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Renata Camilo de Oliveira

Bio: Renata Camilo de Oliveira is an academic researcher. The author has an hindex of 1, co-authored 1 publication(s) receiving 1 citation(s).

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13 Jun 2020
Abstract: The paradigm of the Rule of Law, with the purpose of realizing the rights provided for in the Constitution, entrusted to the Judiciary Power the honorable mission to give effect to constitutional rights. In this way, the leadership of this Power, the STF, has become one of the protagonists in the political stage of Brazil, which has raised doctrinal discussions and the public sphere about its legitimacy in acting proactively. Analyze, through historical reconstructions as to the origins of the principle of Separation of Powers and of the Democratic State of Law enshrined in the 1988 Brazilian Constitution, the risk that the juxtaposition of one of the Powers over the others represents for (re)conquered national democracy.