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Saranga Komanduri

Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University

Publications -  41
Citations -  4684

Saranga Komanduri is an academic researcher from Carnegie Mellon University. The author has contributed to research in topics: Password & Password strength. The author has an hindex of 27, co-authored 41 publications receiving 4091 citations. Previous affiliations of Saranga Komanduri include Bowling Green State University & University of New Mexico.

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"I regretted the minute I pressed share": a qualitative study of regrets on Facebook

TL;DR: Regrets associated with users' posts on a popular social networking site are investigated, based on a series of interviews, user diaries, and online surveys involving 569 American Facebook users whose regrets revolved around sensitive topics, content with strong sentiment, lies, and secrets.
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Guess Again (and Again and Again): Measuring Password Strength by Simulating Password-Cracking Algorithms

TL;DR: An efficient distributed method is developed for calculating how effectively several heuristic password-guessing algorithms guess passwords, and the relationship between guess ability, as measured with password-cracking algorithms, and entropy estimates is investigated.
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Of passwords and people: measuring the effect of password-composition policies

TL;DR: A large-scale study investigates password strength, user behavior, and user sentiment across four password-composition policies, and describes the predictability of passwords by calculating their entropy, finding that a number of commonly held beliefs about password composition and strength are inaccurate.
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Encountering stronger password requirements: user attitudes and behaviors

TL;DR: An entropy analysis is performed and it is shown that, although most of the users were annoyed by the need to create a complex password, they believe that they are now more secure and can be helpful in designing better password policies.
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How does your password measure up? the effect of strength meters on password creation

TL;DR: It was found that meters with a variety of visual appearances led users to create longer passwords, however, significant increases in resistance to a password-cracking algorithm were only achieved using meters that scored passwords stringently.