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R. S is an academic researcher. The author has co-authored 4 publications.

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Skin Cancer Detection using Deep Learning

TL;DR: In this paper , the authors proposed a methodology to segment the high-level skin lesion and identification of malignancy more accurately with the help of deep learning: 1) Construction of a neural network, which detects the edge of a huge lesion accurately; 2) Designing model that can run on mobile phones.
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Mitigation of DDoS Attack in SDN using Table Miss-entry

TL;DR: In this paper , effective detection and mitigation techniques utilizing the SNORT IDS that may be used to prevent such attacks from causing any significant harm to the network are presented, and the aim is to look at DDoS attacks targeting the controller by generating large PACKET_IN traffic from switches and overwhelming them with large amounts of new requests.
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AnuVidya:Anesthesia Monitoring system for EEG Signals using AlexNet Model

TL;DR: AnuVaidya as discussed by the authors is a prototype which tries to enhance and automate the communication between the patient and doctor, it works as a companion for doctor and predicts the disease.
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IoT based Animal Trespass Identification and Prevention System for Smart Agriculture

TL;DR: In this article , the authors proposed an animal trespass prevention system based on IoT technology, which is a cost-effective Arduino based IoT prototype that would enable the end user (The Farmer) to protect and monitor his/her cropland remotely using various sensors and IoT hardware modules.