multiple radio frequency (RF) chains used for multiple OAM modes lead to an unexpected cost for wireless vorticose communications. In this paper, we first propose the mode modulation (MM) based OAM system to allow multiple OAM modes sharing a common RF chain. The proposed MM cannot only reduce the hardware cost, but also boost the SE by introducing the mode as an additional dimension for data transmission. Moreover, without the channel state information (CSI) feedback, we develop an equal-probability mode modulation (EMM) scheme to maximize the SE of MM-based OAM systems with the limited RF chains. In addition, with the CSI feedback, we develop a Huffman coding based adaptive mode modulation (AMM) scheme, which can adaptively choose the OAM modes to further increase the SEs of OAM-based wireless communications. We also develop the joint power and probability allocation policy for the AMM scheme to achieve the maximum SEs for OAM-based vorticose communications. Numerical results demonstrate that the MM can offer a new mode dimension for vorticose communications and the AMM scheme can achieve larger SE than the EMM scheme. more

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Alak Majumder1Institutions (1)
Abstract: In this paper, a design of small sized, low profile patch antenna is proposed for BLUETOOTH applications at 2.4GHz frequency with coaxial feeding technique. The patch is H-shaped and different parameters like return loss, VSWR, gain along two directions, radiation pattern in 2-D and 3-D, axial ratio, E and H Field Distributions, Current Distributions are simulated using Ansoft HFSS. The measured parameters satisfy required limits hence making the proposed antenna suitable for BLUETOOTH applications in 2.4GHz band. more

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