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International Conference Laser Optics 

About: International Conference Laser Optics is an academic conference. The conference publishes majorly in the area(s): Laser & Fiber laser. Over the lifetime, 1562 publication(s) have been published by the conference receiving 944 citation(s).
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01 Jun 2018
TL;DR: New techniques for determining the structure of systems that cannot be crystallized and for studying the time-resolved behavior of irreversible reactions at femtosecond timescales are now available.
Abstract: X-ray crystallography, which is used for the determination of most biomolecular structures, has relied on Bragg diffraction from single crystals for more than a century. For many difficult to crystallize proteins, the growth of large well-ordered single crystals is a major challenge. Single molecule diffraction is a challenging but highly desired approach to structure determination, as it abolishes the need for crystallization and provides about four times higher information content than needed to solve a structure, unlike Bragg diffraction which is usually insufficient for direct phasing. Even using the powerful X-ray Free Electron Lasers, the challenges of this method have so far not been overcome to acquire atomic resolution structures. Recently, it was shown that the structure of a protein can be solved based on continuous diffraction from crystals with translational disorder.

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08 May 2018
TL;DR: The first quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) directly grown on a silicon substrate exhibit high performances, comparable with those of the devices fabricated on their native InAs substrate, and open the way to the development of a wide variety of integrated sensors.
Abstract: We report the first quantum cascade lasers directly grown on a silicon substrate. These lasers are based on the InAs/AlSb material system and exhibit high performances, comparable with those of the devices fabricated on their native InAs substrate. The lasers operate near 11 μm, the longest emission wavelength of any laser integrated on Si.

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28 Aug 2014
Abstract: The world’s most powerful laser system for industrial applications would be presented. Ytterbium fiber laser combines record 101.3 kW output power, continuous-wave operational mode and an excellent beam quality. Beam parameter product (BPP) does not exceed 16 mm x mrad, when we use 300 μm x 10 m feeding fiber, or near 25 mm x mrad, when fiber-to-fiber output coupler with 500 μm x 50 m process fiber is used. Emission wavelength is 1070 nm. High wall-plug efficiency 35.4%, compact laser cabinet and total weight less than 3600 kg open the new opportunities in different industrial and mobile applications. Keywords—Lasers, fiber; Infrared and far-infrared lasers

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01 Jun 2018
Abstract: One of the directions of improving performance of quantum frequency standard with laser pumping is considered. A summary of performance results that make it possible is provided.

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01 Jun 2018
Abstract: The concept of a combined measuring system for determination of the physical and dynamical parameters of a single micron and submicron particle is proposed in this paper. The results of an experimental testing and approbation of functional parts of the suggested system are presented.

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