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Yong Qiang Shi

Researcher at Northwestern Polytechnical University

Publications -  7
Citations -  4

Yong Qiang Shi is an academic researcher from Northwestern Polytechnical University. The author has contributed to research in topics: Engineering & Nozzle. The author has an hindex of 1, co-authored 2 publications receiving 2 citations.

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Vibration Characteristics Analysis of Wide-Chord Hollow Fan Blade

TL;DR: In this paper, the influence of the Rib Number and the Rib Thickness to Wide-Chord Hollow Fan Blade Vibration Characteristics has been analyzed and the results show that the wide-chord Hollow fan blades greatly improved the first-order VIBration Frequency compared with the Solid Blades.
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Multi-objective optimization design of S-shaped inlet with internal bump

TL;DR: In this paper , a parametric design of S-shaped inlet with internal bump is carried out based on curvature control regulations, and the aerodynamic and electromagnetic characteristics of the inlet are obtained by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Forward-Backward Iterative Physical Optics (FBIPO) methods, respectively.
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Numerical Study On Aerodynamic Characteristics Of Supersonic Nozzle In Presence Of Ground Effect

TL;DR: In this paper , the aerodynamic characteristics of a supersonic nozzle in the presence of the ground effect were evaluated using the ANSYS Fluent 21 software package. And the results showed that the ground effects increased the ground temperature after x/Dj=9, shortened the length of the core area by about 12.5%, and increased the dimensionless velocity on the near ground side of the vertical plane.
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GPU-Accelerated infrared signature analysis model based on the Reverse Monte Carlo method

TL;DR: In this paper , a fast analysis model for target infrared signature was developed by using the graphics processor unit (GPU) device, and the Malkmus statistical narrow band model was used to calculate the gas band-averaged transmittance.
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Detailed investigation of supersonic film cooling performance in a convergent divergent nozzle

TL;DR: In this article , the authors numerically studied supersonic film cooling performance in a convergent divergent nozzle, for the purpose of exploring and extending the knowledge of high-efficient cooling techniques for exhaust nozzles in real working conditions.