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Monika Fludernik

Researcher at University of Freiburg

Publications -  101
Citations -  3400

Monika Fludernik is an academic researcher from University of Freiburg. The author has contributed to research in topics: Narrative & Narratology. The author has an hindex of 22, co-authored 98 publications receiving 3154 citations. Previous affiliations of Monika Fludernik include University of Vienna.

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Towards a 'natural' narratology

TL;DR: In this article, Monika Fludernik combines insights from literary theory and linguistics to provide a challenging new theory of narrative, which is both an historical survey and theoretical study, with the author drawing on an enormous range of examples from the earliest oral study to contemporary experimental fiction.
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Towards a 'Natural' Narratology

David Herman, +1 more
- 01 Mar 2000 - 

An Introduction to Narratology

TL;DR: An Introduction to Narratology as mentioned in this paper is an accessible, practical guide to narratological theory and terminology and its application to literature, including a comprehensive overview of the key aspects of narratology by a leading practitioner in the field.
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The fictions of language and the languages of fiction: The linguistic representation of speech and consciousness

TL;DR: This article presented a detailed analysis of free indirect discourse as it relates to narrative theory, and the crucial problematic of how speech and thought are represented in fiction, based on the insights of Ann Banfield's Unspeakable Sentences.
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Pragmatic Markers in English: Grammaticalization and Discourse Functions

Monika Fludernik
- 01 Dec 1998 - 
TL;DR: In this paper, Brinton's ground-breaking new book is a meticulously researched study of Old English and Middle English (OE, ME) "mystery features"-items that have hitherto resisted grammatical and semantic categorization.