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Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

19.7K papers2.2M citations

Neural Information Processing Systems

12.9K papers1.2M citations

International Conference on Computer Vision

9.8K papers821.5K citations

Systems, Man and Cybernetics

29.8K papers802.5K citations

International Conference on Machine Learning

10.6K papers788.5K citations

Human Factors in Computing Systems

20K papers731.6K citations

European Conference on Computer Vision

6.3K papers596.2K citations

National Conference on Artificial Intelligence

20.3K papers591.2K citations

Conference on Decision and Control

39.2K papers563.1K citations

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

6.7K papers525.8K citations

Very Large Data Bases

6.9K papers481K citations

International Conference on Communications

40.2K papers457.5K citations

ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication

4.1K papers455.6K citations

Intelligent Robots and Systems

20.2K papers442.7K citations

The Web Conference

6.8K papers423.6K citations

Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

7.9K papers400.5K citations

Symposium on the Theory of Computing

4.1K papers387.5K citations

Global Communications Conference

27.8K papers372K citations

International Conference on Image Processing

24.9K papers367.4K citations

Web Science

7.5K papers364.1K citations

Soft Computing

20.9K papers342.9K citations

Vehicular Technology Conference

27.9K papers325.7K citations

International Conference on Software Engineering

13.2K papers325.7K citations

American Control Conference

20.6K papers315.6K citations

Design Automation Conference

11.1K papers308.5K citations

Foundations of Computer Science

4.5K papers306.5K citations

International Cryptology Conference

2.7K papers291.1K citations

International Symposium on Information Theory

15.3K papers286.6K citations

International Solid-State Circuits Conference

8.7K papers275.7K citations

International Symposium on Circuits and Systems

30.2K papers263.3K citations

Computer and Communications Security

3.9K papers261.6K citations

IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

3.6K papers255.5K citations

International Conference on Pattern Recognition

14.9K papers240.5K citations

Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming

11.3K papers236.5K citations

International Conference on Data Engineering

6.2K papers232.8K citations

International Electron Devices Meeting

10.6K papers231.7K citations

Decision Support Systems

4.6K papers223.8K citations

ACM Multimedia

7.7K papers212.1K citations

International Joint Conference on Neural Network

18.7K papers209.2K citations

International Symposium on Computer Architecture

2.5K papers208.6K citations

International Microwave Symposium

17.6K papers202.2K citations

Power Electronics Specialists Conference

7.1K papers186.5K citations

Symposium on Discrete Algorithms

4K papers184.9K citations

Optical Fiber Communication Conference

19.1K papers181.7K citations

Ubiquitous Computing

7.1K papers180.1K citations

Congress on Evolutionary Computation

9.1K papers170.9K citations

International Conference on Data Mining

6.4K papers166.4K citations

Applied Power Electronics Conference

9.8K papers161.3K citations

Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages

1.7K papers159.6K citations

Adaptive Agents and Multi-Agents Systems

7K papers157K citations

Conference of the Industrial Electronics Society

19.4K papers154.6K citations

Language Resources and Evaluation

7.7K papers149.3K citations

Wireless Communications and Networking Conference

11.1K papers149.1K citations

Winter Simulation Conference

12.6K papers148.4K citations

Design, Automation, and Test in Europe

7.4K papers142.8K citations

Programming Language Design and Implementation

1.4K papers142.1K citations

Symposium on Operating Systems Principles

862 papers139.1K citations

Power and Energy Society General Meeting

11.5K papers137.9K citations

USENIX Security Symposium

1.6K papers137.1K citations

Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

2.8K papers135.2K citations

Operating Systems Design and Implementation

516 papers128.8K citations

British Machine Vision Conference

3.6K papers127.8K citations

Advances in Computing and Communications

15.3K papers124.5K citations

Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics

46.5K papers124.2K citations

Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications

12.4K papers124.2K citations

Conference on Learning Theory

1.8K papers124K citations

Internaltional Ultrasonics Symposium

18.3K papers118.7K citations

Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems

3.2K papers116.3K citations