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Soonwook Hong

Researcher at Konyang University

Publications -  6
Citations -  18

Soonwook Hong is an academic researcher from Konyang University. The author has contributed to research in topics: Corporate social responsibility & Earnings management. The author has an hindex of 2, co-authored 6 publications receiving 14 citations.

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Corporate social responsibility and accounting conservatism

TL;DR: In this article, the relationship between sustainability management and accounting conservatism is clarified, including positive, negative, and neutral perspectives on sustainability management, and the authors aim to clarify the relationship with accounting conservatism.
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A Study On Accounting Conservatism Of Capital-Raising Corporations

TL;DR: In this paper, the authors focus on the factor of corporate capital raising and find that companies that raise capital may have stronger incentives to take such an accounting method, while companies without financing conduct conservative accounting more than those with.
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A Study on Accounting Conservatism of Korean Lodging Companies

TL;DR: In this paper, the authors verify the accounting conservatism of lodging companies using models from Basu in 1997, Givoly and Hayn in 2000, and a model from this paper.
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The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility Activities on Business Performance

TL;DR: In this article, the authors examined the effects of CSR activities of Korean hospitality companies on their business performance, and examined the effect of these activities on the business performance of hotel chains.