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Xiuzhen Cheng

Researcher at Shandong University

Publications -  473
Citations -  14883

Xiuzhen Cheng is an academic researcher from Shandong University. The author has contributed to research in topics: Computer science & Wireless sensor network. The author has an hindex of 56, co-authored 390 publications receiving 12298 citations. Previous affiliations of Xiuzhen Cheng include University of Macau & University of Minnesota.

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Fog Computing for the Internet of Things: Security and Privacy Issues

TL;DR: The authors propose a mechanism that employs fog to improve the distribution of certificate revocation information among IoT devices for security enhancement and present potential research directions aimed at using fog computing to enhance the security and privacy issues in IoT environments.
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Relay sensor placement in wireless sensor networks

TL;DR: This paper addresses the following relay sensor placement problem: given the set of duty sensors in the plane and the upper bound of the transmission range, compute the minimum number of relay sensors such that the induced topology by all sensors is globally connected.
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Localized fault-tolerant event boundary detection in sensor networks

TL;DR: Simulation results indicate that these algorithms can clearly detect the event boundary and can identify faulty sensors with a high accuracy and a low false alarm rate when as many as 20% sensors become faulty.
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TPS: a time-based positioning scheme for outdoor wireless sensor networks

TL;DR: A novel time-based positioning scheme for efficient location discovery in outdoor sensor networks that relies on TDoA (time-difference-of-arrival) of RF signals measured locally at a sensor to detect range differences from the sensor to three base stations.
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A Polynomial-Time Approximation Scheme for the Minimum-Connected Dominating Set in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks

TL;DR: This paper designs a (1 + 1/s)‐approximation for the minimum‐connected dominating set in unit‐disk graphs, running in time nO((s log s)2).