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Edward L. DeciUniversity of Rochester
H-index: 130

284 papers206.9K citations

Andre K. GeimUniversity of Manchester
H-index: 125

445 papers206.8K citations

Cyrus CooperSouthampton General Hospital
H-index: 204

1.8K papers206.7K citations

Richard A. FlavellYale University
H-index: 231

1.3K papers205.1K citations

Nicholas J. WarehamUniversity of Cambridge
H-index: 212

1.6K papers204.8K citations

David MillerUniversity of Chicago
H-index: 203

2.5K papers204.8K citations

Edward WittenInstitute for Advanced Study
H-index: 202

602 papers204.1K citations

U. K. Laemmli
H-index: 1

1 papers203K citations

Charles M. PerouUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
H-index: 156

573 papers202.9K citations

Jing WangSun Yat-sen University
H-index: 184

4K papers202.7K citations

Trevor HastieStanford University
H-index: 124

412 papers202.5K citations

Eugene F. FamaUniversity of Chicago
H-index: 109

181 papers202.5K citations

David AltshulerUniversity of Michigan
H-index: 162

345 papers201.7K citations

Todd R. GolubHarvard University
H-index: 164

422 papers201.4K citations

Patrick O. BrownUniversity of California, Davis
H-index: 183

755 papers200.9K citations

Bruce S. McEwenRockefeller University
H-index: 215

1.1K papers200.6K citations

Solomon H. SnyderJohns Hopkins University School of Medicine
H-index: 232

1.2K papers200.4K citations

Albert-László BarabásiNortheastern University
H-index: 152

438 papers200.1K citations

Yi CuiStanford University
H-index: 220

1K papers199.7K citations

Steven A. RosenbergNational Institutes of Health
H-index: 218

1.2K papers199.2K citations

Icek AjzenUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
H-index: 80

132 papers198.6K citations

Rodney S. RuoffUlsan National Institute of Science and Technology
H-index: 164

666 papers194.9K citations

Daniel LevyNational Institutes of Health
H-index: 212

933 papers194.7K citations

Herbert A. SimonTechnische Universität Darmstadt
H-index: 157

745 papers194.5K citations

Pierre BourdieuCollège de France
H-index: 153

592 papers194.5K citations

D. M. StromUniversity of Oregon
H-index: 176

3.1K papers194.3K citations

David J. SchlegelLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
H-index: 193

600 papers193.9K citations

John P. A. IoannidisStanford University
H-index: 185

1.3K papers193.6K citations

Rory CollinsClinical Trial Service Unit
H-index: 162

489 papers193.4K citations

Anil K. JainMichigan State University
H-index: 183

1K papers192.1K citations

Michel FoucaultCollège de France
H-index: 140

499 papers191.2K citations

Carlo M. CroceOhio State University
H-index: 198

1.1K papers189K citations

Stephen B. BaylinJohns Hopkins University
H-index: 168

548 papers188.9K citations

Mark I. McCarthyUniversity of Oxford
H-index: 200

1K papers187.8K citations

Ed DienerUniversity of Virginia
H-index: 153

401 papers186.4K citations

Gordon B. MillsOregon Health & Science University
H-index: 187

1.2K papers186.4K citations

Theo VosInstitute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
H-index: 156

502 papers186.4K citations

Fred H. GageSalk Institute for Biological Studies
H-index: 216

967 papers185.7K citations

Douglas ScottUniversity of British Columbia
H-index: 178

1.1K papers185.2K citations

Valentin FusterIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
H-index: 179

