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Paul Ryder

Researcher at University of New South Wales

Publications -  7
Citations -  27

Paul Ryder is an academic researcher from University of New South Wales. The author has contributed to research in topics: Modernity & Rhetoric. The author has an hindex of 3, co-authored 7 publications receiving 23 citations.

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Telling the impact investment story through digital media: an Indonesian case study

TL;DR: In a marketplace still dominated by arcane legislative and regulatory architectures and by legacy communication processes, social enterprises are finding it difficult to secure funding as discussed by the authors, which is a concern of social enterprises.
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Re-viewing D-Day: The cinematography of the Normandy landings from the Signal Corps to Saving Private Ryan

TL;DR: The authors identify and examine filmic frames from the day of the landings; from the grand narrative of The Longest Day; and from Spielberg's confronting representation Saving Private Ryan, and show how, through the lens alone, cinematographers approximate the character of a tumultuous and terrifying day in ways that are surprisingly similar and profoundly different.
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Cries from Babylon: the problem of compassion in Australian refugee policy

Jonathan Foye, +1 more
- 01 Jan 2011 - 
TL;DR: In this article, a study of asylum-seeker discourse within the Australian body politic is presented, focusing on shifting policy rhetoric during the Rudd and Gillard Labor governments, and the resurgence of such rhetoric by Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott.
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The Semiotics of Strategy: A Preliminary Structuralist Assessment of the Battle-Map in Patton (1970) and Midway (1976)

TL;DR: In this article, a preliminary examination of the battle map as depicted in two films about the Second World War: Franklin J. Shaffner's biopic Patton (1970) and Jack Smight's epic Midway (1976) is presented.