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R J Rajesh

Researcher at VIT University

Publications -  2
Citations -  2

R J Rajesh is an academic researcher from VIT University. The author has contributed to research in topics: Human interface device & Pointing device. The author has an hindex of 1, co-authored 2 publications receiving 2 citations.

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Novel multi-interface USB prototype device for merging commonly used peripheral devices

TL;DR: The aim of the paper is to introduce a novel concept to combine some commonly used USB classes in a single device to create a composite device that functions in multiple ways.
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MEMS based microswitch and microrelay

TL;DR: In this article, a cantilever based MEMS switches and relay which operates at different voltages and for different dimensions are designed and modeled using FEM technique. The tool used for this modeling is Comsol/Multiphysics.