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Yu-Jiao Zhang

Researcher at Tianjin Medical University

Publications -  6
Citations -  10

Yu-Jiao Zhang is an academic researcher from Tianjin Medical University. The author has contributed to research in topics: Engineering & Band-pass filter. The author has an hindex of 1, co-authored 1 publications receiving 3 citations.

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Comparison of the pulmonary dead-space fraction derived from ventilator volumetric capnography and a validated equation in the survival prediction of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome.

TL;DR: Compared with Vd/Vt derived from ventilator volumetric CO2, VD/VT on day 4 calculated by Frankenfield et al's equation can more accurately predict the survival of ARDS patients.
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Design of a low-profile high-selectivity filtering dense dielectric patch antenna

TL;DR: In this article , a filtering dense dielectric patch antenna (DDPA) with low profile and high selectivity is proposed with thickness of 0 . 024 λ 0 .
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A Wideband Filtering Dielectric Resonator Antenna Based on the HEM11δ Mode

TL;DR: In this article , a wideband filtering dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) based on the HEM11δ mode is proposed with high roll-off rate and flat gain response in the whole passband.
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A low profile cylindrical cavity dual-band bandpass filter with short-circuited metal pillars

TL;DR: In this article , a cylindrical cavity quadruple-mode dual-band bandpass filter was proposed, in which five short-circuited metal pillars are loaded in a cavity to change the electric field distributions of the original resonant modes.
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A cylindrical cavity differential dual-band bandpass filter (DDBBPF) with stepped cylinders

TL;DR: In this article , a differential dual-band bandpass filter (DDBBPF) is proposed, which is based on the fundamental mode TE 111 and the first higher order mode TE 112 of the cylindrical cavity.