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Marc Augé

Researcher at École Normale Supérieure

Publications -  82
Citations -  6114

Marc Augé is an academic researcher from École Normale Supérieure. The author has contributed to research in topics: Applied anthropology & Meaning (existential). The author has an hindex of 24, co-authored 80 publications receiving 5967 citations.

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Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity

Marc Augé
TL;DR: Auge explores the distinction between "place", encrusted with historical meaning and creative of social life, and "non-place", to which individuals are connected in a uniform, bureaucratic manner and where no organic social life is possible as discussed by the authors.

Los "no lugares", espacios del anonimato: una antropología de la sobremodernidad

Marc Augé
TL;DR: Auge et al. as mentioned in this paper conceptualizar una antropologia de la sobremodernidad, que podria ser tambien una etnologia of la soledad de la condicion humana contemporanea.