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Wangchao Le

Researcher at Microsoft

Publications -  16
Citations -  592

Wangchao Le is an academic researcher from Microsoft. The author has contributed to research in topics: Query optimization & RDF. The author has an hindex of 9, co-authored 14 publications receiving 508 citations. Previous affiliations of Wangchao Le include IBM & University of Utah.

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Scalable Multi-query Optimization for SPARQL

TL;DR: This paper revisits the classical problem of multi-query optimization in the context of RDF/SPARQL and proposes heuristic algorithms that partition the input batch of queries into groups such that each group of queries can be optimized together.
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Scalable Keyword Search on Large RDF Data

TL;DR: This work proposes an effective summarization algorithm to summarize the RDF data and shows that the summaries built lend significant pruning powers to exploratory keyword search and result in much better efficiency compared to previous works.
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Towards a learning optimizer for shared clouds

TL;DR: A machine learning based approach to learn cardinality models from previous job executions and use them to predict the cardinalities in future jobs, and describes the feedback loop to apply the learned models back to future job executions.
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Rewriting queries on SPARQL views

TL;DR: The first native query rewriting algorithm for SPARQL is presented, which combines the most challenging aspects of rewriting for the relational and XML cases and proposes optimizations over the basic rewriting algorithm to eliminate conjunctive queries with empty results from evaluation and efficiently prune out big portions of the search space of empty rewritings.
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Top-k queries on temporal data

TL;DR: The Seb-tree is presented, a simple indexing scheme that supports temporal ranking queries much more efficiently and is especially appealing in practice due to its simplicity as it uses the B-tree as the only building block.