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Marco Carozzi

Researcher at Université Paris-Saclay

Publications -  39
Citations -  769

Marco Carozzi is an academic researcher from Université Paris-Saclay. The author has contributed to research in topics: Environmental science & Greenhouse gas. The author has an hindex of 14, co-authored 30 publications receiving 556 citations. Previous affiliations of Marco Carozzi include University of Paris & University of Milan.

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Short-term experiments in using digestate products as substitutes for mineral (N) fertilizer: Agronomic performance, odours, and ammonia emission impacts.

TL;DR: Digestate and derived products, because of high biological stability acquired during the AD, had greatly reduced olfactometry impact, above all when they were injected into soils, and ammonia emission data indicated that the correct use of digestate andderived products required their injection into the soil avoiding, ammonia volatilization into the air and preserving fertilizer value.
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Evaluation of mitigation strategies to reduce ammonia losses from slurry fertilisation on arable lands.

TL;DR: The best abatement strategy for NH3 losses from slurry applications has proved to be the direct injection into the soil, with a reduction of about 95% with respect to the surface spreading, highlighting the strong dependence of the volatilisation phenomenon by soil and weather conditions.
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ValorE: An integrated and GIS-based decision support system for livestock manure management in the Lombardy region (northern Italy)

TL;DR: The decision support system (DSS) ValorE as mentioned in this paper was developed to evaluate the main components of manure management (production, storage, treatment and land application) for a variety of livestock types (i.e., cattle, swine, poultry, sheep, goats and horses) under different scenarios adopted at farm and territorial scale.