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Surbhi Dayal

Bio: Surbhi Dayal is an academic researcher from Jawaharlal Nehru University. The author has contributed to research in topic(s): Subculture & Sex work. The author has an hindex of 1, co-authored 1 publication(s) receiving 1 citation(s).
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TL;DR: Findings from an ethnographic study of the Kanjar community of northern India are used to argue that sex work is a traditional occupation with a long complex history and a distinct subculture embedded in its economic structure that Kanjars are neither ashamed of, nor apologetic about.
Abstract: Sex work is perceived as an undesirable activity in India. It is widely believed that sex workers are either the victims of trafficking or have taken up sex work out of compulsion. Furthermore, it ...

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Abstract: In this qualitative study, we have attempted to explore the experiences of women of Bachhara community in Madhya Pradesh, India. The tradition of community sanctioned sex work is prevalent in this community, which often forces the women to enter into it. The study setting was three villages of Mandsaur District and one village of Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh, India. We have interviewed 23 women participants involved in sex work. The study's findings underline that family coercion, community norms, and lack of livelihood alternatives are the major contributing factors for women's entry into sex work. The instances of violence, stigmatization, and discrimination are the women's dominating experience in sex work. The study reveals that the badge of 'criminal tribes' during the colonial rule continues to push this community on the margins and subject to multiple deprivations, especially the women folks. This research implies that urgent interventions are required to address the current state of the Bachhara community.


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