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Zhaohai Bai

Researcher at Chinese Academy of Sciences

Publications -  87
Citations -  3959

Zhaohai Bai is an academic researcher from Chinese Academy of Sciences. The author has contributed to research in topics: Agriculture & Manure. The author has an hindex of 23, co-authored 70 publications receiving 2395 citations. Previous affiliations of Zhaohai Bai include China Agricultural University & Wageningen University and Research Centre.

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Phosphorus Dynamics: From Soil to Plant

TL;DR: With increasing demand of agricultural production and as the peak in global production will occur in the next decades, phosphorus (P) is receiving more attention as a nonrenewable resource.
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The critical soil P levels for crop yield, soil fertility and environmental safety in different soil types

TL;DR: In this article, the relationship between the soil total P, Olsen-P and CaCl2-P was evaluated using two-segment linear model to determine the soil P fertility rate and leaching change-point.
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China's livestock transition: Driving forces, impacts, and consequences

TL;DR: An alternative transition is suggested to increase production efficiency and environmental performance at system level, with coupling of crop-livestock production, whole chain manure management, and spatial planning as major components, which should be implemented by government, processing industries, consumers, and retailers.
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Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium Flows through the Manure Management Chain in China.

TL;DR: Scenario analyses for the year 2020 suggest that significant reductions of fertilizer use and nutrient losses can be achieved through a combination of prohibiting manure discharge, improving manure collection and storages infrastructures, and improving manure application to cropland.
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Alarming nutrient pollution of Chinese rivers as a result of agricultural transitions

TL;DR: In this article, the authors analyzed side effects of these transitions on total dissolved nitrogen (TDN) and phosphorus (TDP) inputs to rivers and found that direct manure discharge accounts for over two-thirds of nutrients in the northern rivers and for 20% to 95% of nutrients on the central and southern rivers.