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Zacharias Papadakis

Researcher at University of Miami

Publications -  38
Citations -  86

Zacharias Papadakis is an academic researcher from University of Miami. The author has contributed to research in topics: Medicine & Internal medicine. The author has an hindex of 3, co-authored 22 publications receiving 43 citations. Previous affiliations of Zacharias Papadakis include Baylor University & Barry University.

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Cardiorespiratory and Biomechanical Responses to Simulated Recreational Horseback Riding in Healthy Children.

TL;DR: Cardiorespiratory responses and pelvic kinematics are reproducible with SHBR in young children, and these responses were lower than those elicited by slow treadmill walking.
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The effect of exercise intensity and excess postexercise oxygen consumption on postprandial blood lipids in physically inactive men.

TL;DR: In conclusions, prior LI and HI exercise equally attenuated postprandial triglyceride responses to the test meal, and the extra energy expended during EPOC does not contribute significantly to exercise energy expenditure or to reductions in postpr and lipemia in overweight men.
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Acute partial sleep deprivation and high-intensity interval exercise effects on postprandial endothelial function

TL;DR: HIIE short-term effects on cardiovascular function remain cardioprotective even after an acute-partial sleep deprivation, as investigated in this study.
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Effects of High-Intensity Interval Exercise and Acute Partial Sleep Deprivation on Cardiac Autonomic Modulation.

TL;DR: HRV disturbance typically seen in responses to an acute episode of HIIE is not influenced by acute partial sleep deprivation, and it took up to 4 hr to return to baseline levels.