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Marcelo Medeiros

Researcher at University of Brasília

Publications -  146
Citations -  2359

Marcelo Medeiros is an academic researcher from University of Brasília. The author has contributed to research in topics: Poverty & Population. The author has an hindex of 25, co-authored 138 publications receiving 2198 citations. Previous affiliations of Marcelo Medeiros include University of New Brunswick & Institute of Applied Economic Research.

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Abortion in Brazil: a household survey using the ballot box technique

TL;DR: The results of the National Abortion Survey (PNA, Pesquisa Nacional de Aborto), a household random sample survey fielded in 2010 covering urban women in Brazil aged 18 to 39 years, showed that at the end of their reproductive health one in five women has performed an abortion, with abortions being more frequent in the main reproductive ages, that is, from 18 to 29 years old as mentioned in this paper.
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Cash Transfer Programmes in Brazil: Impacts on Inequality and Poverty

TL;DR: In this paper, the authors evaluate the contribution of cash transfer programs to the observed fall in inequality in Brazil between 1995 and 2004 as well as its impact on poverty and find that both BPC and Bolsa Familia are quite well targeted: 74% of BPC reported income and 80% of bolsa familia reported income goes to families living below the poverty line (half of minimum wage per capita).
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Conditional cash transfers in brazil, chile and mexico: impacts upon inequality

TL;DR: In this article, the authors investigated whether the conditional cash tranfers (CCT) had an inequality reducing effect in three Latin American countries: Brazil, Mexico and Chile, and concluded that CCT programs helped reducing inequality between the mid 1990s and the mid 2000s.
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Is There a Feminization of Poverty in Latin America

TL;DR: In this paper, the authors propose two different concepts of the feminization of poverty and analyze household survey data to verify if there is an ongoing feminisation of poverty in eight Latin American countries according to each of these concepts.
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Pesquisa Nacional de Aborto 2016

TL;DR: A pesquisa Nacional de Aborto de 2016 (PNA 2016) as discussed by the authors was conducted to compare the perfil das mulheres and a magnitude do aborto, finding that quase 1 em cada 5 mulheres, aos 40 anos ja realizou, pelo menos, an aborto.