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Ad Hoc Networks

3.2K papers114.5K citations

International Symposium on Microarchitecture

1.9K papers112.6K citations

User Interface Software and Technology

2.2K papers108.8K citations

International Conference on Multimedia and Expo

8.9K papers108.5K citations

Computer Aided Verification

1.8K papers106.5K citations

International Semantic Web Conference

2.7K papers101K citations

Symposium on Principles of Database Systems

1.3K papers98.2K citations

Computer Science Symposium in Russia

2.8K papers97.2K citations

International Test Conference

4.8K papers97.1K citations

ACM Symposium on Applied Computing

7.4K papers95.2K citations

Parallel Computing

5.6K papers94.7K citations

European conference on Machine Learning

2.7K papers94.6K citations

Foundations of Software Engineering

2K papers90.4K citations

Formal Methods

4.3K papers90.3K citations

Logic in Computer Science

2.2K papers90.1K citations

IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems

8.5K papers89.9K citations

Networked Systems Design and Implementation

697 papers88.7K citations

OCEANS Conference

14.7K papers88.2K citations


4K papers87.7K citations

Military Communications Conference

9.8K papers87.6K citations

Photovoltaic Specialists Conference

12.6K papers85.7K citations

IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium

9.6K papers85.6K citations

USENIX Annual Technical Conference

1.2K papers85.1K citations

IEEE Aerospace Conference

9.6K papers83.8K citations

Principles of Distributed Computing

2.1K papers82.7K citations

European Signal Processing Conference

11.3K papers82K citations

Grid and Pervasive Computing

2K papers81.4K citations

Custom Integrated Circuits Conference

4.8K papers81.2K citations

IEEE Visualization

1.9K papers81K citations

Automated Software Engineering

2.8K papers80.9K citations

IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium

3.8K papers75.8K citations

Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing

996 papers75.7K citations

European Microwave Conference

13.6K papers73.7K citations

International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging

6.8K papers72.9K citations

Web Search and Data Mining

1.2K papers72.4K citations

Internet Measurement Conference

849 papers70.6K citations

High-Performance Computer Architecture

1.1K papers70.4K citations

IEEE International Magnetics Conference

8.6K papers69.8K citations

SIAM International Conference on Data Mining

1.8K papers69.5K citations

Real-Time Systems Symposium

1.5K papers69.4K citations

Symposium on Computational Geometry

1.9K papers68.8K citations

Computational Intelligence

8.6K papers67.9K citations

Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems

834 papers67.5K citations

Information Processing in Sensor Networks

1.3K papers66.1K citations

Data and Knowledge Engineering

1.7K papers65.6K citations

Conference on Recommender Systems

1.9K papers64.1K citations

International Conference on Signal Processing

15.5K papers63.8K citations

European Conference on Optical Communication

7.9K papers63.8K citations

International Conference on Information Fusion

5.3K papers63.6K citations

Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision

2.6K papers62.6K citations

European Control Conference

8.4K papers62.5K citations

Computational Science and Engineering

3.9K papers60.8K citations

Intelligent Systems in Molecular Biology

757 papers60.4K citations

International Conference on Consumer Electronics

11.8K papers59.8K citations

IEEE Sensors

9.5K papers59.5K citations

International Conference on Supercomputing

2.6K papers58.8K citations

Symposium on VLSI Technology

3.2K papers58.5K citations

Dependable Systems and Networks

2K papers58.4K citations

European Conference on Artificial Intelligence

3.6K papers58.2K citations

Symposium on VLSI Circuits

3.3K papers57.7K citations

International Reliability Physics Symposium

4.5K papers57K citations

AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference

5.3K papers56.8K citations

The Internet of Things

7.5K papers56.4K citations

Web Intelligence

4.3K papers56.2K citations

Parallel Problem Solving from Nature

1.5K papers56K citations

Frontiers in Education Conference

9.6K papers55.9K citations