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Nidal Nasser

Researcher at Alfaisal University

Publications -  207
Citations -  3744

Nidal Nasser is an academic researcher from Alfaisal University. The author has contributed to research in topics: Quality of service & Wireless network. The author has an hindex of 28, co-authored 202 publications receiving 3201 citations. Previous affiliations of Nidal Nasser include Queen's University & University of Guelph.

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Handoffs in fourth generation heterogeneous networks

TL;DR: Different and novel aspects of handoff are presented and handoff related issues of fourth generation systems are discussed and desirable handoff features are presented.
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Anonymity Preserving IoT-Based COVID-19 and Other Infectious Disease Contact Tracing Model

TL;DR: A novel privacy anonymous IoT model that leverages blockchain’s trust-oriented decentralization for on-chain data logging and retrieval that will make it easy to identify clusters of infection contacts and help deliver a notification for mass isolation while preserving individual privacy is designed and presented.
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Enhanced Intrusion Detection System for Discovering Malicious Nodes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

TL;DR: The main feature of the proposed system is its ability to discover malicious nodes which can partition the network by falsely reporting other nodes as misbehaving and then proceeds to protect the network.

Generic Vertical Handoff Decision Function for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

TL;DR: A vertical handoff decision function, VHDF, is described, which enables devices to assign weights to different network factors such as monetary cost, quality of service, power requirements, personal preference, etc.
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Dynamic Multilevel Priority Packet Scheduling Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network

TL;DR: Simulation results illustrate that the DMP packet scheduling scheme outperforms conventional schemes in terms of average data waiting time and end-to-end delay.