1.4K papers185.1K citations

Marco A. MarraUniversity of British Columbia
H-index: 153

620 papers184.6K citations

John J.V. McMurrayUniversity of Glasgow
H-index: 178

1.3K papers184.5K citations

Matthias EggerUniversity of Bern
H-index: 152

901 papers184.1K citations

Hyun-Chul KimInha University
H-index: 176

4K papers183.2K citations

Peter LibbyBrigham and Women's Hospital
H-index: 211

932 papers182.7K citations

Hongjie DaiSouthwest University
H-index: 197

570 papers182.5K citations

Jeffrey I. GordonWashington University in St. Louis
H-index: 158

543 papers182.2K citations

Tim D. SpectorKing's College London
H-index: 80

1.5K papers182.1K citations

Feng ZhangFudan University
H-index: 172

1.2K papers181.8K citations

David J. LipmanNational Institutes of Health
H-index: 42

65 papers181.3K citations

Donna M. MuznyBaylor College of Medicine
H-index: 141

515 papers181.3K citations

Luigi FerrucciNational Institutes of Health
H-index: 193

1.6K papers181.1K citations

Trevor DarrellUniversity of California, Berkeley
H-index: 148

678 papers181.1K citations

Edward GiovannucciHarvard University
H-index: 206

1.6K papers179.8K citations

Elliott M. AntmanBrigham and Women's Hospital
H-index: 161

716 papers179.4K citations

Jeffrey DeanGoogle
H-index: 83

242 papers179K citations

Shaoqing RenUniversity of Science and Technology of China
H-index: 22

23 papers179K citations

H. S. ChenChinese Academy of Sciences
H-index: 179

2.4K papers178.5K citations

Rudolf JaenischMassachusetts Institute of Technology
H-index: 206

606 papers178.4K citations

Rakesh K. JainHarvard University
H-index: 200

1.4K papers177.7K citations

Andrea BocciCERN
H-index: 172

2.4K papers176.4K citations

Younan XiaThe Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering
H-index: 216

943 papers175.7K citations

William B. KannelBoston University
H-index: 188

533 papers175.6K citations

J. N. ButlerFermilab
H-index: 172

2.5K papers175.5K citations

Eugene V. KooninNational Institutes of Health
H-index: 199

1K papers175.1K citations

Kari StefanssonUniversity of Iceland
H-index: 206

794 papers174.8K citations

Alexei V. FilippenkoUniversity of California, Berkeley
H-index: 164

1K papers174.1K citations

David P. BartelMassachusetts Institute of Technology
H-index: 116

230 papers173.3K citations

Patrick W. SerruysImperial College London
H-index: 186

2.4K papers173.2K citations

Craig B. ThompsonMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
H-index: 195

557 papers173.1K citations

G. A. CowanRoyal Holloway, University of London
H-index: 159

2.3K papers172.5K citations

Irving L. WeissmanStanford University
H-index: 201

1.1K papers172.5K citations

David E. GoldbergeBay
H-index: 109

520 papers172.4K citations

Gregory Y.H. LipUniversity of Liverpool
H-index: 169

3.1K papers171.7K citations

John HardyUCL Institute of Neurology
H-index: 177

1.1K papers171.6K citations

David H. WeinbergOhio State University
H-index: 183

700 papers171.4K citations

Yann LeCunFacebook
H-index: 121

369 papers171.2K citations

Stephen F. AltschulNational Institutes of Health
H-index: 46

78 papers171.2K citations

Jill P. MesirovUniversity of California, San Diego
H-index: 88

207 papers170.9K citations

Eric BoerwinkleUniversity of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
H-index: 183

1.3K papers170.9K citations

Aaron T. BeckUniversity of Pennsylvania
H-index: 139

536 papers170.8K citations

Michael MarmotUniversity College London
H-index: 193

1.1K papers170.3K citations

Hans CleversRoyal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
H-index: 199

793 papers169.6K citations

Zulfiqar A BhuttaAga Khan University
H-index: 165

1.2K papers169.3K citations

Mohsen NaghaviInstitute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
H-index: 139

381 papers169K citations

Lewis C. CantleyCornell University
H-index: 196

748 papers169K citations

Mark NewmanUniversity of Michigan
H-index: 117

348 papers168.5K citations

Xiaohui FanUniversity of Arizona
H-index: 183

878 papers168.5K citations

John C. MorrisWashington University in St. Louis
H-index: 183

1.4K papers168.4K citations

Lucinda FultonWashington University in St. Louis
H-index: 93

130 papers168.1K citations

Robert M. CaliffDuke University
H-index: 196

1.5K papers167.9K citations

Robert StoneRutgers University
H-index: 160

1.7K papers167.9K citations

Toby J. GibsonEuropean Bioinformatics Institute
H-index: 78

171 papers167.3K citations

Alessandro LiberatiUniversity of Modena and Reggio Emilia
H-index: 46

144 papers167.1K citations

Axel D. BeckeDalhousie University
H-index: 55

91 papers166.9K citations

Ronald M. EvansSalk Institute for Biological Studies
H-index: 199

708 papers166.7K citations

Peter J. BarnesNational Institutes of Health
H-index: 194

1.5K papers166.6K citations

Desmond G. HigginsUniversity College Dublin
H-index: 62

134 papers166.6K citations

Jost B. JonasHeidelberg University
H-index: 132

1.1K papers166.5K citations

Robert W. VishnyUniversity of Chicago
H-index: 88

153 papers165.8K citations