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Tao Shen

Researcher at Peking University

Publications -  190
Citations -  2621

Tao Shen is an academic researcher from Peking University. The author has contributed to research in topics: Medicine & Chemistry. The author has an hindex of 20, co-authored 67 publications receiving 1832 citations. Previous affiliations of Tao Shen include Cleveland Clinic & Boston Children's Hospital.

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Uncultivated Bacteria as Etiologic Agents of Intra-Amniotic Inflammation Leading to Preterm Birth

TL;DR: Previously unrecognized, uncultivated, or difficult-to-cultivate species may play a key role in the initiation of PTB.
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Induction of Th2 type immunity in a mouse system reveals a novel immunoregulatory role of basophils

TL;DR: It is shown that coculture of basophils could promote a robust Th2 differentiation upon stimulation of naive CD4 T cells primarily via IL-4, suggesting that basophil may provide an important link for the development of Th2 immunity.