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Xinping Chen

Researcher at Southwest University

Publications -  274
Citations -  18474

Xinping Chen is an academic researcher from Southwest University. The author has contributed to research in topics: Biology & Environmental science. The author has an hindex of 55, co-authored 235 publications receiving 13373 citations. Previous affiliations of Xinping Chen include China Agricultural University & Northwest A&F University.

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Reducing environmental risk by improving N management in intensive Chinese agricultural systems

TL;DR: Examination of grain yields and N loss pathways in 2 of the most intensive double-cropping systems in China found that current agricultural N practices with 550–600 kg of N per hectare fertilizer annually do not significantly increase crop yields but do lead to about 2 times larger N losses to the environment.
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Phosphorus Dynamics: From Soil to Plant

TL;DR: With increasing demand of agricultural production and as the peak in global production will occur in the next decades, phosphorus (P) is receiving more attention as a nonrenewable resource.
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Integrated soil-crop system management for food security

TL;DR: A model-driven integrated soil–crop system management approach is used to develop a maize production system that achieved mean maize yields that are nearly twice the yield of current farmers’ practices with no increase in N fertilizer use.